Thursday, May 19, 2016

Natalie's Reading

I recently read for a client named Natalie (fake name for anonymity). Here is what she has to say about her experience.

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No worries Doc! 

Here’s the testimonial:

I came to Doc after weeks of reading and creeping on his website. I liked how empathetic yet straight forward his attitude was towards his work, and decided to get a reading with him covering different areas of my life, including my love life. He was so fast to reply to my messages, and I received my reading the day after i sent him my questions! He was very honest about my situation and told me things that I didn’t exactly want to hear, but am definitely better off knowing, as I can now make better decisions equipped with this knowledge. Doc was very professional with his work and you can deal he takes a great deal of care - I would recommend Doc even just for the good customer service and speedy replies! 

I would love if you could use a fake name to ensure anonymity :) 


  1. How do we get a hold of you for a reading or services?

    1. Email me at