Friday, April 15, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why I Turn Down Certain Clients For Work To Draw Back A Lover

5. The would-be client is mentally ill.

Unfortunately, from time to time I get a person who fabricates a past relationship with a person. I always feel bad for these people because fabricating a past relationship is usually a sign of mental illness. I can usually tell that a person is lying to me because they can't answer certain questions or don't know information about the other person that they should know if they had actually been in a relationship with them. For example, if a would be client doesn't know the person's full name, their birth date, where they live, etc., then it's not a good sign. It is very common for these people to claim a past relationship with a celebrity, either widely known or of the local variety.

4. The would-be client lives in a fantasy world.

Fantasy-prone individuals are usually the first to ask for 100% perfection and make impossible demands. They tend to have a long laundry list of demands of what they want, none of which tend to be feasible in reality. I will do my best to sway them into more realistic expectations but if they can't budge then I can't take them on as clients.

3. The would-be client misunderstood the nature of the relationship.

It is very common for some people to misunderstand a "booty call" for being a full blown relationship. Even cases of "friends with benefits" tend to be misconstrued by certain people. Usually the other person is honest with what is going on but the would-be client wants more. That's okay. We can always do work to build this into a full blown relationship. However, these cases can be difficult. Many of these would-be clients are simply not willing to invest the money or time and energy into such. If I can get a client to understand that they did not have an actual relationship with said person and that additional work would be needed other than just work to draw them back, then I can take the person on as a client. If not, then I have to turn them down.

2. The would-be client waits too long.

This is a huge problem that I see every week. One or two people a week will email me wanting to reconcile and reunite with a past lover that they have not seen in years. As a rule of thumb, if you have been absent from the person longer than you were together then it is not a good sign for success. It is very common for people to wait until it's literally too late or time is quickly running out. This can be a huge problem if the person does not have the money for conjure work. The clock is ticking and the longer they wait to begin the work the less chance of success they have. Now, there are mitigating circumstances that may give certain cases a better chance at success. Each case will have to be assessed on an individual basis. Keep in mind that if a would-be client waits too long to pay then I might turn down the case. It's common for a would-be client to email me wanting work to draw back a lover and at the time I accept the case. However, some people wait for a very long time to pay, talking months to over a year and I have to inform the person they have waited too long and should just let the person go and move on with their lives.

1. The would-be client reveals signs of being a potential problem client or of not listening to or following directions.

Unfortunately, some would-be clients are hell-bent on making their situations worse and screwing things up. If a client shows signs that they are going to be problematic then it's easier to just turn the case down than put up with their nonsense. You would not believe how many people who claim they want a lover back will openly pick fights with them. I've had cases where the client hadn't contacted the person in years, only to have them call them out of the blue after I did the work. To my horror the client then proceeds to bitch or cuss the person out. It is very common for these problem clients to disregard my advice or do the opposite of what I advise them to do. They then usually try to twist it around as if it's my fault. If I feel that a would-be client is going to be the biggest obstacle in achieving success then it's just easier, and less of a hassle, to just turn the case down. If people can't understand that fighting is counter-productive to the achievement of reconciliation then there's no reaching them. They are just going to do whatever they want to do.

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