Thursday, January 7, 2016

How Much Is Your Relationship Worth?

It never amazes me just how many cheap skates out there think they can have the world delivered to them on a silver platter, and for as close to free as possible.

The following is an actual conversation I recently had with a gentleman who inquired of my services.

Gentleman: My situation is a bit complex but in a nutshell I need to have my ex returned to me and to have her forget about something I did that was the cause of all this mess. How much would you charge for something like that?

Me: My prices start out at $300 for regular strength or $500 for extra strength (worked longer and using more ingredients). However, keep in mind that if you want work to help her forget your past transgression then that would be extra.

Gentleman: Are you shitting me? Who the fuck would pay that much? 

Me: I assure you that my prices are pretty reasonable. 

Gentleman: That's fucking bullshit, dude! $50 or even $75 at the most but I ain't gonna pay that shit. You must mistook me for a fool.

Me: So what you are saying is that the woman you claim to love is only worth at most $75? 

He replied by cussing me out.

So there you go, folks! Be careful when you bitch about prices. You need to realize just what type of message you are actually communicating.

I don't know if the problem is that people think workers are like Harry Potter and that we just wave a wand or say a Latin phrase or what not. Or maybe it's the "candle workers" that have fooled people into thinking that all a "spell" entails is to light a 7 day glass candle. I don't know. But I would rather not even waste my time on these people.

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