Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day And Q&A - February 14, 2016

So today is Valentine's Day, the day celebrating romantic love. I always loved this holiday. As a kid I would marvel and look at awe at all the pretty foil heart and lace decorations as well as the vintage cupid ones. I really enjoyed the sweets. Chocolate is always great for today but let's not overlook all the fantastic cookies and cupcakes! lol (I'm not supposed to have any after my surgery but I'm hoping that my reader get their fill for me!)

I also found out that I have a secret admirer. I received a box in the mail yesterday with no name or return address. Inside was pretty red and pink tissue paper with red, pink and white heart confetti covering a heart-shaped box of chocolates, some Valentine's peeps candy, and a bag of organic chocolate peanut butter cups. It made my day. So, secret admirer, whoever you are, thank you! I had one of each and gave the rest away to friends and family. I guess my secret admirer wasn't aware of my surgery but it's the thought that counts and it was truly a nice gift. 

Now, on to Q&A.


"Can you make a straight man gay?"


No. However, you can seduce and have sex with a straight man. If you play your cards right you can have a sexual relationship with that man that may last for some time.

Q: (Same person) 

"If you can get a straight man to have sex with you then why can't you turn him gay?


You can get a straight man to have sex with you because there is no such thing as 100% straight or 100% gay. Sexuality is a spectrum. The majority of people fall somewhere in the "bi" category, even if they are just bi-curious. And that's whether or not they decide to act on it. You see, a lot of men find certain, key word certain, other men attractive. They may chose not to act on their attraction and may think that by denying their attraction or choosing not to act on it that this means they remain straight. However, as long as that attraction is there then you can seduce them. I don't know about women, but for men, I've read that about 40% of men admit in anonymous sexuality surveys that they've experimented with other guys, usually as teens or in college. Most of these men will go on to identify as straight. Many of them who enjoyed their same-sex experimentation may continue to do so. Then there are those who are curious and who never experimented in the past but still have that desire to. All you need to do is be able to identify the body language of attraction. If you can sense that this straight man is attracted to you then he probably is. Where there's attraction there's the potential for sexual expression. Since conjure work can and is used to bring about sexual expression between folks, then it can be used in this situation. The current trend among young people is label themselves as "mostly straight" or "mostly gay". I actually met a young man not too long ago that identified as "mostly gay". He said he usually prefers men but every now and then will meet a woman that he falls hard for. So go figure. 


"I need your help with this situation. If a woman curses an evil woman and then that woman curses her back and then later dies, can the curse be removed? The woman knows the evil woman cursed her because her spirit came to her in a dream."


The traditional belief is that once a person who did the curse/jinx/crossing/hex/magical attack, whatever, is dead then either the curse can't be removed or it is extremely difficult to remove. I've encountered such scenarios with clients in the past. It's a very difficult, time-consuming and power-draining situation that usually required multiple efforts made and can be quite costly. In fact, most people who are involved in such situations really don't want to pay what is required to have it removed. They don't understand the seriousness of the situation and think that paying $30 for a candle will solve the matter or even worse, think that they have the power to take care of it themselves. Unfortunately, most of these people spend the rest of their lives being cursed. 

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