Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Magic Egg

I first heard of the "magic egg" back circa 1996. It was sold to me as an egg-shaped "water opal". A water opal is a type of stone that appears cloudy when dry but when wet appears translucent. This "egg-shaped water opal" was said to have the power to remove negativity when placed in water. This would in fact make it a substitute for the traditional egg in a glass of water that is placed near the bed to ward off evil. I bought one and used it successfully for several months. However, after a couple of months the egg began to acquire a slimy, filmy, nasty growth of bacteria. Trying to clean the egg resulted in scratches to the egg which made it ugly looking. So I eventually tossed it out.

Last month I was visiting a local occult shop and noticed that these eggs were once again for sale. However, there was one change or difference. These eggs were no longer marketed as being water opals. Instead, they were just sold as "magic eggs". After closer examination I suspect they are actually made of glass that has had it's surface sandblasted. I bought a second one, as pictured above.

To use "magic eggs", simply place one in a glass (made of actual glass is preferred) of water and place it near your bead. It will remove negativity and ward off evil while you sleep. It's also good for preventing nightmares, hag-riding and nocturnal spiritual attacks. Dump the old water out, replace it with fresh water, and cleanse the egg at least once a week. If you are going to dump the water down the drain make sure to follow it with a pinch of salt to prevent the evil from bubbling back up. Otherwise, just dump the water outside. To prevent the growth of a nasty build of slimy bacteria on the egg, add a tiny bit of bleach or vinegar to the water. Of course, if you don't want to purchase a "magic egg" you can use a normal egg. Just place it in a glass of water and place it next to the bed. You do not have to add a tiny bit of bleach or vinegar because once a week you will dump out the water and then throw the egg into the crossroads or against a tree. Then you will repeat it with a fresh egg.

 There you have it. The "magic egg"!

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