Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I'm Back!

I got my laptop repaired and am good to go. I can't stress enough how important it is not to have a drink near a laptop or computer! Surprisingly, this wasn't my first time that I've spilled a drink on it. However, each time I lucked out. It is only around $75 to repair but it takes a couple of weeks. Far better than having to purchase a new laptop and then lose all of your information you have saved on it as well.

So, if by chance you make the mistake of accidentally spilling a drink on your laptop let me give some advice that may save your laptop or at least may the any repairs be far less by limiting damage.

What To Do If You Spill A Drink On Your Laptop

1. Immediately turn the laptop upside down. This is a no brainer. Liquid obeys gravity and will seep into any crack. Turn your laptop upside down to lessen this. 

2. Turn off the power. Liquid will short circuit the device so you need to kill the power as quickly as possible.

3. Take out the battery and place it in a bag of rice if any liquid reached it.

4. Disconnect or unplug anything that is connected to your laptop.

5. Use a towel to dry off the laptop.

6. If you know how to take it apart do so and carefully clean the inside.

7. Allow the laptop to dry. Keep it upside down. You can place it near a fan to help speed up the process. Leave it alone for 48-72 hours. Do not use a hair dryer as they can damage your laptop and may actually push the liquid deeper into it.

(Note: Some laptops have water resistant keyboards or special seals around the keys that help prevent liquid from working its way into the laptop. This was generally a standard feature of most older laptops but new laptops tend to forgo this feature to help cut down on overall price.) 

If you follow these steps you may end up with little to no damage. However, it's very common to short circuit your keyboard, which you may need to have replaced. The very first time I spilled a drink on my keyboard I ended up with two keys that didn't work, my "B" and "K" keys. This second time I lost the entire keyboard. Both required a replacement keyboard.

So now that I'm back I will be able to reply to emails in my normal quick fashion and will resume blogging. Great to be back! :)

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