Saturday, October 29, 2016

Amish Witches On Lifetime Tonight

Tonight Lifetime is airing two back-to-back programs on "Amish Witches".  I'm assuming the subject will actually be Braucherei or Pow-Wow, the tradition folk magic of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

The Pennsylvania Dutch are a proud people. The "Dutch" part of their name is not a reference to Holland, but rather is a corruption of "Deutch", that is Germany.

Braucherei or Pow-Wow is their traditional folk magic practice that is incredibly similar to Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure. It too is Christian and practitioners call upon the Christian God and use the Bible extensively in their practice. It is primarily used for healing work as well as to protect from actual witchcraft.

Practitioners have been falsely accused of being witches, even by their own peers, mostly due to ignorance. Practitioners of Braucherei or Pow-Wow hold to the same view of witches that practitioners of Hoodoo do, mainly that witches are evil and use black magic to harm innocent people, and usually out of jealousy. A Pow-Wow doctor can prevent witches from doing harm or take off witchcraft as well.

The first program, Amish Witches: The True Story Of Holmes County, is based off of the legend of the Chesterfield Ghost, the ghost of a young woman who was rumored to be a witch and who after he death, had a tree planted on her grave in the belief that it would trap her spirit and prevent her from rising from the grave. The second program, immediately following the first, is titled, The Real Amish Witches, which I assume will be on Braucherei/Pow-Wow.

I'm conflicted on these programs. I pray they are given a just presentation. However, this being Halloween season it's very possible that the creators of these programs will use sensationalism to draw in viewers.

Amish Witches: The True Story of Holmes County airs tonight at 7pm CST on Lifetime. The Real Amish Witches follows at 9pm CST.

Below is a YouTube video of the grave of the Chesterfield Witch.

On a related note, if you have not read nor own a copy of  The Long Lost Friend, then I highly recommend it. You can purchase one at the link below:

Pow-Wows Or The Long Lost Friend by John George Hohman 

You can also read it for free at the link below:

Now, this is the edited version. The original contained actual herbal recipes which have been removed in subsequent editions. If you can find an old copy that contains all these herbal recipes then do hold on to it as it would be priceless with regards to the information contained therein.

Finally, stay away from and Wiccan or Neopagan websites or books on Braucherei or Powwow as the authors are rarely educated on the true craft and many of them lie and twist the practice around to make practitioners be pagans. They also seem to revel in making shit up. Authors like Silver Raven Wolf published material and even teaches classes on so-called Braucherei and it is a huge fucking joke.

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