Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Conjure Finds

Every year I give a reminder to my readers that Halloween-time is the perfect time to stock up on conjure supplies as most places will carry supplies that may be difficult to purchase throughout the year. One can easily find black and orange candles, brooms, skulls, bottles, and even altar decorations.

This year I found a few things from Walmart. I got a black, glass skull and skull candles.

The skull candles are a great find. They were only $4.88 plus tax and are far bigger than the skull candles sold in most occult shops. As you may know, skull candles are great for enemy work, work with the ancestors, as well as domination work. 


  1. Joann Etc. had Halloween on sale 70% decor/candles a week before. Also good to hit the clearance sales the week after. I have found excellent, multipurpose candles and other items at thrift stores as well. I cleanse everything whether purchased new or used, so thrift doesn't bother me.

    1. A lot of places no longer have clearance sales because they know people are purposefully waiting until after the holiday. Many places no longer even have Halloween stuff out at this time. My local dollar stores are pretty much all Christmas at this time.

    2. And yes, I do the thrift store stuff as well. :)