Monday, May 23, 2016

Are You Being Strung Along?

We've all had it happen to us. We meet a hottie or someone we are really attracted to. We may even feel like we formed a strong connection with them. All the signs of mutual attraction are there. The body language reveals attraction and interest. You may even sleep together. Everything goes great until things change. All of a sudden the guy or girl acts differently. It's almost as if they have suddenly become a different person. All of a sudden what appeared to be a solid foundation to build a relationship upon now appears more like quicksand. If you can relate to this then chances are you've been strung along before.

As a conjure worker who does a lot of love work I routinely am approached by clients who are being strung along by the person they wish to have a relationship with. Most of them do not appear to know they are being strung along. That's the purpose of me writing this blog entry.

So what exactly am I talking about when I say "strung along"? Another name for it is "leading someone on". Stringing someone along is a deceptive game that players play. In effect they are putting a leash on you and walking you around as their pet, that is until they bore of you and abandon you. There is no true love or feelings there for you. There is no hope of a relationship. It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman, straight or gay, everyone is capable of being either a player or a victim. Let's take a look at some of the classic warning signs that you may be being strung along by some one.

Classic Signs You Are Being Strung Along

1. The person never actively attempts to reach out to you for communication.  If you are always the one who has to text, call or go over to their place to see them then this is a bad sign. If he or she actually liked you they would actively attempt to contact you. This is just a game to them. They have no actual interest in you and thus will not actively attempt to communicate with you.

2. The person only selectively replies to texts or returns phone calls. They are only giving you the bare minimum they feel is needed to keep you hooked on them. Again, if they were truly interested in you they would be actively seeking to communicate with you.

3. The person only wants to make contact when they need something from you. Sorry, but you've been shelved. You are just a toy they take off the shelf when they feel like playing or when they need something from you. You mean nothing to them.

4. The person never wants to have sex with you. The overwhelming majority of people are sexual with only a minority of people being asexual. Therefore, if a person truly was interested in someone there would be a desire for physical intimacy. No desire indicates no true interest.

5. The person only wants to have sex with you on their timetable, when they want to. If you find that this is true it means they are using you and are not interested in your desires. You are just a sex toy to them and as such your desires do not count.

6. The person always tells you what they think you want to hear or always agrees with you. This is especially true at first when they are trying to reel you in. In a true relationship people will have differing thoughts and opinions. You will learn to tolerate each others' views.

7. The person always gives you an excuse when you confront them about their behavior. One of the most common excuses used is "I'm busy with work". Nobody's job takes up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are lying to you. It only takes 2 seconds to answer a text. Remember that.

8. The person feeds you fantasies of futures or goals together but makes no attempt to make them a reality. Pay close attention if the fantasy changes. When they sense you shook off one fantasy they will create a new one for you to believe in.

9. The person avoids any emotions or intimate talk. This is in regards to emotions outside of the fake ones they use to get you hooked on them. It is very common in today's age for these people to only want to text their victims because texting is so impersonal. If they refuse to speak to you on the phone or are hesitant and avoid situations where they are forced to interact with you in a more personal way then it's a sign they are stringing you along. If they truly liked you they would want intimate close contact with you, and more importantly, they would open up to you about their feelings or express them in some manner.

10. If the person doesn't want to be seen with you in public, doesn't want to take you out on a date in public, doesn't want you to meet their friends, etc., then you are being strung along, period! This is a huge warning sign that they do not view you as a potential mate. You are prey to them. You are beneath them and they do not want to be tarnished by being seen together with you in public.

Now that you know some of the classic warning signs let's look at some interesting things about people who constantly string people along.

What You Need To Understand About People Who String People Along

1. They are vampires and parasites that are using you for usually one or more of the following three things; sex, money, or feeding their ego.

2. Most of them have very poor self-esteem and even though their egos are inflated they are also very fragile. They need constant ego-boosting in order to maintain their inflated egos. If they do not get such their egos crash and they become very despondent. These vampires feed by mind fucking their victims and stringing them along.

3. Many to most of them were either fat, unattractive, nerdy, or a dork in the past. Even though they may be a perfect 10 now they still carry with them their former self image and attempt to compensate with their overly inflated egos.

