Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Last Hoodoo Drugstore In Texas

I recently posted a blog entry where I address the question if what is called "urban hoodoo" is fake or not. In that blog entry I briefly touched on the history of hoodoo drugstores. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon this article about the last hoodoo drugstore in Texas. Like all hoodoo drugstores, Stanley Drug Company began as a traditional pharmacy which began to devote a shelf or two to hoodoo spiritual products. With time the owners realized that the spiritual supplies were out-selling the health products and so the decision was made to devote the business fully to the sale of spiritual products.

I would really like to see hoodoo drugstores and candle shops make a come back. I'm not talking about Lucky Mojo or the websites or businesses of the devotees of Cat Yronwode. Those places haven't captured the feel of the real hoodoo drugstores of days past. Instead, they more closely resemble the Wiccan/Metaphysical shops that cater to multiculturalism. For those who have never been to a hoodoo drugstore, Miller's Rexall is a prime example. In the video below you can see the interior of their shop which closely resembles the look of most hoodoo drugstores of the past.

I would definitely love to open my own hoodoo drugstore or candle shop in the fashion of the ones from yesteryear. Unfortunately it will probably have to wait until I reach retirement age.

Update On My Hoodoo Experiment

In a previous blog entry I posted on how I was experimenting with combining my recipe for Glow of Attraction oil and Irresistible oil, to extremely wild results. You can read that blog entry at the link below.

Well, I tried it for the second time.

Last night my best friend and I went out. We only went to the gay bar this time. I again dabbed some of the oil on before going. I had two guys approach me and tell me that I was cute. I had another guy tell me I had pretty eyes. This time nobody offered to buy me a drink so I ended up paying for drinks for my friend and I. While at the bar the bartender started to talk to me and asked me where I was from and if I came in regularly. I answered I was local and that I don't come every weekend but I come frequently with my friends. He then said, "You know you are a very beautiful man." I was taken back. My friend started laughing because she said the look on my face betrayed that I was taken back and she was right. I wasn't expecting it. When I came back to order round two the bartender kept calling me babe and introduced himself and shook my hand. I thought it was cute when I asked for two jack and cokes that he responded with, "anything for you beautiful" and gave me a wink. Finally, while talking to a couple we met there this woman comes out of the blue and grabs my ass and kisses me on the cheek. She then leans in and bites my earlobe and whispers, "just have to check the goods before I pass you on to my friend". I was like, "Uh, say again?" She then said her friend thought I was hot and that he wanted to get to know me. So she leaves and then he approaches me but within the first five minutes of us talking it was clear he was a big weirdo and had psychological issues. So I quickly made my exit.

So that was the extent of my experiences with round two of using the oil. This pretty much confirms to me that it works because I've never got this much attention before. However, keep in mind that I did just lose a drastic amount of weight so that may have factored into things. Before I've always viewed myself as like a 6 out of 10 on a scale of attractiveness but my friend says I'm an 8 and that after I reach my goal weight (I have 43 more lbs to go) and have plastics that I would be a 9. I think she's delusional but it was nice to hear it. I did confide in her that when I look into the mirror that I still see myself as just as fat as I was before but she says that it's obviously not true and that I will need time before my mind adjusts to the weight loss. She then said the best thing she has ever told me. She said she didn't want to tell me before because she didn't want me to get a big head. She said that my face has always been beautiful, like male-model type and that if I just get my body into gear that I'll have the whole package. I told her that that was the first compliment she ever gave me on my looks directly as before she would only comment if she liked or disliked clothing I was wearing.

So it's time to retire the oil. Maybe if I ever write a book I will include the recipe so others can try it out. As for now, when I go out I really just want to have fun and good times with friends and to meet new friends.

Is "Urban Hoodoo" Fake?

So recently I've been attacked by people who identify as practitioners of "New Orleans Voodoo" because I'm not afraid to speak out and call it what it is, a sham. One individual even went as far as stalking me on other forums. Then either the same individual or another one began to post all kinds of comments on my blog. One of the things that this person mentioned, among calling me a fraud, was that anyone who practiced what is called "urban hoodoo" (this person didn't know the actual term), is a fraud as well. So I thought I would take the time to discuss this subject.

Urban hoodoo, as a label, references the use of spiritual products such as candles, condition oils, incense, powders, waters and other supplies that have been bought from companies that cater to the magical community. Primarily they were bought from mail order companies and local hoodoo drugstores and candle shops. Urban hoodoo arose to prominence after WWII and became popular likely because of it's convenience.

As I listed above, the three great sources for spiritual supplies for urban hoodoo were the mail order companies, the hoodoo drugstores and the candle shops. Mail order companies advertised their goods through catalogs and advertisements in primarily African-American printed media. Some companies also had door-to-door sales men as well. Mail order companies offered anonymity which was very comforting to practitioners who just happen to be living in the Bible Belt. Customers didn't have to risk being seen out in public visiting hoodoo drugstores or candle shops and could instead have their spiritual supplies delivered to their door in discreet packaging.

Hoodoo drugstores began as traditional corner pharmacies. Such businesses often would have a shelf or two in which they stocked candles, oils, incense and powders. So these pharmacies that carried a supply of spiritual products began to be called hoodoo drugstores. Eventually, some owners realized that their spiritual supplies were out-selling their normal health products and so they converted to selling spiritual products full-time. This would eventually give rise to the candle shops, stores that only sold spiritual supplies and which carried a wide range of candles. Both hoodoo drugstores and candle shops are still around though the overwhelming majority of them began to close in the 1980s and usually due to the death of the owners. Upon their closing, a vacuum was created in which Wiccan/Metaphysical stores and Botanicas swept in to fill. At this time hoodoo began to decline, never going extinct but declining no-less, until it's revival circa 1994 with the creation of the Lucky Mojo website.

In the video below a hoodoo drugstore in Charleston, South Carolina, is featured in the 1985 episode of Arthur C. Clarke's World of Strange Powers, titled, The Roots of Evil. Forward to 6 minutes 28 seconds to view or just watch the entire thing as it's a good episode!

