Sunday, July 24, 2016

Had To Cross Up A Client

I had a client do a chargeback on their credit card for a reading. The client gave me the excuse that the chargeback was done in error and that they would make sure I got paid. I gave the client ample opportunity to make it right. So after a considerable amount of time without the client keeping to their word I was forced to cross them up. Additionally, I feared that the client may be performing credit card fraud so I contacted the client's local police.

So let me state that there is a reason why I ask for your full name, birth date and a picture for your reading. Not only does it help me to tune into your energy for your reading but if you decide to screw me over because you don't like what you were told during the reading then it gives me recourse to do what I have to do to make sure you get what's coming to you in return.

It always amazes me how a certain percentage of people seeking a reading somehow think that we readers are supposed to tell them exactly what they want to hear instead of what we honestly pick up on. They then think they are entitled to a refund or believe they have the right to badmouth a reader because of such.

This is the second time I've had to cross up a client, with the first being an insane transgendered prostitute who hired me for a one question reading for $15. She was upset that a wealthy, elderly client broke off contact with her because she truly thought that this guy was going to financially support her for the rest of her life. She was mistaken. I was honest with her and told her there was no hope in the situation and that his health was not good. She went 100% psycho, ranted, told me that not only was I wrong but I was the worst psychic ever, demanded her money back and threatened to talk shit about me everywhere she possible could online, etc. She is the reason why I no longer offer one question readings. I crossed that whore up good and I sure as hell would not shed a tear if she is currently in her grave as she was seemingly racing toward it at full speed even before she crossed my path.

So bitch, let me get this real clear. Not only did you do the chargeback and then not keep your word to make it right, but a chargeback is not free. I additionally had to pay $25 for the chargeback fee, meaning I ended up paying you for your reading. So I want you to know that I crossed you up something fierce and I am more than happy to keep hitting the work for as long as it takes until your life is transformed into a steaming pile of shit. :)


  1. From my perspective, if is always better to refund money to a client who is very unhappy with my services. With this approach peace is made, and only some money is lost by me. Over the course of 30 years in the helping profession I have only had to refund money less than 10 times, but it was worth it every time. Of course, this is my way of doing things and not suitable for everyone.

    1. I would politely disagree. This particular woman is most likely performing credit card fraud, as in she was likely using a stolen credit card. No true worker guarantees results and no true reader will sit there and tell a person what they want to hear in a reading. If you are upfront and honest with clients, which I am, then there is no need for a refund.