4. They hate you. They despise you. They make fun of you behind your back. They tells lies about you and spread rumors and gossip. They secretly hate you because you are stupid enough to like or love them.

5. Many to most people who habitually string other people along are mentally ill or suffer from a personality disorder, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

6. It is very common for these people to be current or former drug addicts and alcoholics. A criminal background is also possible.

So the big question is, how do we stop them? How can we prevent becoming victims to people who wish to string you along?

How To Prevent Becoming A Victim , Take Your Power Back And Turn The Tables On Them

1. Listen to your gut instinct. If your gut instinct is telling you the person is stringing you along then it most likely is true.

2. Show apathy and disinterest. These people want their prey to constantly give them emotional reactions, either of love, anxiety, obsession or even anger and hatred. The one thing they can not tolerate is apathy. They can't feed off of apathy. So showing apathy toward them is the same as throwing a monkey wrench into their plans for you. Remember, you can easily fake apathy. It doesn't have to be genuine. Even if you are torn up inside and still have feelings for them you must learn how to fake apathy.

3. Take control of the conversation. You can do this by cutting conversations short, not allowing conversations, and then ending conversations when you chose to end them. Remember, these people already are only wanting to contact you on their terms and timing. So if you take control of the communication in this manner it will highly upset them. One classic technique is to interrupt them abruptly wile they are feeding you bull shit. Remember to do it in an apathetic manner, not showing anger or any emotion. Let them talk and then respond, "Sorry, I'm going to have to let you go..", and then hang up the phone without allowing them to respond. Do a similar thing to end the conversation when you want it to end and not when they chose to end it.

4. Turn them down for sex. Even if you do want it. Reject it. Show apathy and disinterest. If you really want to hurt them mock their skills in the bedroom or tell them they are boring in bed.

5. Reject the false fantasies and goals they feed you. You can even mock them. Laugh and tell him/her how stupid and silly such ideas are.

6. Learn to respond with "maybe" instead of a yes or no when they ask you questions or want you to commit to doing some action. Your real answer is no but you want them to feel ambiguity and a little anxiety. This is especially true if the only want you because they need something from you. Give them the run around.

7. Stop contacting them. When you stop contacting them they will pick up on the fact that their prey is trying to make a run for it and will then usually contact you to keep you hooked. You can then implement these techniques on them.

8. If you reach the point where you finally want to sever the "relationship" completely let them know you know they are trying to string you along. Make sure you do it in the correct manner. Never ask them if they are stringing you along because you are giving them your power. I like to tell them that I know they are stringing me along and that I don't mind because I'm bored. It has worked so far for me. Every time I did this I have received no further contact from such people. Once they know that you know the gig is up and they move on.

If you play your cards right it is possible to reverse the table on them to the point where they become obsessed with you and begin to feel all the mind-fuckery and anxiety they invoked in you. It's a very sweet experience to watch them squirm and lose their shit!

Now, I need to let my readers know a couple of things below.

1. A person is not stringing you along if they are honest with you and tell you they only want sex. If you are pushing a relationship then you are stringing yourself along and they are innocent. The same goes if you are willingly giving them money or items or doing things for them because you want to do it. You can't later hold such over their heads and claim to be the victim.

2. I would advise that you not seek to do any love work on these people. You are not going to have a satisfying romantic relationship with them. If you don't cut it off, and even if you temporarily turn the tables on them, eventually it will return to the point where they have full control over you again. You will not change them. You can only teach them a lesson and turn them loose. Remember, these people are horribly damaged goods. You can't fix them.

3. Even though you shouldn't do love work on them you can do enemy work on them or revenge work. Remember, that deep down inside and far beyond their inflated egos, they are very damaged souls. As such they are very easy to destroy or push over the edge, if you know what you are doing.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Natalie's Reading

I recently read for a client named Natalie (fake name for anonymity). Here is what she has to say about her experience.

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No worries Doc! 

Here’s the testimonial:

I came to Doc after weeks of reading and creeping on his website. I liked how empathetic yet straight forward his attitude was towards his work, and decided to get a reading with him covering different areas of my life, including my love life. He was so fast to reply to my messages, and I received my reading the day after i sent him my questions! He was very honest about my situation and told me things that I didn’t exactly want to hear, but am definitely better off knowing, as I can now make better decisions equipped with this knowledge. Doc was very professional with his work and you can deal he takes a great deal of care - I would recommend Doc even just for the good customer service and speedy replies! 

