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Q & A - February 4, 2016


"Does Pre-World War 1 Hoodoo still do animal sacrifices or not? Just curious, because you said, "it evolves out of Plantation Hoodoo".


Plantation hoodoo is long extinct. There are a few individuals online who claim to practice "plantation hoodoo" but in reality these individuals are initiated into various African Traditional Religions and are merely pulling info and practices from such and then claiming that they are practicing "plantation hoodoo".

Animal sacrifice has always been a part of hoodoo from the very beginning unto today. There are four types of animal sacrifice. The four types are:

1. Animals which are sacrifice to feed a deity or spirit. The deity or spirit feeds off of the blood or life force of the animal.

2. Animals which are sacrificed in order to take off evil or sickness from a person.

3. Animals which are sacrificed in order to obtain parts of their body to be used as ingredients in spells or workings. These animals may or may not be tortured before being killed.

4. Animals which are tortured and killed as part of enemy work or actual witchcraft.

Numbers 2-4 have always been part of hoodoo. Today, we frown on the torture and killing of animals for spells but traditionally this is a part of hoodoo. Reference:

Dove's blood ink
Bat's blood ink
Bat's heart for gambling and love
Frogs and/or frog bones for gambling work and drawing back a lover
Boiling a black cat to obtain it's magic bone for invisibility, gambling luck and to return a lover
Killing, parching and powdering insects, snakes and lizards to use to put "live things" in people
Killing snails, insects, lizards and reptiles for use in powders, such as "goofer dust"
Killing, using or even ingesting ants in various workings
Killing and using various organs of animals for cures or workings (Hyatt recorded spells using fish, eels, dogs, etc.)

You may remember a few years back where Dr. Kioni tortured and burned alive a rooster as part of an enemy work for a client. The entire online hoodoo community came together, at the instigation of Cat Yronwode, even though what he did is actually something that would have happened all the time in the past. Does that mean I support animal torture and sacrifice? No, it does not. I will not harm an animal. I have a pact with little creatures, especially biting and stinging ones. I will not harm them and they will not harm me. To date I have never been stung by a wasp or bee, have never been bit by a spider, have never been stung by a scorpion, never been bitten by a snake, etc., and in return I do not harm them. The only animals I kill are those animals that attack me first, such as mosquitoes. I will even go as far as giving three warnings to roaches and mice before I lay out traps. I will talk to them three times and tell them that on such-and-such day I will set out traps (or spraying with regards to roaches) and that if they do not want to get caught and die in a trap that they must immediately take up their offspring and leave. Therefore, those that remain and end up trapped and die do so by their own fault/choosing. Otherwise, if other creatures find their way into my home I scoop them up and take them back outside, unharmed. Now, I will use the parts of already deceased animals and insects in my works. If I didn't kill the animal or instigate it's death then no-harm, no-foul.


"Do you think it's common for a conjure worker to have a "conjure ring"? Or wearing a "conjure ring" isn't as common for a conjure worker in real life?"


The wearing of magical rings, especially ones with seals, is primarily found among European and Judeo-Christian ceremonial magic practitioners. The only example that I know of a conjure man wearing a specific magic ring is The Black Constable, a.k.a. John Domingo. He possessed a silver ring in the form of a serpent with ruby eyes that he claimed was made in the Congo. It was said the ring gave him the power to command the spirits. Just an FYI, the Black Constable's ring disappeared upon his death and may in fact still be out there somewhere.

Other than this case, the wearing of amulets and talismans is not unheard of among practitioners. Also keep in mind that many practitioners wear ordinary jewelry, usually silver or gold, which they believe offers them protection. Sometimes ordinary jewelry is enchanted and worn for a specific purpose. The use of various magical stones may also be worn in jewelry as well

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  1. Yup, i remembered the "Hoodoo Sacrifice" that divides the Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure community on the internet a couple of years back, also the media was "involved" in this.

    -Danny Chen