The older, traditional form of hoodoo, which I call "old school hoodoo", primarily uses what can be found in nature, around the home, or which can be easily obtained in local, non-magical stores, primarily grocery stores, craft/fabric stores, hardware stores and pharmacies.

So is urban hoodoo fake? Well, like most things in reality the answer is not black and white or cut and dry. Urban hoodoo can be fake. It can also be legit. The answer will depend on the manufacturers of the spiritual products as well as the clients who patron them.

Back in the day perfumes and fragrances, and condition oils evolved from perfumed oils, were mostly created with real essential oils and natural ingredients. They had no choice but to use natural ingredients. This is because there was no alternative. With the rise of synthetic or artificial fragrances spiritual supply manufacturers naturally began to replace their real essential oils with their artificial alternatives. (FYI: The belief that spiritual products must contain actual herbs and roots is modern. In the past just essential oils were used. Those products that contained a piece of root or mineral, such as lodestone, were marketed as say, "root in oil", or "with live lodestone", or something similar. However, most products just contained essential oils.) Combine this with the fact that most manufacturers and/or owners were not practitioners of the tradition and you get a hot mess where bottles of sweet-smelling chemicals with fancy labels are being sold to consumers who were predominately unaware of this bait and switch.

Another "problem" stemming from the manufacturers/marketers/owners was the introduction of elements that were never part of hoodoo prior. Many of the "exotic" elements relating to Egyptian, Jewish, Asian, Muslim cultures, and the like were introduced at this time. Additionally, marketers began to confuse hoodoo with European notions of witchcraft and thus began to market European grimoires and such. However, the biggest change in my opinion was the introduction of the concept of recipes. Traditional, old-school hoodoo lacked recipes. Even today you will find people online asking for recipes or treating the name of a spiritual product such as, "Come to Me", as if it was traditional and somehow represented a category of "spells" within hoodoo when in fact it was simply created by a manufacturer. (FYI: Each manufacturer tended to invent their own names. So one person may call an oil Fast Luck while another may sell their version as Luck In A Hurry.)

So now we are firmly at the question that inspired this blog entry. Is urban hoodoo fake? Here is my opinion. If the practitioner has zero knowledge of traditional, "old school hoodoo" and is 100% dependent upon purchasing spiritual supplies, more specifically spiritual supplies that are artificial or synthetic in nature and does not even incorporate any herbs, roots, or natural items in their practice then such people are not practicing hoodoo in my opinion. It would be magic, no-less, but not authentic hoodoo. I'm not saying such people can't see results, just that it's not traditional hoodoo. However, and please do not misinterpret my words here, if a practitioner who is knowledgeable of the traditional, old-school hoodoo and chooses to incorporate spiritual products into their work, whether or not the are real or artificial, then such people are practicing hoodoo as long as they incorporate real roots, herbs and items into their work.  Let me give you some examples.

1. Jill needs to do a spell. A spell to Jill involves going to the Wiccan store, buying a candle and artificially fragranced oil and incense. Jill fixes the candle and dresses it with the oil and burns it and the incense. Jill does not know anything about traditional, old-school hoodoo and for her this is all that a "spell" is or encompasses.

2. John needs to do a spell. John goes to the nearest Wiccan store and buys a candle and artificially fragranced oil and incense. He then fixes his candle, dresses it with the oil and then rolls it in a mixture of spices he has taken from his cabinet. He then mixes the same spices into his incense and burn that as well.

3. Bill needs to do a "spell", but Bill doesn't use the word spell but rather calls it a job or work. Bill goes out into the woods behind his home and then gathers items from around his house to use. Bill was taught old-school hoodoo from his family.

In the above examples, John and Bill are practicing hoodoo. Bill is strictly old-school, traditional hoodoo while John is more modern and incorporates spiritual products into his practice. Jill is not practicing traditional hoodoo and is just performing magic.

If you take the stance that all urban hoodoo is fake then you by fault are taking the position that anyone who uses spiritual products are fake, including entire generations of people before us. I found a bottle of 7 Sisters Holy oil in my great grandmother's dresser. Was my great grandmother a fake? Nope. Because I know she worked with lamps. Unfortunately she passed away when I was 9 and so I wasn't old enough to learn anything from her but I know she wasn't fake. I've also used 7 Sisters oils before and I'm not fake. I'm not fake because I know that I don't need it. My very first teacher used Anna Riva oils. I'm old enough to remember when Anna Riva was alive and advertising her oils in the back of gossip magazines you buy at the supermarket. If you purchased a set amount of product you would receive a free gold chain necklace from her. (Anna Riva promoted the notion that gold protected people from evil and negativity.)

So in a nutshell I'm not the type of person that will wag my finger at someone who uses 7 Sisters, Indio, or Anna Riva oils because they don't contain real ingredients. Likewise, I don't promote Lucky Mojo oils or any oils of her devotees as being legit just because they do contain real items, either. Because none of them are necessary. It doesn't matter one bit if your oil, incense or powder contains real items. If you are incorporating real items into your work then that's all that's necessary. You don't need any commercially bought spiritual products to practice hoodoo. However, if you choose to incorporate them into your practice then as long as you are also using real roots, herbs and natural items then you are indeed practicing real hoodoo.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Q&A - January 30, 2016


"Why do you promote the use of oils that do not contain any real herbs? In my book that makes you a fraud."


I do not promote the use of any commercially bought spiritual oils, period. This is regardless if the oils are made with real herbs or roots or not. You don't need any commercially bought spiritual products to perform conjure work. Also, and I've stated this before, if you are incorporating roots and herbs into your work then you don't need to have them in your oils. Let me give you an example.

Say I am dead broke and all I have is a bottle of 7 Sisters Money Drawing Oil and I need to do some money work. I have a green candle. So I fix that candle and then raid my kitchen cabinets and find that I have allspice powder, cinnamon and brown sugar. So I roll the candle in that mixture after I dress it with the oil. I don't need to have roots and herbs in the oil as I am rolling the candle in this mixture. The same thing goes when you do bowl work or jar work or any work that you may do when you use real items. If you are using real items in your work then you don't need them in the bottle of oil. But you don't need the commercially bought oil either. You could just as easily use olive oil or whatever oil you have at home.


