Sunday, May 1, 2016

I've Been Scammed!

Nearly half of the people who contact me and who are interested in hiring a conjure worker or spell casters will usually tell me that they have been scammed in the past. Therefore, I have decided to blog on this topic. Readers may recognize that I've blogged on this before but a good reminder is seemingly necessary.

Just because you hired a conjure worker or spell caster and didn't see the results you wanted does not mean of itself that you were scammed. Repeat, just because you didn't see results does not meant you were scammed. Why? Because honest, and real conjure workers and spell casters will not guarantee results. This is spiritual work. We are not God. We can do great and wonderful things through our gifts but if God has something else planned for you then it's out of our hands. Also, please realize that one spell or work may not be enough to see the results that a client is seeking. For example, I don't just do conjure work for my clients. I also use if for my own life and situations. I can tell you from experiences that sometimes only one work is enough to get the results I want. However, other times I have to do multiple works over a period of time before my results manifest. This is true for my clients as well.

So how do you know if you have actually been scammed? Let me give you some advice.

1. If the conjure worker or spell caster guarantee results then it's a huge warning sign that they are scammers. They will tell you what you want to hear in order to get your money and then when you ask for a refund they will give you any manner of excuse as to why they will not give one to you.

2. If the conjure worker or spell caster takes your money and doesn't do the actual work or spell, then it's a scam.

3. If the conjure worker or spell caster quotes you a price, which you pay, and then later tells you that the situation is worse than they originally thought and now they are asking for a huge amount of money, then it's a scam. This usually occurs in cleansings and uncrossings and the scammer is preying off of people's fears. They may even go as far as saying that if the client doesn't pay them this additional money then there will be serious consequences, up to the client's death.

4. If the conjure worker or spell caster is charging a huge amount for doing something trivial, such as just lighting a candle. I've blogged on this before. I caught a spell caster on line that was charging thousands of dollars to just light a 7 day glass candle. This is 100% a scam. Lighting a 7 day glass candle should b among the least expensive service a worker or spell caster offers. For example, I charge $30 for this service.

So that's about it. Now, keep in mind things are different if you hire someone in an ATR. It's very common for scammers who practice an ATR to claim that multiple expensive animal sacrifices are needed for a situation. It's only a scam if the person takes your money but does not do the sacrifices or if they later contact you and claim that more sacrifices are needed and that you now have to pay a huge amount of money or else bad things will happen to you. This would be similar to what I described above. Otherwise, this is all good information that people should use to determine if in fact they have actually been scammed or not. The reason why this is important because if a person contacts a worker or spell caster and claims they have been scammed and the worker or spell caster can tell the person is lying then that worker or spell caster is going to be very hesitant about taking them on as a client for fear that said person will also lie and claim that they scammed them as well.

Finally, be very careful of what you read online. You may find websites on line that publish accusations of scamming against various workers and spell casters. Most of these websites do not attempt to vet the accusers to determine if they are honest or are just lying. I know this from experience. I had a mentally ill woman who I turned down as a client go online and make false accusations against me in an attempt to get revenge against me. I've told my side of the story and have blogged on what happened but the sad truth is that there are people who are just outright stupid and believe whatever they read online. The good thing is that most of my clients are intelligent and can see through the bull shit lies of this psycho.

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  1. Omg so true. I also find that if they don't give the client something to do themselves, get them involved, it can sometimes be a flag. Also if the worker doesn't follow up. This might be just me though since I work for a small client base and am not professional really but I'd say those two things as well. Love your blog! Blessings from Savannah Ga+++