Monday, February 15, 2016

Unsure Of Who To Vote For?

First of all, I need to apologize as this will be a political blog entry. Politics and conjure work don't exactly mix well but we are currently in a unique position to truly make a difference in the next presidency. Well, let me be more specific, blunt even. We will either with our votes pave the way for a future that will lead to true greatness for our country or we will sink deeper into corporate slavery. That's most of what I will say on the matter. I will let the following videos speak for themselves and then end with some comments below.

All you need to know is that Bernie Sanders supports and will bring us the following if elected:

1. Increase of minimum wage to $15 a hour.

2. Guaranteed equal pay for women. (Probably pass a law making it a federal crime for women to be paid less than men for doing the same job.)

3. Nation-wide police reform.

4. Universal Health Care (I've been vocal about this for years. Free health care should be viewed as a natural right. Obamacare is a bait-and-switch as it still upholds corporate interests and still requires payment as well as punishes those who can't afford it.) The way this works will be similar to what is currently in existence in most other nations, where there is free health care for citizens. There will be waiting lists for non-emergency procedures. However, everyone will still maintain the right to pay for their own health care insurance plans if they so chose.) Hillary Clinton currently opposes this. I write currently because she flip-flops on issues and says whatever she thinks the public wants to hear. Just like with her stance on gay marriage. For years she opposed it and only supported it when it was clear that the political wind was blowing in that direction.

5. Free public college (No more potential will be lost due to the inability to afford college. Every citizen will have the opportunity to attend free public college. At the same time, everyone will retain their right to pay for private colleges if they so chose.)

The future is in our hands. One way or the other we will get the nation we deserve. Let's chose real change and make this nation great. Don't we deserve far better? Vote Bernie Sanders 2016.

Just an FYI: Unlike Hillary, Bernie doesn't accept huge corporate donations for his campaign. His campaign is funded by everyday people. His average donation is $33.


  1. Great post. The USA will never be free. Bernies sound like the dozens of campaign promises that Obama made, broke, and did the complete opposite. Bernies votes hurt people of color the most, and overseas with his votes for military funding, occupation, and straight up genocide. I'm not for democrats nor republicans. The same families own both sides and have already chosen the next president. Sadly America could be given an illusion of freedom and opportunity, but it will never be a world power like the way it was and will never have true freedom unless we have a real revolution.

  2. @ Wes,

    Please don't be offended by my words but you couldn't be more wrong about Bernie. Bernie voted against the Iraq war, against the Patriot Act, stood up for gay rights as far as the 80s, and was involved in the civil rights movement in the 60s. Your comment about him hurting people of color was truly ignorant. Bernie was the chapter President of the Congress for Racial Equality at the University of Chicago and in 1963 he was arrested for taking part in civil rights activism. Bernie's entire career has been consistent. We are talking about a man who has not changed his convictions and fight for equality and justice in over 40 years. I'm quite frankly shocked that you are so horribly ignorant on this wonderful man.

  3. This is an interesting blog Doc. I gotta say, "free public college", sounds interesting, and "free health care" even more interesting, besides these 2 are everybody's true dream if I may say so myself. Oh, and BTW, I have a question:

    Can some spiritual conjure worker like you use conjure work in politics? I'm just asking because I heard how people who practice "magic" or rather more specific such as "political magic" in the social media's such as (social media's website)there are some who claimed to used "magic" to make any political party gain the upper hand by "magically" swaying the odds to their side. So can conjure work be used in this way?

    Much thanks,

    Danny Chen