"I'm all out of Pay Me Oil and I really need to do a spell to make my sister-in-law pay me back the money I lent her so she could pay her rent and not be evicted. I'm now in the same boat and need that money bad."


If you are going to use spiritual oils and don't have Pay Me Oil then you can substitute with Compelling Oil. You can also do a mixture of Compelling Oil and Money Drawing Oil. Otherwise, use whatever you have at your home, such as; olive oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, peanut oil, mineral oil, crisco, butter, vaseline, etc. If you have absolutely none of these then you might remember my blog entry where I pass on what I was taught by one of my teachers, which is to use your saliva. If you are dressing a candle with your saliva then give the wick time to dry a bit before lighting it. Saliva has dominating qualities so it would work well with your situation.


"What spirit do you work with when you do reversing spells?"


If I am working with a spirit for reversing work, and I don't always work with spirits for everything I do, then I normally work with St. Michael as he is well known for protection and reversing work. There are other spirits that can do the job as well but he is the number one guy.


"I read your blog. You sound like you know what you are talking about. So if you could reply back as soon as possible with a powerful death spell I can use against this bitch that had sex with my husband I would greatly appreciate it. Go ahead and send me your address and I'll just drop by and you can show me how to do it. You are out of Augusta right?"




"Do you sell kits?"


Yes. However, the kits I sell are only made available for purchase to my clients who wish to do something on their end while I am performing the work they hired me for. The cost is $100 for the kit plus the cost of the work I am hired for.


"Why don't you sell your own line of oils?"


Because there's no money to be made in it. It's not worth my time or energy. I would have to charge like $20 a bottle to make it worth my while and customers are not going to buy a $20 bottle of oil. When people buy oils they usually do not buy a huge quantity at a time. They usually buy one oil at a time or a few oils at most. So I would have to go to the lengths of securing the items, making the oils, shipping them out, and if I charged what most sellers charge then I would only make about $1-$2 profit per bottle of oil. That's why it's not worth it. Therefore, I only use the oils I make for my own personal workings and for my paying clients.


"I'm looking for a real spell caster. Can you put me in touch with one?"


Yeah, I'm definitely fake. Let me connect you to a real one. I'm so fucking sick of these emails. If you read my blog then there should be no reason why you can't comprehend that I'm a worker or "spell caster". I get dozens of these emails a month from idiots. And I say idiots because if you respond nicely to them and let them know that you are a worker and ask them if they require help with their situation they either never reply back or they are only looking for a freebie and give you a sob story as to why they deserve free conjure work for their non-emergency situation. They also go into rants about if a worker or "spell caster" refuses to help them for free then they must be fake. If your situation is a real emergency I can help you. However, 99% of the time these idiots who beg for free work want workers to bring their man/woman back, to win the lottery, or to do enemy work against someone for free, and with the full expectation that we are required to help them for free and that only the fakes charge or require donation for their services.

2 Kings 8:8
And the king said unto Hazael, Take a present in thine hand, and go, meet the man of God, and enquire of the Lord by him, saying, Shall I recover from this disease?

This is why workers or "spell casters" charge or accept donations. There must be an exchange. Even Jesus himself didn't work for free. He received donations. Why do you think he had a man (Judas) who handled the money? Jesus and the disciples received payment and donations of money, gifts, food, clothing and shelter for their work.

Free conjure work is for emergency situations only. Examples of an emergency situation include:

-About to evicted
-About to be fired from your job
-About to have your children taken by the state
-Under immediate threat of bodily harm

Examples of non-emergency situations include:

-Bring back your man/woman
-Get a promotion at work
-Gambling work
-Most enemy work (break-up work, crossing someone up, get someone fired, hot foot someone, etc.)

A person not having the money to hire a conjure worker does not constitute an emergency. In reality, 99% of the people who claim they can't afford to hire a conjure worker are LYING. If you work in sales one of the first things you are taught is that CUSTOMERS LIE ALL THE TIME. Sales people are trained never to accept the lie that a customer can not afford something. Because in reality, people spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on entertainment, going out to eat, vacations, gifts, clothing, and splurge items every year. When a person lies and claims they can't afford conjure work they are really saying that they don't want to sacrifice the money they would blow on these unnecessary things for conjure work. So sales people are trained to be firm and not believe the lies and at the end of the day the client will usually go right ahead and pay for it. I will be honest with people who want freebies for non-emergency situations. I tell them if they truly can't afford conjure work then they truly don't need what they are seeking. Otherwise, they would find a way to pay. You would be surprised by just how many people refuse to save up. Nobody wants to save up for anything anymore. Everything has to be immediate, as in NOW! And they think that if they don't have that amount currently available then people like myself have to lower what we charge or accept or do it for free. It just ain't so.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Spell To Lose Weight

Since this subject weighed heavily on my mind I decided I would go ahead and share one of the weight loss spells I invented which I can vouch for does work. Keep in mind that if you have an eating disorder that you may be able to lose weight but it may be very difficult to keep it off in the long run. Additional work to address that issue as well as professional counseling may be needed. If you are in the obese or morbidly obese category of BMI please consider having bariatric surgery. I personally recommend the gastric sleeve but you can speak to your doctor regarding his/her opinion of what surgery may be best for you. When I performed this work I lost 66 lbs in about 4 1/2 months. Also, keep in mind that the success of any spell or working is dependent upon many factors. One's personal spiritual power factors greatly in if any spell or working will be successful. Keep in mind also that if you are not in the right head space before, during and after performing this work that you may not see success. You must really desire to lose weight and be able to do what is necessary to lose the weight. You can not perform the work and then not make any changes to your lifestyle.

White Candle, Salt, Eucalyptus And 3 Bible Verses Burned To Ash To Lose Weight

Take a white jumbo candle. Carve it with your full name, birth date and sun sign. Also carve the amount of weight you wish to lose. Take some Eucalyptus leaves and prepare a spiritual bath. You will be taking a total of 7 spiritual baths, one bath per day. After taking the first spiritual bath take the white candle and rub it down your nude body from crown to sole three times. Use a nail to make 6 notches on the side of the candle to divide it into 7 sections. You may also use pins instead of making the notches if you so desire. Dress the candle with either Tea Tree oil or else a condition oil such as Cast Off Evil or another strong cleansing oil. If you do not have these you may also use olive oil which you have blessed. Take the following three verses from the bible and burn them to ash:

Galatians 5:16
This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

Proverbs 23:2
And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.

