Monday, July 20, 2015

The Nerve Of Some People

The "hysterical $15 one question reading woman" returned to barrage me with further insults and accusations of being unethical and a scam, all because I refused to tell her what she wanted to hear and dared advised her of some possible negativity in her future, which she could avoid. But you can't reason with psycho. By her comments I can tell she is a new-age flake who wants to pay readers to tell her exactly what she wants to hear, that she will always get whatever she wants all of the time and without any effort. She wants to be reassured that she's a special snowflake who is spiritually gifted and a beacon of light in this dark, dreary world. That's how people like here think of themselves.

What type of person knowingly attacks a person they know is a conjure worker and a person who has their full name, birth date and a picture of them? Is that something a normal, sane person would do? Because to me it seems as if this woman is the most disturbed individual I have ever come across to date. This is the first time I've had to tell someone that I consider them a danger to other people and to themselves.

Word of warning. There's no such thing as magical karma. I can and will use conjure work to protect myself and if that entails me royally fucking the life up of someone to make sure they leave me alone, then so be it.

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