Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to Win the Lottery - Wiccan Lottery Winner Bunky Bartlett

This is an interview featuring Bunky Bartlett. If you watched the TLC show, The Lottery Changed My Life, you may remember him. Bunky is a Wiccan and he achieved his 15 minutes of fame by winning an 82 million jackpot in the lottery. In this interview Bunky also answers questions from listeners.

I completely agree with Bunky. I feel that too many magical practitioners try to win by attempting to discern the winning numbers. Magic(k) is going to work the easiest way possible and the easiest way possible is that you are in the right place at the right time to purchase a computer-generated number combo. That's just my personal opinion, take it or leave it as you seem fit.

I will say this. What Bunky says in this interview is different from what he said on the show, The Lottery Changed My Life. On the show he doesn't talk about doing any spell work, only that he did a tarot reading and saw the potential for a lottery win and so decided to play.

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