1 Corinthians 9:27
But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

Take the ash and mix it thoroughly with salt. You may also mix in some of your hair if you prefer. Roll the white candle in the salt-ash mixture away from you 3 times. Set the candle to burn on top of your photograph. Light the candle and allow one section to burn and then either snuff out the flame or wet your fingers with saliva and pinch it out. You will take a spiritual bath each day for 7 days and then burn one section of the candle while working the candle by reciting your petition to lose weight and reciting the verses. On the 7th day allow the candle to naturally extinguish itself. Take the leftover items from the work and bundle them up and take them to a fast flowing river. Throw them into the river over your shoulder and then go home without looking back.

While performing the work make sure to start implementing changes to your diet and to begin to exercise or increase your activity level. Keep a food journal and log everything that you consume. This will help you to understand just how much you are actually consuming. Cut your carbs back drastically or eliminate them altogether. Believe it or not, calories are not all the same. Your body is far more likely to store carbs as fat than calories from fat or protein.

Have faith and remain positive. Keep in mind that weight loss stalls are normal. Losing weight is like moving down a staircase. Each weight loss stall is your body trying to pause on a step to create a new "normal". Keep up the work and you will continue to move down the staircase and lose weight until you reach your goal.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Weight Loss Spells And My Personal Testimony

Weight loss is a theme that I am routinely asked about. Are there spells or workings that can help one lose weight? The answer is mixed. There are, as in they exist and it can be performed. However, the correct question should be,  Are they the right approach for a specific person's needs?

I'm assuming my readers know about BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI is a scale that categorizes weight with regards to height. You can find many BMI calculators online which can give you your BMI if you do not already know it. The breakdown is roughly as follows:

Under 18 BMI = Underweight
18-24 BMI = Normal weight
25-29 BMI = Overweight
30-40 BMI = Obese
40+ BMI = Morbidly Obese

In the past I recommend weight loss spells to anyone who desired to lose weight. I no longer take such approach. My current position is if your BMI is in the overweight category (25-29 BMI), then weight loss spells may be right for you. However, if you are obese or morbidly obese then I do not recommend them as I don't feel they are right for such individuals. The reason being is that such people tend to have eating disorders, something that a weight loss spell will not address. Sure, they can be done but can the person keep the weight off?

If you are in the obese or morbidly obese range I strongly recommend that instead of doing weight loss spells that you, 1. see a doctor regarding bariatric surgery, and 2. do work to manifest having the surgery which may include money-drawing work to make sure you have enough funds to have the surgery. I'm not talking out of my ass here. I used to be morbidly obese. Just last year my BMI was 50.

In late 2014 I finally had enough of yo-yo dieting. I could easily lose weight but I was never able to keep it off. I could lose 50, 75 or even 100 lbs but would gain it back and more usually within a year or two. I was at my wits end. I tried every weight loss spell I could find and invented multiple ones on my own. They worked, for a time, and the weight would return. So I did one more work and it actually ended up merging with another work I did to manifest together.

At that time back in 2014 I was at my highest I have ever weighed, 380 lbs. So I did two works. One work I did which was unconnected to my goal of weight loss at the time, was to have a vacation in California. I had never been and always wanted to go. Exactly one week after performing the work I received a California travel magazine in the mail addressed to me. I kid you not. I did not order it. Nobody ordered it for me. Nobody knew of my desire. So this was basically an omen that things were going right on track. Then I did the very last weight loss spell I would ever do for myself. I gave it my all. It was extremely powerful. However, I didn't lose a single pound from it. The one thing that I did differently was that I purposefully included in my wording that I was willing to do ANYTHING to lose the weight. Previously, I always made sure that I worded everything so that my intentions were to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner. Two days after doing the work a friend of mine who I had not seen in a while met with me. She was shocked by my weight gain. I could tell by her face that she was very shocked and concerned. She flat out told me, "Have you thought about bariatric surgery?" I was highly offended. I always believed that weight loss surgery was for losers who could not lose the weight on their own. For two weeks I wouldn't speak to her because I was so upset. Combined with the fact that I didn't even lose one single pound I was horrified that I somehow lost my power. Then it dawned on me. My friend was right. I couldn't do this on my own. I believe that it was my final deciding moment of being willing to do anything which caused the spell to manifest in the way it did.

I began to research bariatric surgery online. I settled on a new procedure called gastric sleeve. This particular surgery has less mortality rates and less complications than gastric bypass but it produces almost the exact same weight loss results. There was only one problem. I didn't have health insurance. I could have given up but I was determined to do anything to see this through.

I ultimately went to Tijuana in May of 2015 to have my surgery with Dr. Sergio Verboonen. It was a fantastic experience. It wasn't until the plane ride home that it dawned on me that my work to go to California manifested at the same time as I flew in to San Diego and then from there went to Tijuana.

To date, I have lost 152 lbs and am still losing. My BMI is 29, which is still in the overweight category, but as I am still losing I'm convinced that I will meet my goal weight and will end up at least a 23 BMI, putting me in the normal weight category. I expect to be at goal on or before my one year surgery anniversary.

I actually did not want to tell my story because I felt like it was personal and not any one's business. However, I feel the pain of other obese and morbidly obese people who really need help. If you are such a person the best advice that I or anyone can give you is that you should really consider the surgery. It will change your life in ways you can't even dream possible. The changes will take a lot of time for you to process and accept. For example, I was not used to being hit on. Before I was practically invisible. I went out not even considering that anyone would find me attractive. Today, I have to be beat off girls and guys with a stick. It's so weird.

So if you are obese or morbidly obese, please research the surgery and then use conjure work to manifest the surgery or the funding needed for the surgery. Because I used conjure work to manifest the money needed to pay out of pocket. That would be your best bet in my opinion. I feel you will be happier and far more pleased with the results.

