Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Star Of Bethlehem" Rare Conjunction Tonight! June 30, 2015

If you have been out and about after dusk and were observant enough to look in the night sky you would have seen two bright "stars" that seem incredibly close to each other in the night sky. They've appeared now for over a month. I've seen them almost nightly and I have even brought them up to my friend that I knew that these "stars" were actually planets. I knew one of them was Venus but I couldn't tell which one the other one was. Well, it turns out that the other planet is Jupiter and tonight we are all in for a very rare treat.

It's called a planetary conjunction. Venus and Jupiter will be so close together tonight that they will appear as if they were one bright star. This arrangement is believed by some to be the real "star of Bethlehem" in the bible, the star that announced the birth of Jesus.

The Wise Men in the Bible were pagan priests/astrologers who realized that the conjunction of Jupiter in the sign of Aries meant that a new King would be born in Judea. So they traveled to identify and greet this new king. Unfortunately, I don't know what sign this conjunction will occur in. But if you can identify it then you would be able to know that a new king would be predicted for the region the sign represented.

So, take a few minutes tonight after sunset, when it's dark, and step outside and see this rare occurrence. It won't return until 10 more years but even then it won't produce the sight of "one large star" that tonight's show will produce.


And yes, just so you know, some Christians believe this is a sign of the second coming of Jesus. I, however, do not believe that.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'Orange Is The New Black' Season 3

So, Orange is the New Black season 3 was dropped earlier this month. I've been savoring the episodes and only have watched one episode very few days. I don't want to just binge watch them in a day or two, as I did before with seasons 1 and 2, because then you have a longer wait until the next season is released. I would love to just watch one episode a week. That would be best.

The first episode of season 3 includes a Wiccan circle, a Santeria egg cleansing, and lots of Voodoo talk. So there is a magical component of the series that my readers may enjoy. If you haven't seen it yet, you don't know what you are missing!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Summer Solstice!

Wishing a wonderful Summer to all of my readers!

Just a reminder, today through say St. John's day on the 24th, is perhaps the strongest time of the year for beneficial or positive conjure work.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ghost Pictures From The Haunted House Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went ghost hunting at a local place called The Haunted House Restaurant. The place was a real home where a murder and a suicide occurred. The house was then turned into an upscale restaurant.

From what I know of the history of the house, in 1963, a 74 year-old man was murdered in the house, having been shot execution style in the back of the head. The police arrested his step-daughter and two handy-men, accusing them of a conspiracy to murder the man. Before the trial, the man's wife died of natural causes in the home. The step-daughter was found innocent and returned to the house. However, not being able to pay her bills she eventually lost the house. She killed herself in the bathroom the day before she was to be evicted.

Ever since then reports have been made of strange shadows, cold spots and even visions of a female specter in the bathroom. The place quickly developed a reputation for being haunted.

My friend and I had visited the place for ghost hunting since about the year 2000. It's actually a beautiful house. I would definitely live there, if it weren't for the fact that the house is located out in the middle of nowhere. The drive to the house is perhaps the spookiest aspect of visiting the place. You turn off of the main highway and down a side street. Then you turn off into a very small and narrow, gravel road with weeds about as high as your car on the sides and trees and their branches and leaves hanging eerily over the area, creating a wicked, tunnel-like effect. I've joked with my friend that if we lived here we better make sure that there are no fires or emergency situations because there's no way in the world any fire men/women or paramedics could find the place.

In all of the times that my friend, and other friends, have visited the site we never experienced anything out of the ordinary, paranormal wise. I never even gotten a bad vibe from the place. However, this last time we went everything had changed. The energy just seemed different. I was taking random pictures of the house and property and to my surprise I discovered that many of them were "fogged". At the time I just thought they were bad pictures. It wasn't until I returned home and began to look over the pictures that I realized I had something special. Below are the ghost pictures I took at the Haunted House Restaurant.

The front door of the restaurant has a cute Halloween ghost decoration that stays up year round.

The white blur toward the bottom of the door was not visible when this picture was taken. It may have been an insect or it may have been something else. Whatever it is, it is definitely moving.

Orb with orange light. Neither the orbs nor the orange light were visible to the naked eye when this picture was taken. 

Second picture of orbs with orange light. Note that the orange light has moved. 

Multiple orbs that overlap and produce a fog effect.

Multiple orbs. I nicknamed the top one the "full moon" because of it's brightness. Again, none of this was visible to the naked eye. 

Orb with bright light in top corner left. There was no light source there when this picture was taken. This is one of the pictures that shook me up a bit. I don't understand how a light can register on a picture when there was no light there. 

Of all the pictures that I took, this one shook me up the most. If I were shown this picture by someone else I would assume that the picture was taken from inside a car with the bright rectangular light being a reflection on the window glass. However, since I took the picture I know it wasn't taken inside a car and that there was nothing for any light to have reflected off of. This picture was taken at the back of the restaurant. Here is a link to a picture of what the back of the restaurant looks like in the day time. Note that there is nothing there that could reflect any light. 
I was standing next to the staircase when I took the picture. My friend and I both believe this is a "portal".

