Thursday, January 7, 2016

Q & A - January 7, 2016

It seems everyday I wake up and discover multiple emails from people asking questions. I'm sure they mean well but the questions asked are usually the same ones, or it's something that I've already blogged on, sometimes even multiple times.

So I decided I'm going back to just answer select questions in blog entries. From here on out I will no longer be replying personally to any one who sends me an email asking questions. If the question strikes me as a good question then I will blog on it.

Today's question is:

"Can I have a statue of St. Martha and keep an alter to her? I'm a gay male."


Yes. However, please keep in mind that St. Martha is geared toward siding with and helping women. As a gay male you may or may not identify with women or even what you perceive St. Martha to be like. However, the truth is that you are still male.

St. Martha's primary role is to dominate men, bring them back when they stray, and whip them into shape so they can act the typical role that a husband is supposed to play. *HOWEVER*, and this is important to remember, St. Martha will gladly dominate a woman if she is not performing her typical role as a wife, especially mother. If a woman is stepping out on her man, is a dead beat, a terrible mother, is out drinking and whoring it up while the husband is forced to care for the kids then he can call upon St. Martha to dominate her and whip her into shape so that she can be the kind of mother that her children need. Even Hyatt recorded stuff like this in his material.

You see, St. Martha very much believes in traditional family roles. A husband/father is supposed to behave in a certain fashion and a wife/mother as well. She can be petitioned when people cross the line. Since traditionally there is a larger problem with good-for-nothing men, St. Martha has thus become more widely known in helping women. She will make sure he is treating his wife and kids good, that he comes back, that he gives up the money for the family, etc.

Now, St. Martha can also be petitioned to dominate one's boss regardless of one's gender. This falls into the same line that as the husband is supposed to be the head of the family the boss is supposed to be the head of the company. If the boss is bad, treats employees poorly, etc., then she can be called upon to whip him/her back into shape. St. Martha is also the patron of servants so this is easily transferred to employees in today's world. So yes, you can have her statue and keep an altar but do take the time to get to know her.

I would recommend you develop a relationship with her before you decide to purchase a statue or set up an altar. I see this all the time with newbies. They all rush out and buy all kinds of stuff. The problem is that people don't have real teachers anymore and they just read stuff online and then rush out and buy all this stuff. In reality, when you work with a spirit or saint you make the purchasing of a statue or the setting up of an altar be one of the promises you make to the saint or spirit in exchange for helping you. So for St. Martha, you could promise her that you will buy her statue if she makes your boss treat you better and pay you a decent wage, for example. Or a woman may promise to set up an altar to St. Martha if she brings her man back. That's how you go about it "correctly" vs. rushing out and buying all kinds of stuff.

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