To give you a better understanding of the surgery that I had, basically 80% of my stomach was removed. The normal stomach is the size of a football. Mine is the size of a banana. So this acts to restrict the amount of food I can eat before I feel full. When I feel full, I feel the same way that you might feel full after a Thanksgiving meal. The only difference is that it only takes a few ounces of food to produce this satisfying feeling within me while a person who hasn't had the surgery may have to eat multiple plates of food.  Below is a video that may be of help.

If you are merely in the overweight category of BMI (25-29 BMI), then weight loss spells may be of help for you. Here are a few tips:

-Make a mojo bag. Include items such as John the Conqueror root to conquer temptation, Bay laurel for success, Sage or Solomon seal root for making wise decisions, Eucalyptus for cleansing and to banish bad habits, Red Pepper to heat up your metabolism, Devil's Shoestring to trip up the devil so he can't tempt you to over-eat, etc.

-The stone apatite, due to it's similarity to the word appetite, can be used to control or decrease one's appetite.

-You can sell your fat. Create a magical pact with someone who wants to gain weight. Negotiate on a number that you will lose and that person will gain.

-Use eggs to remove fat, the same way you can use them for cleansing.

-Use candles to burn fat away. Rub your nude body down with a candle. You can mark the candle with how much weight you wish to lose prior to doing so.

-Adapt "dwindling" charms such as the famous Abracadabra charm so that your weight dwindles away.

-Use strong cleansing spiritual supplies, such as Cast Off Evil.

Now, I routinely get people asking me for free spells they can do themselves to lose weight. Unfortunately, the spells that I created for weight loss and which worked for me in the past, I only use on my paying clients. Therefore, I can't give them away. However, if you are intelligent, and most of my readers are, as well as Spirit-led, you should be able to create your own. I can tell you right now that there are multiple and powerful bible verses good for weight loss that you can incorporate into your work.

If you are an obese or morbidly obese individual and you would like to talk about the surgery feel fee to email me. I would be glad to tell you my experiences and give you (non-magical) advice on the surgery.

For those interested, here is a video that show just how dramatic the weight loss can be with gastric sleeve. I'll post one video for the women and one video for the men to give you an idea. The woman in the video below has an awesome YouTube channel. Check her videos out.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Hoodoo Experiment Went Horribly Wrong....Or Worked Too Damn Good!

For those who don't know I make a lot of the oils I use in my practice for my clients and for my own personal use. I don't sell my oils to the public though. I will also buy oils from other people as I see fit.

For the past week I've been tinkering with my recipes for "Glow of Attraction" and "Irresistible" oils. For those that don't know, Glow of Attraction is designed to not only make you stand out in a crowd but to draw potential lovers, male or female, to you. Today, most people may know Glow of Attraction oil better by another name, such as Look Me Over. Irresistible is exactly as it's name entails. It is designed to make you irresistible to people. I've combined them into a new recipe to see what the results would be. I probably should have thought things through before experimenting with it because I dabbed some on before going out last night.

So please remember that last night I just went out to have fun with friends and not to get laid. I was just experimenting with my new oil recipe to see if it would work or not. The first place we stopped at was a normal straight bar. Within 5 minutes of being there I had a woman running her fingers through my hair. She was married and she kept telling me that I was so pretty. Yes, she used the word pretty. She bought me a drink. I eventually ditched her when she got too physically aggressive and was trying to take my shirt off. So my friends and I moved to the other end of the bar and then another woman bought me a drink and I didn't take two sips from it before she blurted out, "So we gonna fuck or what?" I started laughing and told her that I was in a serious relationship. She responded by saying, "So what's that got to do with us fucking?" I just smiled and thanked her for the drink and then turned and left. She was mad! I could hear her cussing and then there was a sound of glass breaking. I think she slammed her drink down so hard that she broke the glass. She also began sobbing. At that point my friends and I decided to get out of there.

So the next stop on the list was a local gay bar. The gay bars here in my area are fun and far more straight people go there than gay people. Anyway, the one we were at is actually a gay hotel that has a gay country bar at one end and a gay nightclub on the other end. There is a third, smaller gay bar there and a gay restaurant but I've never been to those. Anyway, we went to the gay country bar first. Now, please note that this is not my first time there. However, at the times previous nothing unusual happened. Not last night! Last night there were hands all over me! I swear every time a guy walked passed me he made sure to touch my back, my neck, my ass, etc. It was absurd as they were definitely going out of their way to do so. So we were just about to leave the gay country club and head over to the other gay nightclub when a gay married couple starts talking to us. They were funny and we had some good laughs. We then excused ourselves and went over to the gay nightclub.

While at the gay nightclub I kept getting compliments from guys who liked my hair. I had two guys "fall" on me, as in embracing me so they didn't fall down but you know they kept holding on to me and were just using it as an excuse to talk to me. Both guys said that I had pretty eyes and one guy said that I was the prettiest guy in the club. Yes, he used the word pretty. One guy leaned in to kiss me but I pulled away and wouldn't let him. All of our drinks at that gay nightclub were paid for by guys who wanted to hook up with me. My friends were all happy and said that at least I was good for getting them free drinks. lol After a while the club got too packed. That particular club is so popular that it's often filled beyond capacity and there is usually a huge line to get in. So we left and decided to go back to the gay country club. Once there we run into the same gay married couple that we met before.