So there you have it. Based upon these pictures and from what I sense, I strongly believe The Haunted House Restaurant definitely lives up to it's reputation. 

Unfortunately, the owner either passed away or has decided to sell the business so The Haunted House Restaurant was closed. It was put up for auction and someone bought it. No word yet if the restaurant has reopened or not.

For a really cool article on The Haunted Housed Restaurant, click the link below.


Another great article on the closing of The Haunted House Restaurant.


UPDATE: The Haunted House Restaurant is now open and under new management. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Transracial - The Saga Of Rachel Dolezal

I'm pretty sure by now that everyone has learned of the sad tale of Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP leader who fooled the world into thinking she was an African American woman. The question I have is if it is wrong what she did?

We live in a world will people can change their gender. So why not race? If there is transgendered people, why not transracial?

The only problem I can foresee is when people lie. I feel that it's wrong for transgendered people to present themselves as being naturally born women or men, whatever gender they want to be. Just like I would feel it's wrong for transracial to lie and misrepresent themselves as being naturally the race they want to be.  So I think the problem here is that she lied. If she was just honest and said that she was born white but identifies as black, then there wouldn't be any problem. She also wouldn't be in the dire position she is in now. As it stands now, she has lost everything. She's going to have to start her life all over again, in a new career as well.

I will tell you this. Rachel Dolezal needs to apologize for her deception. That's the one thing that bothered me about her resignation letter. No apology.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Update On "Soaked In Bleach"

If you haven't seen the film yet you are missing out! Let me tell you all that has transpired.

The Wednesday before the movie was released in the U.S., 300 people in the U.S. gave it a 1 star rating on it's IMDb page, all within a 3 hour span of time. For one, the movie had not even been released in the U.S. yet. Second, this sort of thing doesn't happen naturally. Ratings are staggered. So this was an orchestrated effort to attack the movie and hopefully put off viewers from seeing it. Then the next day, Thursday, 200 people from the U.S. gave it a 1 star rating within a 2 hour period. Again, this does not happen naturally. Currently, the attack on the IMDb page continues. Almost 2,000 people have given the movie a 1 star rating. When the ratings were first opened because the film was released in Europe first, the score was in the 8 star range. Currently, it's in the 3 star range due to all the fake 1 star ratings.

Almost every movie theater that was showing the film received a cease and desist letter from Courtney Love's attorney threatening to sue if they showed the film. Circle Cinema in Tulsa was the only theater that did not receive a C&D letter. The good news is that only one movie theater caved in and cancelled their screenings of the movie. The rest just ignored the C&D letters and went right on ahead and showed the film anyway. Don't worry, Courtney Love will never sue. She's all bark and no bite. She knows that if she sues the result might be the reopening of Kurt's death investigation and so she won't do it. Instead, she just loves to bully people and intimidate them so as to keep the public in the dark to the fact that she is a liar and a murderer.

Many of us who believe that Courtney Love hired a hit man to kill Kurt Cobain feel that Courtney is responsible for the 1 star attacks on the Soaked in Bleach IMDb page. Many of us also feel that she is paying off people to write bad reviews of the film. I write this because Courtney was tape recorded admitting she pays people in the media to plant false news stories for her. You can hear that tape recording in the movie. If she can do that then she can easily pay people to attack the IMDb page as well as write bad reviews. Also, in many of the bad reviews it's easily discernible that the reviewer never even watched the film!

So folks, don't let this one pass you by! If Soaked in Bleach is showing in a theater near you then get out and watch it! Otherwise, you can buy it online for $14.95 and can download it to any device. If you just want to rent it for 48 hours you can do so for $5.99.


Keep in mind that only a portion of the facts and evidence could be placed in the movie. If you are interested in the topic do some research on it and you will be surprised by just how much proof there is that Kurt Cobain was murdered.

For those who may not understand the title, Soaked in Bleach is a line taken from Nirvana's song, Come As You Are.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Soaked In Bleach (2015) Opens Today!

The film, Soaked in Bleach, will premiere tonight in select theaters across the nation and became available early this morning for viewing online and downloading at Vimeo.

After seeing the film before going to bed last night, I can honestly recommend that anyone who is a Nirvana or Kurt Cobain fan, as well as anyone who is into real life crime dramas, should see it. The movie does a great job of showing all the weirdness that abounded in the days after Kurt Cobain left a rehab center and before his body was discovered. 

As readers may know, this is a subject that is dear to my heart. I was a huge Nirvana fan back in the day. All my friends were. My hope is that before I die that Kurt be able to receive justice. I did not begin my journey thinking that Kurt was murdered. Instead, I just accepted what the media and police stated, that Kurt had killed himself. It wasn't until late 1996 that I finally read the material of Tom Grant and realized that he was telling the truth. The SPD rushed into the case, made a rash announcement that it was suicide, did a bang up investigation, and now simply refuses to admit they made a mistake. The result is that a murder victim has been denied justice and the killers have been allowed to go free. 

The killers are, in my opinion and in the opinion of P.I. Tom Grant, Courtney Love and her ex-boyfriend-turned-live-in-male-nanny, Michael "Cali" DeWitt. The movie does a good job of showing how the two of them knew that Kurt was never missing and that Kurt was lying dead in the greenhouse. Not only did they murder Kurt, but they acted to protect each other and conspired to deceive the police, media and public. 

