Sunday, January 31, 2016

Update On My Hoodoo Experiment

In a previous blog entry I posted on how I was experimenting with combining my recipe for Glow of Attraction oil and Irresistible oil, to extremely wild results. You can read that blog entry at the link below.

Well, I tried it for the second time.

Last night my best friend and I went out. We only went to the gay bar this time. I again dabbed some of the oil on before going. I had two guys approach me and tell me that I was cute. I had another guy tell me I had pretty eyes. This time nobody offered to buy me a drink so I ended up paying for drinks for my friend and I. While at the bar the bartender started to talk to me and asked me where I was from and if I came in regularly. I answered I was local and that I don't come every weekend but I come frequently with my friends. He then said, "You know you are a very beautiful man." I was taken back. My friend started laughing because she said the look on my face betrayed that I was taken back and she was right. I wasn't expecting it. When I came back to order round two the bartender kept calling me babe and introduced himself and shook my hand. I thought it was cute when I asked for two jack and cokes that he responded with, "anything for you beautiful" and gave me a wink. Finally, while talking to a couple we met there this woman comes out of the blue and grabs my ass and kisses me on the cheek. She then leans in and bites my earlobe and whispers, "just have to check the goods before I pass you on to my friend". I was like, "Uh, say again?" She then said her friend thought I was hot and that he wanted to get to know me. So she leaves and then he approaches me but within the first five minutes of us talking it was clear he was a big weirdo and had psychological issues. So I quickly made my exit.

So that was the extent of my experiences with round two of using the oil. This pretty much confirms to me that it works because I've never got this much attention before. However, keep in mind that I did just lose a drastic amount of weight so that may have factored into things. Before I've always viewed myself as like a 6 out of 10 on a scale of attractiveness but my friend says I'm an 8 and that after I reach my goal weight (I have 43 more lbs to go) and have plastics that I would be a 9. I think she's delusional but it was nice to hear it. I did confide in her that when I look into the mirror that I still see myself as just as fat as I was before but she says that it's obviously not true and that I will need time before my mind adjusts to the weight loss. She then said the best thing she has ever told me. She said she didn't want to tell me before because she didn't want me to get a big head. She said that my face has always been beautiful, like male-model type and that if I just get my body into gear that I'll have the whole package. I told her that that was the first compliment she ever gave me on my looks directly as before she would only comment if she liked or disliked clothing I was wearing.

So it's time to retire the oil. Maybe if I ever write a book I will include the recipe so others can try it out. As for now, when I go out I really just want to have fun and good times with friends and to meet new friends.


  1. Is it the same bar that you went before or another bar?

    -Danny Chen

    1. Oh. ok, but Lol this "Hoodoo Conjure Experiment" worked "too well" Lol.