One of the guys seemed to be in a bad mood so I asked what was wrong. He took me aside and told me that he caught his husband french kissing two guys and he was pissed. I was like, oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Well, we started drinking and quickly began laughing and having fun. Close to last call the couple invites us back to their hotel room to continue the party. So there's 6 of us, two women and then 4 of us guys. As we are walking out the door, the husband that was french kissing other guys, turns around and tries to kiss me. I turn my head to avoid him and he ends up kissing my cheek. He was pissed at me! He was like why did you do that! I told him that I didn't want to kiss him. So we all go to their room and are joking around and having fun and some smoke and I'm just chilling on the bed, propped up on my side. The next thing I know there are hands on my shoulders and neck and my head is forced down onto the bed. Dude's husband, the one that tried to kiss me, has his face hovering over mine and he plants a deep kiss on my lips and I'm like, WTF? I just told him I didn't want to kiss him. On top of that this was right in front of his husband. So I sit up and move to the end of the bed. The husband is standing right there and immediately drops to his knees and begins to rub my thighs. I stand up to get away and he pushed me on the bed. The other guy who just kissed me holds down my arms and the husband tries to ravish me, and he was rough. This wasn't gentle Sarah Mclachlan-style lovin', but the "I'm taking it" variety. The entire time he's trying to have his way with me he keeps saying, "God damn you are so fucking pretty." Yes, he kept using the word pretty over and over again. So I flail around until I can get free. I then say to my friends, "It's time to go.". But like great friends they want to stay and party more. So they are my ride and so I have to stay. The guy that kissed me eventually got pissed that I wasn't in to him and stormed off, slamming the door as he left. The other guy who tried to ravish me could not keep his hands off of me. Over and over he kept telling me that I was pretty, and "Do you know how pretty you are?". I was like, you know the first 500 times you told me that I didn't believe you but this time I finally do.

Eventually my friends decided it was time to go. So this dude blocks the door and makes everyone give him a hug before they could leave. Of course when it comes to my turn to exit he wants to kiss me. He tries to kiss but I wont let him and so he just tears into my neck like a fucking vampire. He was using so much force that I almost fell down. Of course he kept whispering "you're so pretty" under his breath. He paused for a second and I took advantage of that pause and bolted.

When we all got into the car there was a brief period of silence followed by an explosion of laughter over what had transpired over the night. My friends think that it was because of the full moon that all this shit happened. They didn't know about my oil. Maybe it was both. I don't know. But I can tell you this, if I were to share this oil with you I can almost guarantee that you will be hit on by both women and men who will non-stop tell you that you are pretty. Because that's my experiences with it!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Ernest "Dr. Buzzard" Bratton

Back in the 1980s there was a root doctor active in the Alexandria, Va, area who billed himself as "Dr. Buzzard" (real name Ernest Bratton). Bratton claimed to have the power to cure or kill, though he publicly claimed he would not use his powers to kill anyone. He charged a considerable sum for his services and most likely would have been arrested had he been active today as among other things he claimed to cure cancer and AIDS for $21,000. He also gave guarantees.

Bratton claimed that among his clientele were many powerful politicians and celebrities. He also claimed that he was a frequent guest on various t.v. shows, such as the Letterman Show, as well as made numerous media appearances.

Ernest Bratton was alive and in his late 70s in 2009, which is the last I can find reference to him. I am unable to determine if he is still alive at the present.

Bratton produced a VHS video titled, "Voo Doo Hoo Doo You Do", in which he taught viewers hoodoo lessons. If anyone has a copy of this and would be interested in selling it or trading something for it, please email me a

Below are some articles featuring Ernest "Dr. Buzzard" Bratton. Pay close attention to the first link. You will notice lots of references to the classic items used in hoodoo, all before the revival of hoodoo by Cat Yronwode in the mid 90s.) I also like his style of remedies. For example, his concoction to restore a man's nature is 2 brown eggs beaten with 7-Up and drunk for 12 days. The 7-Up was likely picked over the fact that the number 7 is considered lucky, that soda is "alive" with effervescence, and that the beverage is clear. Not to mention the "Up" part of 7-Up and it's significance to getting and maintaining an erection! His other remedy involves eating an onion immediately after copulation! Of all his works listed his death work is the one that interests me the most. You take a cow's horn, graveyard dirt, a golden eye needle, and a lemon. You insert the needle in the lemon, and then the graveyard dirt and lemon-with-needle into the cow horn. Obviously, Bratton has not revealed the entire trick for safety reasons and to prevent other people from rushing out to try to use it themselves. However, a conjure worker with "eyes to see" and "ears to hear", will know what to do or will at least be spirit-led into discovering the remaining parts.,5137918&hl=en

Monday, January 18, 2016

Q & A - January 18, 2016


"I really like to read your blog. I was interested if you made a list of the color-scent connections from the Indio and Seven Sisters oils? Do you have a list from them?"


Thank you. I have not made an official list. However, I have written numerous product reviews where I touch on the color and scent.

The 7 Sisters oils are marketed as "perfumed anointing oils", which is a fancy way of saying they are synthetic and are meant for use on the body only. They have a line of candle dressing oils which are supposed to be used for fixing candles but most people will use the perfumed anointing oils for candles instead.

In the 7 Sisters oil line all the red oils have the same fragrance, all the blue oils have the same fragrance, all the purple oils have the same fragrance, all the yellow oils have the same fragrance, all the pink oils have the same fragrance, all the orange oils have the same fragrance, all the dark green oils have the same fragrance, all the dark brown oils have the same fragrance, and all the light brown oils have the same fragrance (which is rose). The only exception is the light green oils, such as Compelling oil for example, which have zero fragrance. This boggles my mind as they are marketed as being perfumed so they should smell like something. The dark green oils smell like soap. So I'm assuming they make the light green oils by diluting the dark green oils, probably too much, which produces an oil that has no fragrance.

Indio oils are different. They use some of the same fragrances used in the 7 Sisters oils but also different ones. For example, their red oils may be split between two different fragrances. Indio's Love Me oil, which is red, has a unique scent verses the red oils used in 7 Sisters oils. The same thing with the other colors as well. So for example with Indio's yellow oils, some will smell like 7 Sisters yellow oils but others, such as Cross of Caravaca oil, will smell different. In this case Indio's Cross of Caravaca oil smells like cloves.


"You mentioned putting herbs in the bottles of [7 Sisters] oils. Can you send me a list of what herbs to put in each bottle?"


No. You can put one or more pinches of roots, herbs, zoological items or minerals that are suited for the specific condition the oil is supposed to address, and then pray over it. You don't have to do this. Most people do not. However, I was one of the first people to publicly blog on doing this and I saw it spread like wildfire. Lots of people try to steal it but whatever. The same with the Anna Riva oils. I was the first person online to post about using clear tape on the labels to prevent or delay the gold label from wearing off. In fact, Wisdom Products now sells their oils with tape on them! Anyway, I digress. Just do your research and use your own combination of items.


