Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Indigenous People Day!

Monday, October 12, is Indigenous Peoples' Day, a.k.a. Native American Day. This is an alternative holiday that is celebrated as a substitute to Columbus Day. (Columbus didn't discover anything. The notion that a white, European man can come to a new continent where millions of people live and be promoted as it's discoverer is quite offensive. This is in addition to the horrors that Columbus unleashed upon the native population.)

Native American Day is a day for us to be reminded of the struggles of Native Americans as well as to reflect upon their proud heritage and achievements.

Several cities have already replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous People Day. If you live in an area where Columbus Day is still celebrated or at least acknowledged, do your part to show support for Native Americans by informing people about the alternative holiday. If you are currently employed and will be off of work at this time, please consider asking your employer to use Indigenous People Day instead of Columbus Day in any official communications.

On a related note, if you work with various Native American spirits, Monday would be an ideal day to honor them with special attention and reflection.

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  1. I spent some time in Venezuela and Oct 12 is definitely Indigenous People's Day there. It is also the principal festival of the Maria Lionza cult, the syncretic religion which combines indigenous elements with catholicism, spiritism, palo, santeria and anything much else it can lay its hands on. It's a mish-mash, but it works!