I would love if you could use a fake name to ensure anonymity :) 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Q&A - May 17, 2016 - Gastric Sleeve Edition

So since my last blog entry I've received numerous questions from readers who are interested in learning more about the gastric sleeve surgery and what it all entails. So let me answer some specific questions I have received as well as give some information.


"Can you go over the process of what you went through for the surgery?"


Sure. Let me break it down in a simplified form.

1. I spent a great deal of time researching bariatric surgery to see if it was right for me and which one I should get.

2. Once I decided on the gastric sleeve surgery I tried getting it in my local area. However, since I did not have insurance the self-pay option was going to be around $20,000.00. For a while I contemplated saving it up and figured it would take me about 3 years or so to do it. However, as part of my research I was made aware that the surgery could be performed in Mexico for a fraction of the cost.

3. I researched the surgery in Mexico. I finally decided that going to Mexico would be my best option. I picked a website and surgeon. I began saving the $4,500 needed for the surgery and $800 more to have my gall bladder removed at the same time. I also had to pay for 2 first class flights to San Diego as well.

4. I saved up a total of about $8,000.00, just to be safe. I then booked the surgery and bought my plane tickets.

5. I arrived in San Diego and was met by a driver who then took me across the border. I spent the night at a very nice hotel in Tijuana and the had my surgery the next day.

6. My surgery was done as an out-patient in a clinic. I stayed in the clinic for two days. Day three after surgery I went home.


"Why did you have your gallbladder removed?"


A side-effect of losing a large amount of weight quickly is the development of gallstones. Gallstones are extremely painful. In the past surgeons in the U.S. automatically removed the gall bladder at the time of surgery. Today surgeons usually prescribe medication to prevent the formation of gallstones. Since I didn't want the extra charge of having to pay for a prescription, since the gallbladder is not necessary for survival, and since I had already been diagnosed with gallstones, I decided to just have mine removed at the time of surgery.


"Did you have to go on a special diet before surgery?"


Yes. Most patients have to go on what is called a pre-op diet. A minority of surgeons do not require such. The normal pre-op diet is 2 weeks in length and consists of mostly liquids. It's purpose is to shrink the liver, as most obese people suffer from fatty liver disease, and to produce a safer surgery. During the surgery an enlarged liver can prove problematic and is easily damaged.


"How would you rank the pain of the surgery?"


On as scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, it was about 3. It was a breeze. It just felt like I was punched in the stomach. The most painful part was the removal of the drain but that pain only lasted a few seconds.


"How are you able to get in all of your required liquids and protein amounts?"


Easy. You constantly sip all day. I carried a bottle of water with me everywhere I went and constantly sipped, talking a sip every few minutes. For protein, I drank protein shakes. You need about 60-80 grams of protein a day and 2 protein shakes give you 60 grams as well as also count for your liquid totals as well. Just so you know, eventually you will be able to drink as normal. I can down a whole bottle of water at one time now if I so chose. The sipping is only in effect in the first few months after surgery.


"What is your diet post surgery?"


Immediately after surgery you will be on a week of clear liquids, followed by a week of full liquids, followed by a week of pureed food, followed by a week of soft foods, followed by normal food. When you get to normal food your emphasis should be on protein first and then non-starchy vegetables. It should be very low carbs.


"How much do you eat in one sitting?"


About 2-3 ounces at first. With time you will begin eating more as the inflammation from the surgery goes away. I can eat about a cup of food now. Right after surgery I had saved some plastic pudding cups and washed them and used them for my food as they held pretty much the amount of food I was able to eat. You are able to eat more of food that breaks down easy and less of denser foods.


"What happens if you eat too much?"


You throw up. However, it's not like how you threw up before surgery. Since your stomach is now so small it's more like baby throw up. It is painful though. Yes, I've thrown up numerous times. It takes time to learn when to stop eating. It's been a long time now since I overate so I haven't thrown up in a long time.


"How do you know when to stop eating?"


