Saturday, October 31, 2015


The big day has arrived! I'm so excited and I'm rushing about to and fro and probably not accomplishing much of anything. I'm juggling trying to get my altars decorated as well as watch some cool Halloween/spooky documentaries. And at the time of me writing this blog entry I've just realized that I've yet to bring in the mums and asters I will use as decorations as well. 

Halloween night itself is when I get my fun and party in. November 1st, All Saints' Day, is when I honor the saints and spirits that I work with. I give them treats and presents to let them know that I cherish our relationship and that I am thankful of the help they have given me over the past year as well as the future help they will also provide.  On November 2, All Souls' Day, I honor the ancestors, those who have come before me and those whom I have loved in life whom have now passed on to the other side. I will place offerings to them as well on my altars, including things that specific spirits like. For example, my grandfather passed away shortly before the holidays last year so I will include some peanuts for him as he love eating his peanuts. Another grandfather of mine loved chocolate cupcakes so of course he will get his. My friend who passed a few years back will get his pack of cigarettes and a Monster energy drink. I will even include some dog biscuits for some beloved pets. For my ancestors who have passed and whom I never knew in this life, I will give food, coffee, liquor and cigarettes, generic stuff that I know that most people from their time like. Candles and glasses of water are placed to help draw in the spirits and freshen them. 

Tomorrow I will be attending a Day of the Dead festival which I am really looking forward to. However, tonight it is time to party. My friend and I are planning to hit a couple of parties and events and we will both be dressing up in the Day of the Dead-style costumes. 

I wish all of my readers a a hauntingly horrific Halloween! Get out there and get your spook on! 

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