Thursday, August 27, 2015

Contacting A Person In Their Dreams

I sometimes get asked if it is possible to contact someone in their dreams. The answer is of course, yes. So why would one want to contact someone in their dreams in the first place? Well, there are a variety of reasons why one would want to undertake this action. The first being is to make contact with a distant person. This method works great when you don't know where the person is and have no obvious means of reaching out to them. The hope is that by contacting them in their dreams that they will then be inspired to find you and reach out to you and make contact. The second reason why some one may choose to contact a person in their dreams is regarding love. When you are trying to draw a person to you or even seduce a person, contacting them in their dreams is an excellent way to evoke sexual desire and longing in a would-be lover. A third option would be to contact a person in their dreams in order to dominate or influence them.

When contacting a person in their dreams to get them to make contact with you it's important that said person generally likes you. If there is sufficient animosity toward you the person is going to resist your work. Let's face it. We want to reach out to the people we like and even if life carries us far away from each other. So if you know you are on good terms with the person you should be successful with this.

When contacting a would be lover, regardless if you want a relationship or just sex, the important thing to note is that you will need to seduce them. One trick to this is self pleasure while visualizing having sex with said person. Be as detailed as possible in your visualization. If you don't want to go that route then at the very least you will need to visualize sexing said person up. Again, be as detailed as possible with your visualization. The key thing is to project that visualization into their minds. If you succeed the person will get sexually aroused and possibly to the point where they bring this desire into their waking lives.

When you are wanting to influence, dominate or get someone to do what you want, you will act similarly to seducing them as described above but without the actual sex part. You will try to compel them to do your bidding, tricking them into believing they are voluntarily choosing to act and behave in the manner you want. If after some time this method is not productive then switch to outright domination by using force so to speak. If going this route you will need to use tactics to tear them down mentally and force them to obey your command. Be very cautious with this as it can quickly backfire. You will need to know the person's weaknesses in order to successful with this type of outright domination by force.

Now it's time for the actual process. It's quite simple. You will need either something from the person or a mental or psychic connection to them that is so strong that a personal item is not needed. You will begin the work at a time that you are sure the person is sound asleep. When a person is asleep their guard is down and they can easily be effected by the work. Take the personal item and get into a comfortable position. You can light a candle in the appropriate color and dress it with the correct oil. Corresponding incense can also be lit. Relax and mediate until you feel your concentration peak. Call the person's name 3 times or chant the person's name until you feel the connection or until you feel the presence of the spirit of that person. Remember that the spirit of a living person can be invoked just the same as with the departed. When you feel you have made a connection proceed to visualize as instructed above. Be persistent. If you don't feel you have done this correctly then keep at it until you day. Every person will respond differently. With some people one may have to repeat this process over several days before establishing a mental connection with them.

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