You begin to feel a restriction in your stomach, your stomach getting full. It's subtle at first and with time you learn to stop there. You can continue past this and you will get a not-so-subtle feeling that is your last warning to stop eating. If you eat past this last signal then you develop pain and throw up.


"How do you distinguish between "head hunger" and "real hunger"?


Head hunger comes from cues to eat from your environment and usually is geared toward a specific item. Real hunger stems from cues within your body and any food can satiate it.


"How often do you eat a day?"


Three times plus an occasional snack. My doctor warned me against the notion that people have that they are supposed to eat multiple times a day as he believed this defeats the purpose of the surgery. Some people even go as far as eating every couple of hours. These people tend to lose considerably less weight in the long run, in my opinion.


"How much can I lose if I got the surgery?"


It's up to you. The surgery is just a tool. If you rely on it alone to do all the work then you are not going to lose the amounts of weight that patients who use it correctly will. The average is 60% of excess weight but this figure includes all those patients who did not use the surgery correctly or who were not dedicated to the program and their goals.


"I heard that most people who get the surgery will eventually regain the weight. Is that true?"


Patients who are not dedicated can cheat the system. For example, if they don't follow the low carb diet and do not focus on protein first then they can gain weight. If they go back to eating junk they will gain weight. Additionally, there are what is called "slider foods", which are foods that break down really fast and do not produce the necessary restriction in the stomach. Examples of slider foods include: chips, crackers, pretzels, popcorn, nuts, ice cream, milkshakes, pudding, and alcohol. If you consume too many slider foods you will gain weight. There is one slider food that is actually good for you, salad. I can eat a ton of salad without feeling restriction. For example, I regularly get salads from Subway and I can now eat the entire bowl in one sitting.


"What do you do about holidays?"


Easy. I allow myself to eat all the holiday foods I desire. However, keep in mind that a holiday is only one day. Problems arise when people confuse the holiday season with the actual holiday. If you are going to eat some candy on Halloween, then only do so on Halloween and not the entire month of October. The same for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the rest of the holidays. I only allow myself to eat ice cream and cake on birthdays. The rest of the year I do not eat sweets.


"How do you handle eating out at restaurants?"


You must come to accept that you are going to waste a lot of food. Most of us were raised to clean our plates but after surgery you simply aren't able to do that anymore. You will get sick to death of left-overs so eventually you will reach the point where you don't give a damn that you are wasting so much food. Your waiter/waitress will think there is something wrong and you will constantly be asked if there is something wrong with the food. It gets tiresome but I just smile and say the food is fantastic. I often go out to eat with my friend who likes to take my left-overs home with her for her or her mom to eat later so that helps as well. If you want you can also ask if you can order stuff on the children's menu but honestly you will get tired of doing that as well.


"Is it true that you can stretch out your new stomach?"


No. The stomach does not regenerate or grow back. The stomach does stretch but when you remove 80% of it there is no way in hell it could ever go back to being what it was before. What does happen is that some patients abuse their bodies and purposefully overeat with time until they reach the point where they can tolerate more food without throwing up. However, this can be reversed by going on what is called a 5 day pouch test which resets the restriction.


"Does the surgery produce malnutrition?"


No. In the gastric sleeve there is no re-routing of the intestines so there is no issue of malnutrition as there is in other types of surgery, such as the gastric bypass. You also don't need special vitamins either and there is no problems with absorbing medication.


"What can be done to prevent excess skin?"


Nothing. You abused your body and stretched your skin out. A deflated balloon can never go back to being what it was before it was blown up. The same with skin. However, there is an answer. It's called plastic surgery.


"What are the major side-effects of the surgery?"


1. Being cold all the time at first. For the first 8 months I was constantly cold. The summer of 2015 I wore sweaters and long sleeves shirts as well as used a personal heater to stay warm. Eventually this will pass.

2. Not being able to sit comfortably for long periods. My ass fell off and is now bony as hell. I can even feel my tailbone when I sit down. So I have no padding.

3. Hair shedding. The stress of losing weight causes your hair to shed. You will not go bald but your hair will thin out. When your weight stabilizes it will grow back. Despite what people claim there is nothing you can do to stop it.

4. Excess skin. As noted above, it can't be prevented. Genetics and how heavy you were determine how much you will have. You don't have to live with it the rest of your life and can have plastic surgery to remove it.

