Monday, September 19, 2016

Kratom - How The DEA Wants To Enslave You To Big Pharma

If I told you there was this herb, a relative of the coffee plant, that was superb as a painkiller, caused you to be relaxed, calm and social, and uplifted your mood, would your immediate response be that it must immediately be classified a schedule 1 drug, on the same order as cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine? Because that's just what the DEA is doing unless citizens stand up and make their voices heard.

The herb is called Kratom, a.k.a. Mitragyna speciosa. It has been used in Asian traditional medicine for centuries as a natural painkiller, for the treatment of coughs and diarrhea, and as an antiseptic in the treatment of wounds. The active ingredients in the plant are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which act similarly to opiods. Around the turn of the century it began being used to wean opium addicts off of opium and is today used by people who are weaning themselves off of heroin and prescription opioids.

I have personally taken Kratom and I can attest that it works marvelously as a painkiller. I have never gotten high off it and don't really understand how anybody could get high off it. It would take large doses to get high and the plant is so bitter that such doses would cause intense nausea and cramping. However, taking the herb does indeed almost immediately invoke relaxation, talking within mere minutes.

Kratom is not smoked. It is not snorted. It is not really drunk as a tea either. There are three main methods of consumption.

1. Dissolve Kratom powder in hot water. Kratom powder (powdered leaves) does not easily dissolve in cold or room temperature liquids. Hot water does allow more of the powder to be dissolved. The powder is placed in a cup and just enough hot water is added to cover it and produce a drinkable dose. The contents are stirred and then quickly swallowed, in the same manner that one would down a shot of liquor.

2. "Toss and Wash". This method is my preferred method of consumption. The dose of Kratom powder is poured/dumped directly into the mouth and then one quickly intakes liquid, swirls the contents of the mouth around, and then swallows it.

3. Kratom powder can be placed into gel capsules and swallowed.

Kratom comes in various strains, depending on where it is grown, and three main varieties, white, red, and green, which are references to the color of the leaf veins. A small dose of Kratom is believed to promote energy. Larger doses are said to have sedative effect. From personal experience, it's all the same and I have taken small and large doses and there is not much difference save for the time the compounds last before it wears off.

What does it feel like? Within 3-4 minutes after taking one immediately begins to feel relaxed. You begin to feel good but there is no real euphoria. You just feel happy and can become talkative and social. You do not get "high". Because it's an opiod people may assume that it's effects would be like more well known prescription opiods. Such would be a huge misconception.

I was never a routine taker of Kratom simply because it was far more easier to just purchase Tylenol at local stores than it was to keep a supply of it. A bag of about 100 grams goes for like $40-$50 and a normal dose would be 1/2-1 teaspoon. So it was basically my laziness and just the ease of purchasing other OTC medicines that prevented me from being a regular user. I still have a small quantity left that I will have to hurry up and use and I will discuss that here in a bit.

I suffer from migraines, muscle cramps, backache and shoulder pain from an injury I received as a teen. I can tell you that Kratom works equal or better than almost any prescription medicine I've taken. The only downsize would be that I've found that on a dose-by-dose basis, that Kratom does not last as long compared to prescription medicines. So you have to take repeat doses if you have chronic pain. However, it is all natural and has no synthetic components such as most of the opiods being pushed onto the public.

So this year the DEA flat out stated that Kratom has no medical value and since the deaths of 15 people have allegedly been linked to it, and not quite 700 calls to poison control, then therefore it is evil and must be banned. The DEA announced that as of Sept. 30, 2016, Kratom will now be listed as a Schedule 1 drug, in the same category as heroin, cocaine, crack and meth. This is completely absurd! The only thing that makes sense to me is that the DEA is in bed with Big Pharma and wants to crush any competition. They must feel really threatened that a humble plant is far better at pain management than any of the unnatural chemicals they produce.

So what about those 15 deaths? Well, it turns out that none of them were ruled to have died from Kratom. Instead, all of them had taken various cocktails of drugs, including Kratom, but Kratom was not ruled as the cause of death in any of them. What about the nearly 700 calls to poison control? There are roughly 319 million people living in the U.S. Seven hundred calls to poison control mean absolutely nothing. It's a drop in the bucket. None of the calls resulted in a person dying.

I strongly urge my readers to help save our freedom to chose natural supplements for our own health and well being. I will provide a link to a petition to stop the DEA from banning this life-saving plant. Additionally, I will go the extra step and urge anyone and everyone to try it out and experience for yourself that this is not a dangerous plant. As stated above, I have a bag left and am trying to use it up before or if the ban kicks in so that I won't be treated as a criminal and treated the same as if I was caught with crack. This past weekend I gave out some to friends to try and I will be giving more out this coming weekend. Most everyone who tried it was shocked that they never heard of it before and mad that they are now not able to legally purchase it.

If you do want to purchase it you better hurry. The ban kicks in on Sept. 30 but many business are stopping shipments sooner than that. The company I used to order from is stopping shipments as of September 23.

Sign the Petition to stop this DEA bull shit:

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