Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fake Spell Caster Stealing My Pictures To Promote Their Shitty Business

 A blog reader has informed me that there is a fake Wiccan spell caster who is using my pictures to promote her business.

Not only does stealing from me infuriate me but this bitch is the perfect example of a scammer. Let me break it down for you...

1. She claims to be Wiccan yet is charging for spells. The charging for spells in Wicca is strictly forbidden.

2. She is using pictures of my altar to promote her business. This means this bitch does not have altars of her own to take pictures of. If she doesn't have her own altar then she shouldn't be representing herself as a professional spell caster. To make matters worse, she stole pictures of my free candle service for cancer victims, a service I did for free and which anyone could take part in, and now is using that to try to make money.

3. She is charging $5 for what she calls a "super powerful coven custom spell". Translation: "I'm a scammer!" No way in hell that a legitimate spell caster is charging $5 for spell, especially one that supposedly involves an entire coven!

4. This bitch is using a picture of a sexy woman to represent herself. I'm assuming she stole that picture as well. I'm guessing she looks the opposite of sexy in real life.

If anyone else should happen upon the site of another spell caster who you know is using my stuff without permission, please do let me know. It would be much appreciated.

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