5. BM changes. For the first three months I had constant diarrhea. This was followed by months of constipation. No biggie. I just took laxatives. Eventually things will settle down to normal. Be prepared for accidents just in case.

6. Your farts will be horrible. Since you are consuming mostly protein your farts will smell like you have the grim reaper up your butt. They are terrible! You will be so embarrassed. Also, for some reason they will be very loud. I guess the fat muffled the sound but I am still shocked by how loud mine are now.

7. Gallstones. Losing a large amount of weight quickly can cause gallstones. They are painful. To avoid them you can have your gallbladder removed as you do not need it to survive or you can take prescription medicine to prevent them from forming.

8. Body Dismorphia. Most people who lose a great deal of weight suffer temporarily from the inability to properly perceive their new body. When they look in the mirror they still see the same old fat person. I too suffer from this and I'm told that eventually your brain will begin to process the new information and you will eventually get over it.


"How bad are the scars from the surgery?"


Not bad at all. The incisions are less than an inch, 5 in total. I have to hunt hard to find them.


"I'm a vegetarian and was wondering if the surgery would be right for me?"


I've encountered a few vegetarians who were successful with the surgery. However, vegans are another issue. I've known only 2 who had the surgery and they were both failures as they were unable to consume the necessary protein and ate far too much carbs.


"Did you require someone to help take care of you when you got home and how soon can you go back to work?"


No. I could shower and use the restroom as normal immediately after surgery. No catheters were used. You likely can return to work after a few day to a week as long as there is no heavy lifting.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Today Is My 1 Year Weight Loss Surgery Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of my weight loss surgery. I previously touched on this in a past blog but today is a huge milestone. My whole life has changed drastically in one year. I truly feel like I've been reborn.

I don't want to go too much in depth about what caused me to gain a massive amount of weight. The fault was my own. However, there were a lot of things out of my control that happened in my life, a lot of deaths of very cherished people, the depression that comes with such, health problems that prevented me from being active, etc. As a result I reached a dangerous size. I was morbidly obese. I knew I couldn't do it on my own. I mean, I could lose weight but I could never keep it off. It would always come back but with additional gain. I had tried all kinds of spells and workings to lose the weight but it wasn't until I changed my mind on how it could be done that I stumbled across the solution. I was always opposed to weight loss surgery and so this put stipulations on my magical workings which would limit my results. When I finally got desperate enough that I was willing to do anything and changed my mind and perceptions, the solution just fell in my lap. My weight loss spells manifested in a way that I previously was opposed to and it also manifested alongside another working I did to be able to travel to California. Life is funny like that some times.

On May 12, 2015, I had my weight loss surgery in Tijuana. I had traveled to San Diego and then was taken across the border. I had a procedure called Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, or "gastric sleeve" for short. About 80% of my stomach was removed. The normal human stomach is the size of a football. My new stomach is the size of a banana. As a result of the surgery I can only consume small portions of food, ranging from a few ounces to a cup of food, depending upon what I'm eating. However, the amazing thing about this is that I am fully satiated from eating so little. When our stomachs are full they send signals to the brain that makes us feel satiated and we stop eating. Since my stomach is so small I get those signals way quicker and with very little food. So I feel satiated off of a few ounces of food while a person without the surgery may have to eat an entire plate of food, or more to full satisfaction. Before surgery I could eat an entire large pizza by myself in one sitting. Today, I can't even finish one slice. I believe the surgery, along with quitting smoking, saved my life.

My Stats:

Highest Recorded Weight - 388 lbs
Weight at Time I Decided to Have Surgery - 370 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery - 350 lbs
Current Weight, 1 Year After Surgery - 190 lbs (and still losing!)
Goal Weight - 170 lbs
Total Weight Loss Since Surgery - 180 lbs
Highest Recorded BMI (Body Mass Index) - 52.6
Current BMI - 25.8
Largest Pant Size - 46
Current Pant Size - 32
Largest Shirt Size - 4X
Current Shirt Size - L 

I want to give a shout out to my niece, Jazmine, who thought it was funny to say that my legs are so skinny they look like teenage girl legs. Trust me, I am taking that as a compliment! I would much rather have "teenage girl legs" than massive tree trunks. Also, a shout out to my friends who told me that I went from a "2" to an "8" on a scale of attractiveness. That was much appreciated! Finally, a shout out to my best friend Michelle who told me, "Now there is no one out of your league, only people beneath you." (Kind of a mean-spirited comment but it's definitely and ego-booster!)

