Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reading Insects And Bugs In Candle Burning Omens

If you burn a lot of candles, especially glass enclosed vigil candles, the you will eventually have a scenario where you will discover that bugs and insects have found their way into the wax or glass. Below is mixture of what I have been taught with regard to reading these as omens and what Spirit or instinct has revealed to me.

-If you notice small gnats, mosquitoes or very tiny bugs then you can easily ignore them as they are inconsequential. Only if there is a great deal of them should you try to read them. If you do have a scenario where there are large numbers of gnats or very tiny insects in your wax or glass then it means you have a lot of enemies that are trying to work against you but they are weak and inconsequential. So no further work against them is needed. They will not prevail against you. 

-If the bug or insect is dead and is in the wax and not on the glass then you have an enemy that has tried attacking you but has failed. You are too strong for them to hurt. No further work against them is needed but do keep an eye out just in case they may try to attack you in the future.

-If the bug or insect is dead and is stuck to the side of the glass then you have an enemy that has tried attacking you. The enemy can't hurt you but is just strong enough to have caused obstacles in the way of preventing you from obtaining your desires or at least slowing you down. You can do further work to remove their influence. 

-If the bug or insect is black, such as a black beetle, then it is witchcraft or an actual witch in insect form. This is a powerful attack and you should do an uncrossing or reversing, followed by protection work. 

-If a "friendly" insect or bug, such as a lady bug for example, ends up in your wax or candle then it may mean that someone with good intentions may accidentally mess up your plans or prevent you from obtaining your desire. If you are doing enemy work and a friendly bug or insect gets caught in the wax or glass then it symbolizes "collateral damage", meaning that an innocent bystander is going to get hurt in the process. If the friendly bug or insect is just sitting on your work then it means you have friends or good people and/or spirits helping you. 

-Flying insects can symbolize spirits, good or evil. Usually they will be butterflies or moths. Butterflies symbolize good spirits and moths symbolize negative spirits. If a butterfly lands on your work then it is "blessing" it. Expect good things. Likewise if a moth lands on your work then it is trying to cross it up, interfere with it or even reverse it. Butterflies rarely get caught inside a home so unfortunately it's usually moths that find their way in. 

-Stinging insects, such as wasps, are incredibly dangerous omens. This represents an enemy that is powerful enough to cause you significant damage and injury. Please show extreme caution and make sure to do an uncrossing and some very powerful protection work. If the wasp is dead then you or your spirits have defeated the enemy but if it's alive then you better watch out. 

-Spiders represent an enemy that is trying to capture and bind you or even destroy your work. If you are a man then a spider may symbolize a female trying to dominate and control you. This is especially true if you are doing love work on a woman. If a spider gets into the wax or glass it may represent an outside female that is interfering because she is trying to make you submit to her alone. From my experience as a worker, if I'm doing love work for a male client and I notice a spider then I immediately do an uncrossing and start the work over as I've noticed that this usually represents and outside woman has killed the work. This is true even if the spider is dead. If you are female then a spider may represent a female rival that has her eyes on your man or it may represent a female enemy. In some situations it can represent a man, especially one that is trying to capture and trap a woman. These are the type of men that want to control every aspect of a woman's life and give her no personal freedom. Be cautious. 

-Roaches symbolize nasty, negative people and hidden enemies. Just like that saying, "For every one roach you see there are countless more that you don't see", be assured that you have multiple enemies working against you. If you find a roach in your work then the work is ruined and you will have to start again. 

-Stink Bugs symbolize jealousy and "the evil eye", a.k.a. "stink eye". If you notice a stink bug in your work then you should take it as a sign that you are the victim of the evil eye and need to remedy it. 

-Flies and maggots represent negative spirits. They can be free agents who have decided to work against you or they can be sent by other practitioners. Your work is spoiled and you need to start again if you notice flies in your work. It's really bad if you notice maggots. Cleanse your whole damn house if you notice maggots in your work. There are only a couple of specific situations where flies and maggots are positive omens. If flies or maggots get into your uncrossing or "cut and clear" work then it's a good sign as they are consuming the "dead" parts, i.e. the negativity and person or things that need to be removed from your life. 

-Crickets symbolize family members. They may or may not be interfering or trying to stop your work but may just get in the way. They may represent a noisy relative that is trying to spy on you. If the cricket is able to "sing" then it's represents someone gossiping about you and spreading your business. It may also mean the target will find out you are working on them. 

-Ants symbolize the removing of something, be it positive or negative. If you are doing money work and notice ants in your work then it mean that whatever gain you make from the work will be taken from you. However, if you are doing banishing work or even uncrossing work then it's a positive sign as the person or negativity is being removed. Ants can also act as messengers and transport your desires or prayers to where they need to go. So if you are doing work to try to find a person or make a person contact you then it would be a good sign as the ants would be your allies and helpers in the matter. 

-If any bug or insect has ended up extinguishing your candle flame, despite whether or not the bug or insect died in the process, then your work is ruined and you will have to start over. 

-If a bug or insect is still alive but trapped in your work then it means a magical stalemate has occurred. You and your enemy are equally matched and it's going to be a difficult case to overcome them. If you are patient and persevere you may defeat them. Show creativity to overcome them. 

WARNING!: The following information is the traditional, old-school method of dealing with living bugs and insects that you discover in your work. This is not for the lady-hearted. 

If you find a living insect or bug in your candle or work and you correctly determine it represents and enemy you can defeat the enemy by killing the bug. Just smash it right then and there. This is especially done when a black bug or insect that represents a witch or witchcraft is found. The teacher who told me to kill these bugs or insects also told me to use my bare hands and to just crush them right then and there while cussing or cursing out the enemy. If you are lady- hearted then I assume you can capture them and just take them someplace away from your house and release them if you want. Don't just throw them outside as they can find their way back in to your home. So if you take them someplace further away then they will get lost and won't be able to find their way back. 


  1. I found a little spider in a not lit candle i was working for my boyfriend for court case i turned out off because we weren't home.when i went to turn it on i found it inside si i burned it to death i knew the person against my boyfriend in court is doing some form of work

  2. Hi so for the second time my candle is black from the top only but this tiny bug that flies kind of looks like minature dragon flies keep showing up dead on the candle on the vase inside the candle and in the water with oils in it but they are dead why is that?

  3. This is an excellent blog! Thank you for this post, I've been looking for this type of information for a long time. Blessed be.