Monday, September 14, 2015

Chicanery At The Psychic Fair

So I went to the psychic fair this past weekend. This was not the normal psychic fair that I go to. It was smaller and very different. The very first thing I sensed when walking in is the overwhelming feeling of greed. I'm talking greed like on the level of corporate-greed. These people were all about making money. In fact, it turns out that a "psychic" who I know for a fact is a charlatan was there and had the first booth that you saw when walking in! I know she is a fraud because I went to her way back in the early-to-mid 1990s. I paid for me and my female friend to get a reading. Like many psychics, I don't often read for myself as I fear being too biased. So I too seek out other readers. Well, this fraud took my money and spent 5 minutes on me and then spent an hour on my friend and told her that she needed to break off her friendship with me and was talking crap about me. Little did this fraud know that my friend didn't believe a single word she had to say and thought she sucked. She really thought she had my friend hanging onto every word coming out of her mouth. Anyway, this fraud is now morbidly obese and completely white-haired. She probably won't live much longer. You don't have to be a psychic to see a massive heart attack in her future.

Back to the point of this blog entry. There was a presentation where an alleged medium was going to do her thing for people. The place was packed. It was so packed that there weren't any chairs and people had to stand sideways against the walls. I didn't feel like standing and I already sensed it was bull shit, so I left. I went into the lobby and closed my eyes and took a power nap. So my friend and my brother, who accompanied us, came out. My friend tells me what happened. The so-called medium made everyone write down their questions or the situation on a piece of paper. The paper were placed in a container. The medium then put surgical tape over her eyes and then a blind fold on top of that. She then reached into the container, drew a name, and then tapped it against her forehead three times. She then spouted off the alleged messages from the spirit she claimed she received.

So this woman called out, "Is there a "sis", here?" She then said that the spirit is named "Kevin" and that he wants to communicate to "sis". Well, my friend's deceased brother, who was also my friend as well, is named Kevin. She then said that Kevin is talking about a baby that either she or someone in the family just had. My friend did just have a baby relatively recently. So my brother instantly became a true-believer. My friend was iffy. So was I when she told me. Because I straight up asked my friend, "Did you put the name Kevin on the paper? She answered yes. Then I asked her, "Did you put down that you just recently had a baby?" She again answered yes. So I answered her, "Yep. She told you exactly what you already had written down. She's a fraud."

This fake ass "medium" is somehow able to read the pieces of paper and is simply restating the information people volunteer. I then tell my friend that true mediums don't do any of that bull shit stuff with surgical tape on the eyes and shit. None of that stuff is necessary. It's just theatrics designed to "oooohh and ahhhhh" people. It's the classic hallmark of con artists.

Real mediums talk to you normally. Real mediums give specific information that will floor you. Fake ones are all about money and their act is designed to deceive and make you part company with your cash. I will definitely not be attending this fake ass psychic fair ever again.

Oh, and one more thing. This celebrity psychic who has been on all of these ghost-themed paranormal shows, I won't reveal her name here, tried to con my friend into paying a ridiculous amount of money to attend a paranormal "conference" and "ghost hunt". It was absurd. She really tried to sell it hard and my friend got that, "lady you are crazy"-look in her eyes because we go ghost hunting all the time, and for free at that.

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