Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pagan Pride 2015

So I went out to support my pagan friends at OKC's Pagan Pride event. It was my first time going. I liked it. Lots of people dressed up as the typical witches. Seems like every other female was wearing a witch hat. Many of the men were dressed up in Celtic or Germanic gear. Unlike the women folk, I think most of the men seemed to be heathens, followers of the Germanic traditions.


Some of it was cheesy, which is to be expected. Nearly every belly dancer performing was rotund. I did pick up a set of runes and a bind rune amulet carved on a piece of deer's horn that I thought was cool. I have been reading about the Germanic heathen traditions after I've gotten hooked on the History Channel show, Vikings. There was a guy there that I previously got a rune reading from at a local psychic fair. His name was Russ, I believe. Anyway, he was giving a lecture on heathenism which I wanted to attend but didn't make in time.

The most interesting aspect of the event was when I stopped at a tent of an alleged "Voodoo Spiritualist", named either "Rev. Nightshade/Rev. Coyote, which is what he billed himself as. I quizzed him and determined he was not a real Voodoo practitioner but just worked with a few of the Loa. Anyway, the price on his readings he offered was quite reasonable, $10 a pop. So I paid for my friend and myself to get a reading with him. Let me tell you, that was the most interesting reading I have ever had. Of course he got some stuff wrong and said a lot of general stuff. However, he had a major hit that could not have been coincidence and it was something I desperately needed guidance on. He not only described the situation to a "T" but also provided the name of the individual involved. Now, this person's name is not common. So when he flat out blurted the name out and warned me about said individual, while describing the situation with specific details that where 100% correct, my jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out. It was probably the best reading I've ever had to date. I've mentioned that as a psychic myself that I don't read for myself because I fear being bias. So I seek out readers just like other people. I've had some okay readings and some crappy ones. This one was a shocker, probably because I entered without any preconceived notions of how it would be like.

My friend waiting for her reading.

Anyway, next year if you have the opportunity to visit a Pagan Pride event in your area, do so. I'm sure you will find it just as interesting as I did.

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