Friday, October 23, 2015

It's That Time Of Year Again

As we near Halloween it seems I become barraged by self-styled witches who want to attack me for my blog entries.

I stand by my writings and I will not alter them to please people who have no true understanding of or education in history. By this I mean that Wicca and self-styled "traditional witchcraft" is completely modern and has no ties to any real practice of the ancient past. The accused witches of the witch hunts in the middle ages up through the 1700s were not pagans. They were not members of a secret underground pagan religion that survived the coming of Christianity. Some of the accused did indeed practice folk magic but it was Christian folk magic, not pagan. However, many of them didn't even practice that but were simply targeted for other reasons.

A while back I wrote that the "true witches" are the practitioners of Christian folk magic because they are the ones who have an actual craft and we know from history they were accused of being witches.

I love the following documentary as it touches on the fact that many of the accuses practiced Christian conjurations. It's just that the people in charge denied their power came from God and accused them of making pacts with the Devil.

Note: I have no problem whatsoever with educated people who are Wiccans or would describe themselves as witches. People can believe whatever they want but history should not be rewritten in order to maintain a fantasy.

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