So what's next? Well, I have 20 more pounds to lose and then I will be at my goal weight. I also need to start saving for my plastic surgery to have my excess skin removed. I do suffer from a bit of body dysmorphia, meaning my brain is not processing the new reality of what I look like. When I look into the mirror I still see the same old fat me, but I'm told this will take time and that eventually my brain will adjust. I also need time adjusting to the new sexual and romantic attention I'm getting from both men and women. I know it sounds strange but when I was big I was invisible. I could go out in public and not get any attention from women or men. Not anymore! I swear I can't even fill up my car tank without someone hitting on me. Again, a lot of the issues I'm having is due to the temporary body dysmorphia and hopefully I will adjust to the attention in time. However, I do somewhat miss the invisibility that came with my obesity. Guys, if I walk into a bathroom it's because I genuinely need to use the restroom. I'm not looking for a hook up. Just because I politely thank you for any compliments you give me does not in any way shape or form indicate I am sexually attracted to you. Ladies, I don't feel comfortable when you approach me and begin touching my body. The arm or shoulder is okay but when you start touching my abdomen or thighs you make me feel uncomfortable as I still have excess skin. Plus it's very awkward for strangers to touch people in those places. Also, if I seem quiet or shy it's because I am. Please don't assume I'm a snob. When you are big you retreat into yourself for comfort and protection and it will take time before you can learn to come out again.

So I've thought about whether or not I should include pictures of my transformation. Like most conjure workers I am hesitant of putting anything out there that enemies might use against me in spiritual attacks. However, after praying and consulting with my spirits I now believe it's perfectly okay and that these pictures may help inspire other people who are currently in similar situations to make their decisions for surgery.

Here are my BEFORE pictures:

I'm the blob behind the boy. This picture was taken in April 2015, one month before surgery. 

My driver's license photo. I routinely get questioned over this. Cashiers always say I look nothing like this and I have to explain to them that I had weight loss surgery. 

This was taken on the day of my surgery. 

Here are my AFTER pictures:

So, for all my readers who are in a similar predicament and who are interested in the surgery I can not recommend it enough. It will change your life. I truly believe that it saved mine. I had the symptoms of borderline diabetes, had high blood pressure, had high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and had heart murmurs which produced bouts of faint. The surgery put an end to all of that. Today, I am perfectly healthy. The years I wasted yo-yo dieting seem like a bad dream. Please don't buy into the hype from people like Oprah who want to sell you a system that makes you dependent upon a corporation. Those things really only work for people who are just overweight and not obese or morbidly obese. If you are of the latter groups you really should consider the surgery. If your insurance doesn't cover bariatric surgery then consider doing what I did and travel to Tijuana. It was wonderful. It felt just like a vacation. I went to Tijuana because I did not have insurance. The self-pay rate in my state was about 20 grand. I had my procedure in Tijuana for $4,500 (with $800 more to have my gall bladder removed at the same time.) This has been the best decision for my health that I have ever made. I think you will feel the same way. Now, the gastric sleeve has the lowest rates for complications and mortality. Don't take my word for it. Do your research. I researched everything for about a year before deciding to have the surgery. 

This is a video from one my favorite Youtubers who had the gastric sleeve. This video is about 10 things she wished she knew about before having the surgery. Check her channel out for more videos.

One more thing, about pain. The whole surgery was a breeze. There was very little pain. It just felt like I was punched in the stomach. The only truly painful experience I had with the surgery was when they removed the drain. That hurt like a bitch and my entire abdomen cramped up something fierce. However, the pain only lasted a few seconds and then the drain was out and it was over with. So for all those out there dreading about how painful it's going to be, don't worry about it. I was so scared it was going to be painful and it was a complete breeze for me.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Q&A - May 8, 2016


 "I no longer want to work with Santa Muerte. How do I dispose of her statue and items? I still need to keep my promises I made to her for past situations."


