Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ghost Pictures From The Haunted House Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went ghost hunting at a local place called The Haunted House Restaurant. The place was a real home where a murder and a suicide occurred. The house was then turned into an upscale restaurant.

From what I know of the history of the house, in 1963, a 74 year-old man was murdered in the house, having been shot execution style in the back of the head. The police arrested his step-daughter and two handy-men, accusing them of a conspiracy to murder the man. Before the trial, the man's wife died of natural causes in the home. The step-daughter was found innocent and returned to the house. However, not being able to pay her bills she eventually lost the house. She killed herself in the bathroom the day before she was to be evicted.

Ever since then reports have been made of strange shadows, cold spots and even visions of a female specter in the bathroom. The place quickly developed a reputation for being haunted.

My friend and I had visited the place for ghost hunting since about the year 2000. It's actually a beautiful house. I would definitely live there, if it weren't for the fact that the house is located out in the middle of nowhere. The drive to the house is perhaps the spookiest aspect of visiting the place. You turn off of the main highway and down a side street. Then you turn off into a very small and narrow, gravel road with weeds about as high as your car on the sides and trees and their branches and leaves hanging eerily over the area, creating a wicked, tunnel-like effect. I've joked with my friend that if we lived here we better make sure that there are no fires or emergency situations because there's no way in the world any fire men/women or paramedics could find the place.

In all of the times that my friend, and other friends, have visited the site we never experienced anything out of the ordinary, paranormal wise. I never even gotten a bad vibe from the place. However, this last time we went everything had changed. The energy just seemed different. I was taking random pictures of the house and property and to my surprise I discovered that many of them were "fogged". At the time I just thought they were bad pictures. It wasn't until I returned home and began to look over the pictures that I realized I had something special. Below are the ghost pictures I took at the Haunted House Restaurant.

The front door of the restaurant has a cute Halloween ghost decoration that stays up year round.

The white blur toward the bottom of the door was not visible when this picture was taken. It may have been an insect or it may have been something else. Whatever it is, it is definitely moving.

Orb with orange light. Neither the orbs nor the orange light were visible to the naked eye when this picture was taken. 

Second picture of orbs with orange light. Note that the orange light has moved. 

Multiple orbs that overlap and produce a fog effect.

Multiple orbs. I nicknamed the top one the "full moon" because of it's brightness. Again, none of this was visible to the naked eye. 

Orb with bright light in top corner left. There was no light source there when this picture was taken. This is one of the pictures that shook me up a bit. I don't understand how a light can register on a picture when there was no light there. 

Of all the pictures that I took, this one shook me up the most. If I were shown this picture by someone else I would assume that the picture was taken from inside a car with the bright rectangular light being a reflection on the window glass. However, since I took the picture I know it wasn't taken inside a car and that there was nothing for any light to have reflected off of. This picture was taken at the back of the restaurant. Here is a link to a picture of what the back of the restaurant looks like in the day time. Note that there is nothing there that could reflect any light. 
I was standing next to the staircase when I took the picture. My friend and I both believe this is a "portal".

So there you have it. Based upon these pictures and from what I sense, I strongly believe The Haunted House Restaurant definitely lives up to it's reputation. 

Unfortunately, the owner either passed away or has decided to sell the business so The Haunted House Restaurant was closed. It was put up for auction and someone bought it. No word yet if the restaurant has reopened or not.

For a really cool article on The Haunted Housed Restaurant, click the link below.

Another great article on the closing of The Haunted House Restaurant.

UPDATE: The Haunted House Restaurant is now open and under new management. 

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