Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Candace's Family Work

This is Candace (fake name for anonymity). Candace hired me a year ago to do work for her regarding family issues. She emailed me yesterday to give me an update on the situation as well as wrote me this review.

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Dear Doc --



When I first came to you last August, it was in a state of desperation. My family was broken. There was no peace in the house, only anger and fear and confusion and violence. Police had been involved. Family Services. Family court. Doctors. Lawyers. Therapists. I had contemplated suicide. Within three months of your help, there was a true and surprising shift. A calming. A year later, the terrible things that had been part of our family for more than two decades almost felt like they happened to someone else. Not every day is a good day, but there is a general softening now. Daily fear has been replaced by a sort of...carefulness. 


I did all kinds of things to try to help this along -- candles and oils and sage and church and therapy and lots of prayers and reading -- but I credit you with bringing peace to my family. The work you did, the kind (and accurate!) advice you provided -- I am deeply grateful.


Thank you!




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