Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Horrible Psychic Fair Incident Followed By A Wonderful Reading!

So this weekend is psychic fair time again in my area. I went today and took my sister. Now, I've blogged on a negative experience I had there in the past with one reader who was so unprofessional and out-right stupid that she thought she could just sit there and openly offend me and that I would gladly pay her for it. She thought wrong. Well, this time was even worse than that!

My sister and I literally just walked into the joint, signed up for a drawing for door prizes and then noticed that a booth a few feet away was offering various Marilyn Monroe and James Dean items for sale. So I was definitely interested. I go over there and notice that there is this cool James Dean picture I wanted to buy for myself. Then there was this awesome woman's hairbrush with a picture of Marilyn Monroe that I thought would be an excellent Christmas gift for a good friend of mine. So I was going to buy at least both items and probably more as I had money that was burning a hole in my pocket. So I whip out my cell phone to take a picture of the hairbrush so I could text it to my friend to see if she liked it. It's just something we do for each other to make sure that we get gifts we both know we like. Anyway, the woman running the booth starts yelling at me, "EXCUSE ME! JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!" I was shocked but then quickly responded that I was going to purchase the brush and another item and was sending a picture of the brush in a text to my friend. The woman then snapped back at me while being rude as hell that she doesn't allow pictures of her items for sale. So I replied back, "Lady, if you are going to be rude and treat me like this I'm not spending my money with you." I then proceeded to inform her of the laws about taking pictures in public. According to the law, nobody has a right to privacy in a public place. You can take as many pictures as you want in public. It's perfectly legal. The woman didn't even let me finish and "ordered" me to leave. I told her that I would and I raised my voice to her and told her that she would soon be out of business if she continues to treat people like this. There was a man in the booth right next to her that was shocked as hell that she dared talk to a potential customer like that. His eyes were huge and his mouth was open and it appeared that he was going to say something to her but he then decided not to. So thinking this incident over I've come to the conclusion that the reason why this woman was so freaking rude to me was because she was probably selling illegal items. Her Marilyn Monroe and James Dean stuff was likely unlicensed by their estates, meaning she did not have permission to use their images for her personal profit. I should turn her ass in just for being rude to me. But I'm not a snitch.

So this bit of unpleasantry was followed by a very good reading. I chose a reader that I had never seen at past events. I don't recall her name offhand but I do have her card and will look her up shortly. She uses the standard Rider-Waite deck but her interpretation of the cards was unique and spot on. One of the things I liked about her reading method was that she didn't have me shuffle at all and didn't do layouts. Instead, she spread the deck out and when I had a question she told me to pick the card. This is similar to what I do when I am asked to use cards by my clients. Of course I can't have clients pick a card over the phone but I don't use traditional layouts and I interpret the cards almost like they were dream imagery. Anyway, this woman was great. Probably the best female reader I've ever had. I was so pleased by the reading that I almost completely forgot about the rude woman from before. I write almost because I had to pass by her booth on the way out. But I left with a smile on my face and the feeling of gladness that I had come. I can't wait to have future readings with this reader. She will definitely get my repeat business.

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