Monday, July 20, 2015

Changes To Readings

At this time I'm withdrawing the offer for $15 one question readings. My offering of this service has only caused me problems as it attracts people of a certain character that I do not wish to have as clients. Thank you for understanding.


  1. That's too bad. There's quite a bit of crazies in the "free psychic reading groups" too. I could have really used help. Been trying to unsuccessfully get through to St. Expedite. I've read so many methods to rituals that my head is spinning. A woman who read me a few months back who is part of that Hoodoo Association won't even answer my emails and won't read me which has me a bit frightened. We had a lovely reading and became very friendly, then zilch. Well, ciao. T

    1. If you can't "get through" to St. Expedite then it may mean that he doesn't want to work with you. Otherwise, as long as you are respectful and now how to treat him (like you would a real person) then you will be fine.

      Yes, that's why I got rid of the $15 one question readings. The people who are attracted to the $15 one question readings tend to be people I don't want to have as clients. It's also just not worth it in the long run.