Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Last Hoodoo Drugstore In Texas

I recently posted a blog entry where I address the question if what is called "urban hoodoo" is fake or not. In that blog entry I briefly touched on the history of hoodoo drugstores. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon this article about the last hoodoo drugstore in Texas. Like all hoodoo drugstores, Stanley Drug Company began as a traditional pharmacy which began to devote a shelf or two to hoodoo spiritual products. With time the owners realized that the spiritual supplies were out-selling the health products and so the decision was made to devote the business fully to the sale of spiritual products.

I would really like to see hoodoo drugstores and candle shops make a come back. I'm not talking about Lucky Mojo or the websites or businesses of the devotees of Cat Yronwode. Those places haven't captured the feel of the real hoodoo drugstores of days past. Instead, they more closely resemble the Wiccan/Metaphysical shops that cater to multiculturalism. For those who have never been to a hoodoo drugstore, Miller's Rexall is a prime example. In the video below you can see the interior of their shop which closely resembles the look of most hoodoo drugstores of the past.

I would definitely love to open my own hoodoo drugstore or candle shop in the fashion of the ones from yesteryear. Unfortunately it will probably have to wait until I reach retirement age.

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