This can be a sticky situation. Make sure to give her what you promised for her help. Now, if one of the vows you made was to serve her for life for her help then there's really no way around that. If you attempted to discard her after making such promise you would be breaking your vow and you may suffer from that. If you did not make such a promise then you can talk to her and thank her for her work. You can tell her you will find a good home for her and then give her statue and items to someone who wishes to work with her. You may even ask her to send such person to you. If this fails, you can take her statue and items to a deserted crossroads and leave them there or take them to a forest and leave them at the foot of a tree. Leave another offering to her, thank her again, and then walk away without looking back. Another thing you might try is to give the items to someone who already has an altar to her. The one thing you need to realize is that what I have told you are just suggestions. Whether or not she becomes offended by your actions is out of my control. It's very important not to enter into these things lightly. You may chose to have a reading to determine the proper way to handle this.


"Why can't I come see you in person?"


As a general rule I do not let new clients come to my home. This stems from numerous negative experiences I had when first starting out as a professional circa 20+ years ago. Back then, I operated out of my apartment and I got clients by word of mouth. Past clients would tell their friends or even strangers about me. It was that last category of people that ended up causing problems. I had several experiences with mentally ill people who would knock on my door or blow up my phone in the middle of the night. These were people that my clients did not know but just casually gave my address or phone number to. There were a couple of cases where I had to call the police. I don't want to get into it here but I was generally frightened for my safety. As a result of this mess I made my clients know that they can only give my contact info out to people they can personally vouch for. I told them I preferred they be the go between and tell me about said person before I decided if I was going to see them in person. When I began working online it provided a safer experience. I still get the occasional mentally ill person who tries to cause problems but it still is just a safer method. I don't have to come home to find strangers camped out outside my door, porch or property. Yes, I've experienced that in the past! To make a long story short, I do not let new clients who I don't know see me in person. Now, in time, and once we become familiar with each other, I may allow my long time clients to see me in person after we reach the point where we trust each other. Besides, most of the people who contact me online do not live in my area and so it would not be in there best interest to pay to travel to see me. Distance is no concern when it comes to conjure work or magic in general. Consultations and readings can be done over the phone or via email.


Why do you say death spells are difficult? I think that's b.s. If you use low magic for death spells then it should not be harder than any other spell. 


Bless your heart and show me your verified death spell count.


I burned a candle and was wondering if you can interpret the burn for me? 

Another Similar Question:

I purchased a candle light setting with another spell caster and I did not agree with what the woman told me about her interpretation of the burn. Can you give me your opinions on it? 


As a general rule I only interpret candles that I have personally set for my paying clients. I do not read the burn from candles people do for themselves or the setting of lights that people have purchased from other workers.


Is there a spell that can help prevent my nephew from entering into the gay lifestyle? He's only 19 and I fear for him. 


My readers may think I will blow up over this question. However, I actually understand where the person who asked this question is coming from. My guess is that this person is not against the fact that her nephew is gay, but rather, does not want him to get caught up in the typical gay lifestyle, especially referring to gay 20-somethings. The question is valid and reasonable to ask. For those who simply do not know, the typical gay lifestyle of 20-somethings is completely horrible. They are extremely, talking EXTREMELY, promiscuous (the term "fuck boy"). They party way too much, hence the phrase "gay party boy". They over indulge in drugs and alcohol, very materialistic, shallow and self-centered. Many of them die of ODs. Many of them will kill themselves before they become fully functioning adults. Most of them confuse "gay pride" with promiscuity and very bad behavior. So I fully understand why a loved one doesn't want their nephew to get caught up in this lifestyle. Remember, being gay is not a choice. But living this lifestyle is a choice. They don't have to live this way. They chose to live this way. Fortunately, those who survive into their 30s and 40s tend to mellow out and mature. As far as conjure work goes, think along the lines of blessing work, protection work, and influence and domination work. If your nephew is already showing signs that he is slipping into this lifestyle the you need to act fast. If you have access to his phone then check for apps such as Grindr and Scruff, which are advertised as "same sex dating apps" but are actually used for quick sex. Check the gay bars, clubs, and gay friendly establishments he may want to go to. The classy, high-up ones are fine. It's the seedy ones that should make you worry. If he is already forming attachments to negative people and there is evidence of drug use then you should do break up or separation work to sever those relationships. Pray, pray and pray some more! Remember though that he ultimately has to have the freedom to make his own choices, even if he chooses poorly. Good luck!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Alesha's Love Work

This is Alesha (fake name for anonymity). Alesha contacted me saying that her husband was filing for divorce and was leaving her to be with another woman. He told her he was in love with both of them and Alesha feared that she was going to lose her husband for good to this woman. So Alesha hired me to help her in her time of need. A few days after the work was completed Alesha emailed to tell me that her husband moved back home and is calling off the divorce. This is what she has to say about her experience with me.

Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 at 1:57 PM
From: xxx
To: "" <>

I am writing a review to thank you for all your help, when I came to ️you Doc I was desperate to have my husband back and away from the evil girl who tore my family apart and you helped me and I will forever be grateful, thank you again for all your help and standing beside me thru the lonely days and nights emailing me and not giving up and for helping me reunite my family..,
Blessings to you

Sunday, May 1, 2016

I've Been Scammed!

Nearly half of the people who contact me and who are interested in hiring a conjure worker or spell casters will usually tell me that they have been scammed in the past. Therefore, I have decided to blog on this topic. Readers may recognize that I've blogged on this before but a good reminder is seemingly necessary.

Just because you hired a conjure worker or spell caster and didn't see the results you wanted does not mean of itself that you were scammed. Repeat, just because you didn't see results does not meant you were scammed. Why? Because honest, and real conjure workers and spell casters will not guarantee results. This is spiritual work. We are not God. We can do great and wonderful things through our gifts but if God has something else planned for you then it's out of our hands. Also, please realize that one spell or work may not be enough to see the results that a client is seeking. For example, I don't just do conjure work for my clients. I also use if for my own life and situations. I can tell you from experiences that sometimes only one work is enough to get the results I want. However, other times I have to do multiple works over a period of time before my results manifest. This is true for my clients as well.

So how do you know if you have actually been scammed? Let me give you some advice.

1. If the conjure worker or spell caster guarantee results then it's a huge warning sign that they are scammers. They will tell you what you want to hear in order to get your money and then when you ask for a refund they will give you any manner of excuse as to why they will not give one to you.

2. If the conjure worker or spell caster takes your money and doesn't do the actual work or spell, then it's a scam.

3. If the conjure worker or spell caster quotes you a price, which you pay, and then later tells you that the situation is worse than they originally thought and now they are asking for a huge amount of money, then it's a scam. This usually occurs in cleansings and uncrossings and the scammer is preying off of people's fears. They may even go as far as saying that if the client doesn't pay them this additional money then there will be serious consequences, up to the client's death.

4. If the conjure worker or spell caster is charging a huge amount for doing something trivial, such as just lighting a candle. I've blogged on this before. I caught a spell caster on line that was charging thousands of dollars to just light a 7 day glass candle. This is 100% a scam. Lighting a 7 day glass candle should b among the least expensive service a worker or spell caster offers. For example, I charge $30 for this service.

So that's about it. Now, keep in mind things are different if you hire someone in an ATR. It's very common for scammers who practice an ATR to claim that multiple expensive animal sacrifices are needed for a situation. It's only a scam if the person takes your money but does not do the sacrifices or if they later contact you and claim that more sacrifices are needed and that you now have to pay a huge amount of money or else bad things will happen to you. This would be similar to what I described above. Otherwise, this is all good information that people should use to determine if in fact they have actually been scammed or not. The reason why this is important because if a person contacts a worker or spell caster and claims they have been scammed and the worker or spell caster can tell the person is lying then that worker or spell caster is going to be very hesitant about taking them on as a client for fear that said person will also lie and claim that they scammed them as well.

Finally, be very careful of what you read online. You may find websites on line that publish accusations of scamming against various workers and spell casters. Most of these websites do not attempt to vet the accusers to determine if they are honest or are just lying. I know this from experience. I had a mentally ill woman who I turned down as a client go online and make false accusations against me in an attempt to get revenge against me. I've told my side of the story and have blogged on what happened but the sad truth is that there are people who are just outright stupid and believe whatever they read online. The good thing is that most of my clients are intelligent and can see through the bull shit lies of this psycho.