Sunday, July 10, 2016

Making Your Own Powdered Incense Blends - The Easy Way

Like many people, I hold to the belief that hand-made spiritual products are more personal and powerful than commercially bought, mass produced products. Here is the method I use to create my own powdered incense blends.

1. Buy mass produced powdered incense, such as 7 Sisters of New Orleans powdered incense! I know this seems to contradict my opening statement but I can assure you that this is the most cost effective method for creating one's own unique blends. One can purchase the individual cardboard tubes or the bulk bags. Most business that sell their own line of powdered incense buy the bulk bags. Below are some links to such.

2. Purchase the essential oils you will need and/or use custom blends of oils you have already prepared.

3. Purchase and or obtain the herbs and roots you will need. Powder or grind the herbs to the size you prefer.

4. Purchase container for your finished product. If you bought the powdered incense that comes in individual cardboard tubes then you can reuse these.

5. Get a bowl, spoon, and zip lock bags.

6. Portion the powdered incense into zip lock bags and set aside. If you are using the individual cardboard container variety then make sure to save the containers.

7. Place the ground or powdered herbs and roots you are using for your custom blend into the bowl.

8. Add the essential oils or custom oil blend to the bowl by allowing it to drip onto the herbs directly. I don't use a set ratio but just wing it based on scent. If you want to create your own specific ration of oils to use then so be it.

9. With the spoon stir the ground or powdered herbs to distribute the oil as thoroughly as possible.

10. Spoon the herbal mixture into the zip lock bags of powdered incense.

11. Knead the zip lock bags to distribute the herbal mixture throughout the powdered incense.

12. Pour the contents of the zip lock bags back into the cardboard containers the powdered incense originally came in or else new containers.

13. Create a label with the information you desire it to have, name of custom blend, time, date, moon phase, astrological info, etc., and attach it to the container.

Voila! You are done! :)

This is a very simple method of creating one's own powdered incense blends. Now, from here it's not that difficult to create blends without any base at all, blends that just contain the herbal matter. Such would be burned on charcoal, of course. Also, if one wants to make their own powdered incense from scratch one just needs to get a hold of wood shavings and then add salt peter to it to make it self-lighting. If this is not desired then one can leave it out and just burn it on charcoal as well. The wood shavings can be dyed if one so chooses.

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