"I recently just bought one of practically each 7 Sisters oils and am horrified to learn that they are artificial. Should I just throw them out? What oils would you recommend?"


I wouldn't throw them out. 7 Sisters oil have been around for a very long time. People swear by them even though they are synthetic. You can still use them. You can add roots, herbs, zoological or mineral items to the bottles and pray over them. If you dress candles with them you can then roll the candles in cut or sifted herb combinations and that way you don't have to add the items to the bottles if you don't want to. If you buy them from a botanica the owners usually at least pray over them so that they are blessed. Look, I'm not going to bash them. I'm not going to sugar coat or white wash the truth either. They are synthetic. There's no real essential oils in them. However, all that really matters is if it works for you. Just the other day someone posted a comment on a blog entry I wrote over on my other blog about how they have been using 7 Sisters oils for 30 years now and that they work for him or her. I say power to him or her. If it works for you, use it. If it doesn't work for you then don't use it. Don't get trapped into thinking that you have to spend a lot of money on oils to see results. The only problems I have with 7 Sisters oils is that the red dye in the red oils is way too strong. It will stain your clothing and it looks like blood on your hands. I hate that the light green oils have no fragrance. In my book scent is power so if it smells like nothing then I don't want it. This said, I love the smell of the orange oils, like Bend Over oil and the pink oils, such as Love Drops oil, smell really nice as well. I also love the retro or vintage imagery on the labels.


"Is it okay to add more oil to 7 Sisters or Indio oils? I'm almost out of oils and I don't have money to order anymore. Can I add vegetable oil to the bottles? They are about half way or slightly more empty"


Yes. Those oils are mineral oil based so if you have mineral oil around the house then use that. If not, use whatever you have. Just make sure to pray over the bottles. And if you are completely out of oils just pray over your bottle of vegetable oil and use that. I prefer olive oil but you can work with what you have available.


"I hate throwing away my empty oil bottles. Is there a way I can reuse them?"


Yes. The square bottles, unless they are the ounce or larger, are too difficult to reuse as you need solvent to be able to clean them. However, the Anna Riva bottles are easy enough to clean. You can clean them and save them and reuse them as bottles for oils you create yourself or you can use them in other ways. They are really handy as containers to use when you have to sneakily deploy liquids or powders on an enemy. You can also add items to them and bury them. They are good sizes to use to place in the 4 corners of your home. The other larger bottles that oil makers use, such as Boston rounds of various sizes and colors, should definitely be cleaned and saved.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Herb Trivia

What is sold as "celery seed" is actually lovage seed.

Coriander is the seed of the Cilantro plant.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

David Bowie Was A Semi-Secret Occultist

In a 1997 interview Bowie admitted his interest in occult magic. He didn't like Crowley but he was fascinated with Arthur Edward Waite and Dione Fortune.

Note the 1976 picture of him drawing the Kabbalah tree of life on the floor.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How To Win The 1.5 Billion Powerbal Jackpot As Well As Manifest Wealth

This is great advice for those wishing to win money in gambling. You can do as much conjure work as you want to win the jackpot in the lottery or to win large sums of money but as long as you are subconsciously operating under the belief that money is evil or with preconceived notions of how you are going to get your money, then you will most likely fail. You would be creating a "tug-o-war" scenario in which you possess contrary desires. Also, the more specific you are the longer it usually takes for it to manifest. It is absolutely true that if you hold to the belief that manifesting money, even winning the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot in the Powerball, is going to be hard then it will be hard for you. Likewise, if you continue to perform negative self talk that you will never win then you will in fact never win. If you pay attention to your life you will see that you very quickly manifest that which seems trivial or unimportant to you. That's because you have nothing in the recesses of your mind that acts as an obstacle toward preventing the manifestation thereof. So, if you can free your mind and reach the point where your fully belief that money is good, that you deserve money, and that money will freely and easily flow to you then that's what will manifest. You will then manifest money, even the jackpot in the lottery, as easily and quickly as if you were manifesting some trivial thing. And I'm not just talking out of my butt here. I routinely win jackpots at the casino. Just last night I won a $1700 jackpot and the time before I won a $5,000 jackpot. So trust me when I tell you this information. I'm not doing anything that you can't achieve as well. If you would like additional help, hire me for conjure work of if you want to do it yourself, conjure coaching.

Abraham Hicks - Lottery Method

The Law Of Attraction With Mega Millions Lottery Winner Bunky Bartlett

Here's another interview with Wiccan jackpot winner, Bunky Bartlett.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to Win the Lottery - Wiccan Lottery Winner Bunky Bartlett

This is an interview featuring Bunky Bartlett. If you watched the TLC show, The Lottery Changed My Life, you may remember him. Bunky is a Wiccan and he achieved his 15 minutes of fame by winning an 82 million jackpot in the lottery. In this interview Bunky also answers questions from listeners.

I completely agree with Bunky. I feel that too many magical practitioners try to win by attempting to discern the winning numbers. Magic(k) is going to work the easiest way possible and the easiest way possible is that you are in the right place at the right time to purchase a computer-generated number combo. That's just my personal opinion, take it or leave it as you seem fit.

I will say this. What Bunky says in this interview is different from what he said on the show, The Lottery Changed My Life. On the show he doesn't talk about doing any spell work, only that he did a tarot reading and saw the potential for a lottery win and so decided to play.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Did You Catch Powerball Fever?

What would you do with 800 million?

A few years back I blogged on how changes to the Powerball system would one day produce jackpots worth a billion or more. Looks like we are right on track! If nobody wins tonight's drawing then Wednesday's drawing will surpass a billion dollars. That is shockingly absurd!

Now, I don't mean to be a party pooper but I need to stress that there's no need to to crazy and spend hundreds of dollars on tickets. I know this because I used to be like that. I once spent $300 on tickets several years ago. I won $168, so I lost about half of my investment. Buying large amounts like that will not increase your chances of winning. You would have to spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to drastically increase the odds in your favor. However, I do recommend people at least buy one ticket. Let's face it folks, most of us throw away a few dollars here and there, if not everyday. A three dollar investment is not going to bankrupt you. So at least try to buy one ticket for tonight's drawing. That way you at least have a chance! Remember, you can only win the jackpot with one ticket!