The motive was money. Courtney was facing a divorce. Kurt wanted out of the marriage and was having a new will drawn up that excluded her. They had a prenup so if the divorce was finalized then Courtney would have walked away with little to nothing of Kurt's wealth, which has been estimated to be a billion dollars with future royalties. So she conspired with Cali to kill Kurt. After Kurt died she paid Cali 30 grand and then they separated and went their own ways. 

If you happen to be in a city with a showing of this film, do give it a watch. Otherwise, view it on Vimeo. I'm sure it will open your eyes to the truth that Courtney Love doesn't want you to know. Kurt Cobain was murdered. 

For more information, read my timeline on Kurt Cobain's death at the following link:

Note: Courtney Love has never sued anyone for slander or libel for accusing her of murdering her husband. If she sued anyone she would be open to being deposed and would be forced to answer questions she does not want to answer.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chuck's Sales Increase Work

This is Chuck (fake name for anonymity). Chuck hired me to perform work to increase his sales at his job. This is what he has to say about it.

Sent: Monday, June 08, 2015 at 4:17 PM
From: xxx
To: "mysecrethoodoo@mail.com" <mysecrethoodoo@mail.com>
Subject: Testimony for Doc

I hired Doc to do something to increase my sales at my work. I also bought a mojo bag to back it up. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend him.

Doc please don't use my real name.

Sent from my iPhone

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Angela's Come To Me Work

This is Angela (fake name for anonymity). Angela hired me not quite two months ago to bring her man back. This is what she has to say about it.

Sent: Saturday, June 06, 2015 at 1:33 PM
From: xxx
To: mysecrethoodoo@mail.com
Subject: You are wonderful!

Doc you really are astounding! So sit down and let me tell you this. xxx called me Friday saying that his car broke down near my house and he wanted me to come pick him up and take him home. I was in complete shock! I literally could not process what I was hearing. He hasn't talked to me in almost a year.

So the ride there my heart is pounding thinking that the work you did is coming true but I was so scared I was going to blow it and say something cruel or something to him because I'm still a little angry for him leaving me in the first place. Well, for the first few minutes he didn't really say anything to me and that's when I thought that nothing would come of this. Then he turns around and puts his hand on my leg. He was crying!

He started blubbering about how his life had gone down the crapper since he left me and that I am all he can think of. He begged me to take him back! Trying to be smooth I said we need to take it slow. We are going out next weekend! Thank you soooo much Doc! Completely amazing!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Magic Egg

I first heard of the "magic egg" back circa 1996. It was sold to me as an egg-shaped "water opal". A water opal is a type of stone that appears cloudy when dry but when wet appears translucent. This "egg-shaped water opal" was said to have the power to remove negativity when placed in water. This would in fact make it a substitute for the traditional egg in a glass of water that is placed near the bed to ward off evil. I bought one and used it successfully for several months. However, after a couple of months the egg began to acquire a slimy, filmy, nasty growth of bacteria. Trying to clean the egg resulted in scratches to the egg which made it ugly looking. So I eventually tossed it out.

Last month I was visiting a local occult shop and noticed that these eggs were once again for sale. However, there was one change or difference. These eggs were no longer marketed as being water opals. Instead, they were just sold as "magic eggs". After closer examination I suspect they are actually made of glass that has had it's surface sandblasted. I bought a second one, as pictured above.

To use "magic eggs", simply place one in a glass (made of actual glass is preferred) of water and place it near your bead. It will remove negativity and ward off evil while you sleep. It's also good for preventing nightmares, hag-riding and nocturnal spiritual attacks. Dump the old water out, replace it with fresh water, and cleanse the egg at least once a week. If you are going to dump the water down the drain make sure to follow it with a pinch of salt to prevent the evil from bubbling back up. Otherwise, just dump the water outside. To prevent the growth of a nasty build of slimy bacteria on the egg, add a tiny bit of bleach or vinegar to the water. Of course, if you don't want to purchase a "magic egg" you can use a normal egg. Just place it in a glass of water and place it next to the bed. You do not have to add a tiny bit of bleach or vinegar because once a week you will dump out the water and then throw the egg into the crossroads or against a tree. Then you will repeat it with a fresh egg.

 There you have it. The "magic egg"!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Book Review - Hoodoo Spiritual Baths: Cleansing Conjure With Washes And Waters by Aura Laforest

The book is, Hoodoo Spiritual Baths: Cleansing Conjure With Washes And Waters by Aura Laforest.

I was really disappointed in this book. All of the information in the book can easily be found on the Lucky Mojo website or on other sites online. However, what really bothered me was the advertisements for Lucky Mojo products. Nearly all of the "recipes" for various spiritual baths called for people to buy products from Lucky Mojo. So for that I have to come down hard on this book.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 1. I would not recommend buying it. Just go read the Lucky Mojo website or other websites online for free. You definitely don't need to purchase Lucky Mojo products to do authentic hoodoo spiritual baths.