Sunday, August 7, 2016

Reminder To People Who Want Me To Call Them For Free

It goes something like this:

"Hi, Doc. Read your blog. Really like what you got to say. I need some help with a situation. I really prefer to speak to you on the phone. Can you call me? 580-469-****. Thanks!"

I get a dozen or so emails like this each and every week.

I charge $50 for a 30 minute phone call to speak with me or $100 for a one hour phone call.

Why do I charge?

1. My time is valuable. You may think that it's nothing for me to devote an hour or two of my life to listen to your problems. However, what you don't understand is that you are just one of about a dozen or so people a week, close to 50 people a month, or close to 600 people a year who also think they deserve 1-2 hours of my times for free.

2. 99% of the people who want me to call them for free on the phone have no true intention of ever actually hiring me for conjure work. They are just people who want to dump their problems on me, to have me listen to them, to be able to confide in me because they have nobody else they can talk to. That's the truth and it's one of the first lessons I learned when I first started in this line of work. They claim they are interested in hiring me for conjure work but that's a lie. They just want somebody to talk to. 

3. Charging people to talk to me weeds out all of these people. If  person is willing to pay to speak to me they are also willing to hire me to be their conjure worker. 

So that's why. Hope you understand. :)

You can communicate with me via email for free but if you want me to take time out of my day to talk to you on the phone then you will compensate me for my time.

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  1. Understood. Very much so. I hope you and I can talk soon. Whatever I am going thru feels urgent.