As far as tips go, I've posted several in the past. If you play your lucky numbers then make sure you play them each drawing. There are too many sad stories of that one time a person didn't play and that was when their numbers hit. Keep your tickets someplace safe and check the tickets yourself instead of relying on a store clerk to check them for you. Believe it or not, there are cases where dishonest store clerks have lied to winners and either claimed they didn't win and pocketed the money themselves or claimed the person only won a smaller amount while they kept the difference.

As far as conjure work goes, I'm of the theory that most magical practitioners go about work or spells to win the lottery in the wrong way. I don't believe the method is to try to discern the winning numbers. I feel the way is to try to draw or manifest whatever combination you prefer. I would recommend lodestones and magnets for this. Green candles as well. Any combination of money drawing herbs will suffice. You can also go about it the way that Cynthia Strafford did. She took out a piece of paper and wrote down a random number that she wanted to win, which was 112 million. She meditated on it and when she felt "right" or that she didn't need to mediate anymore, she placed it under her pillow. When the jackpot reached 112 million she had her father go out and buy 2 tickets. She won. Please keep in mind that there are millions of people all putting their desire to win the lottery out into the Universe so there's going to be stiff competition, spiritually and energetic-wise.

Also, keep in mind that it's far more common for a person to have a premonition they will will the jackpot rather than to actively manifest it. One of my favorite of such examples was a young man featured on the TLC show, "Lottery Changed My Life". He was a convenience store cashier. One night he had a dream that he won the jackpot. The next day at work he bought a ticket and then later that day he went around telling his friends and family that he was going to win the jackpot. Of course they laughed him off. But he was right. He won.

So bust out your rabbit's feet and four leaf clovers. Feed your gambling hands and rush out and get you at least one ticket for tonight's drawing. Get excited. Dream a little! And if you win, feel free to send me a donation! :)

***UPDATED***....The jackpot has now climbed to 900 million!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Q & A - January 7, 2016

It seems everyday I wake up and discover multiple emails from people asking questions. I'm sure they mean well but the questions asked are usually the same ones, or it's something that I've already blogged on, sometimes even multiple times.

So I decided I'm going back to just answer select questions in blog entries. From here on out I will no longer be replying personally to any one who sends me an email asking questions. If the question strikes me as a good question then I will blog on it.

Today's question is:

"Can I have a statue of St. Martha and keep an alter to her? I'm a gay male."


Yes. However, please keep in mind that St. Martha is geared toward siding with and helping women. As a gay male you may or may not identify with women or even what you perceive St. Martha to be like. However, the truth is that you are still male.

St. Martha's primary role is to dominate men, bring them back when they stray, and whip them into shape so they can act the typical role that a husband is supposed to play. *HOWEVER*, and this is important to remember, St. Martha will gladly dominate a woman if she is not performing her typical role as a wife, especially mother. If a woman is stepping out on her man, is a dead beat, a terrible mother, is out drinking and whoring it up while the husband is forced to care for the kids then he can call upon St. Martha to dominate her and whip her into shape so that she can be the kind of mother that her children need. Even Hyatt recorded stuff like this in his material.

You see, St. Martha very much believes in traditional family roles. A husband/father is supposed to behave in a certain fashion and a wife/mother as well. She can be petitioned when people cross the line. Since traditionally there is a larger problem with good-for-nothing men, St. Martha has thus become more widely known in helping women. She will make sure he is treating his wife and kids good, that he comes back, that he gives up the money for the family, etc.

Now, St. Martha can also be petitioned to dominate one's boss regardless of one's gender. This falls into the same line that as the husband is supposed to be the head of the family the boss is supposed to be the head of the company. If the boss is bad, treats employees poorly, etc., then she can be called upon to whip him/her back into shape. St. Martha is also the patron of servants so this is easily transferred to employees in today's world. So yes, you can have her statue and keep an altar but do take the time to get to know her.

I would recommend you develop a relationship with her before you decide to purchase a statue or set up an altar. I see this all the time with newbies. They all rush out and buy all kinds of stuff. The problem is that people don't have real teachers anymore and they just read stuff online and then rush out and buy all this stuff. In reality, when you work with a spirit or saint you make the purchasing of a statue or the setting up of an altar be one of the promises you make to the saint or spirit in exchange for helping you. So for St. Martha, you could promise her that you will buy her statue if she makes your boss treat you better and pay you a decent wage, for example. Or a woman may promise to set up an altar to St. Martha if she brings her man back. That's how you go about it "correctly" vs. rushing out and buying all kinds of stuff.

How Much Is Your Relationship Worth?

It never amazes me just how many cheap skates out there think they can have the world delivered to them on a silver platter, and for as close to free as possible.

The following is an actual conversation I recently had with a gentleman who inquired of my services.

Gentleman: My situation is a bit complex but in a nutshell I need to have my ex returned to me and to have her forget about something I did that was the cause of all this mess. How much would you charge for something like that?

Me: My prices start out at $300 for regular strength or $500 for extra strength (worked longer and using more ingredients). However, keep in mind that if you want work to help her forget your past transgression then that would be extra.

Gentleman: Are you shitting me? Who the fuck would pay that much? 

Me: I assure you that my prices are pretty reasonable. 

Gentleman: That's fucking bullshit, dude! $50 or even $75 at the most but I ain't gonna pay that shit. You must mistook me for a fool.

Me: So what you are saying is that the woman you claim to love is only worth at most $75? 

He replied by cussing me out.

So there you go, folks! Be careful when you bitch about prices. You need to realize just what type of message you are actually communicating.

I don't know if the problem is that people think workers are like Harry Potter and that we just wave a wand or say a Latin phrase or what not. Or maybe it's the "candle workers" that have fooled people into thinking that all a "spell" entails is to light a 7 day glass candle. I don't know. But I would rather not even waste my time on these people.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Obeah Exhibit In Jamaica

This is an interesting video. Many people confuse Obeah as being a religion, but in reality it is a system of folk magic, like hoodoo. In some countries practitioners may blend it with Orisha worship but Obeah itself is folk magic.