Monday, July 20, 2015

Update For Readers And Help With A Matter

For those who may not know, I'm currently being stalked/harassed by a woman who purchased a $15 one question reading from me. She was not happy with the reading and assumed I was going to tell her what she wanted to hear. She was also upset that I told her a couple of negative things and then claimed that there is a rule by which readers can't tell clients negative things. She completely freaked out and began to send me numerous emails calling me unprofessional and a scammer. She began lying and over-exaggerating what I told her even though my reading was in written form so what I wrote could easily be checked by anyone who is interested in knowing the truth.

I had enough of seeing her emails in my inbox that I decided to refund her $15 in hopes that it would shut her up and keep her from stalking/harassing me. It failed to do so. She just kept right on sending email after email after email. She is now making threats against me, claiming she will publish all of the emails on line and trash talk me. I warned her that to violate our agreement of confidentiality would likewise mean that I am no longer required to keep her information confidential. So I would ask that any of my readers out there who may run across something this woman has written about me online to please email me at  and send me a link to it. My brother is in law enforcement and I'll be speaking to him about the matter because I truly feel this woman is dangerous. I have never, ever, in all of my years had an interaction with such an insane and disturbed individual. If this woman goes full on psycho over $15 imagine what little it would take to motivate her to severely harm or kill a person.

This will hopefully be my last blog entry on this subject. This woman is not getting anymore of my time.


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    1. Thanks. The problem has been dealt with and the psycho nutty lady won't be bothering me again.