Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween To All!

So today is Halloween and I've just finished passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. I am so pooped that I about called it a night but I remembered that I wanted to address something.

I get attacked frequently from self-styled witches and especially around this time of year as Halloween is the favorite holiday of many people interested in the occult and especially self-styled witches.

The witches that take offense to my writings are those that operate under the assumption that their religion (Wicca) is "The Witchcraft", as in that they are the "Old Religion", and that all those unfortunate souls who were accused of being witches and executed for such were actually Wiccans. Of course this is 100% incorrect but it is quite a popular belief among Wiccans.

Let me make this very clear. I don't care what your religion is. I don't mind that you call yourself a witch and call what you do as witchcraft. I have many Wiccan and NeoPagan friends and actually was supposed to attend a Samhain celebration last weekend but couldn't as something came up at the last minute.

None of my writings about witches being evil are referring to Wiccans or NeoPagans. Instead, I am referring to the actual witches that people believed in for thousands of years. Yes, you got that right. People have believed in witches for thousands of years and they always viewed them as being evil. Every culture on earth has a belief in witches and in none of them are they considered to figures of goodness. From Native Americans, to Africans, to Asians, to the ancient Europeans, witches were evil. They attacked innocent people. They spread disease. The blighted crops and sickened livestock. They made women miscarry and caused infertility, They drank blood or else sapped the life-force of sleeping victims. They sacrificed humans, often children, to use their body parts in black magic spells. Interestingly, in almost every culture they also flew through the air at night. Sometimes on the back of a wild animal, such as in Europe and Africa, sometimes in the form of a ball of light, as in some Native American tribes, and sometimes as a floating head trailing it's entrails, in some Asian cultures.

I am in no way saying that Wiccans and NeoPagans are evil or that they do these things as I described above. Instead, I'm sticking true to traditions of folk magic which do believe in the existence of witches as figures of evil. Please realize that it wasn't Christians who made witches to be evil. All of the pagan religions believed in witches and they too believed they were evil. Why? Because witches are monsters, just like vampires and werewolves are monsters. Just like we have people today who call themselves witches there are also people who call themselves vampires and werewolves, but they are not undead nor do they actually transform into wolves. Likewise, people who call themselves witches today do not fly through the air and do not drink blood or kill babies.

It may surprise my readers to learn that I am fascinated with witchcraft. I understand the pull or desire for oppressed people to turn to the dark side. There is a sense of freedom and euphoria to be able to escape the shackles of our current existence and to fly free through the air and to gain vengeance on those we perceive to be our oppressors or who appear to have undeserved prosperity. I understand the jealousy and hatred that possess the true witch and causes her or him to attack others. I believe that all spiritual workers walk a fine line and that they can easily fall or be led astray down a dark path. There is a potential to be a witch in all of us.

Every year around Halloween-time I go through my library and re-read some of my books on witchcraft. This year I am re-reading Erica Jong's, "Witches", which I highly recommend for it's poetry and artwork. It's a very beautiful and artistic expose on the archetype of the witch. Since it deal with poetry, I will end with a poem that I wrote back in the 90s. It's called "The Good Witch".

The Good Witch

Candles, incense
I'm visiting the good witch.
The darkness is falling
It's time for magic.

Old one, enchantress
make for me an amulet
with dragon's blood and henbane
to ensure the darkest art.

Black hat, black cat
I'm riding your broom to the sabbat.
Rub the ointment in, I want to fly!
I want to soar, to hover,
take to me a demon lover
and dance with fairies the night away.

We'll sing our spells and incantations
and mortals will follow with lamentations,
for this is the way of our kind. 

Should they catch me?
I shall tell them,
"I'm visiting the good witch",
and I shall never disclose our secrets
even when burning. 

Tomorrow is All Saint's Day and Wednesday is All Soul's Day. These are important days to me as I honor the Saints and spirits I work with, along with honoring my ancestors. I will be taking a breather from blogging and will return when I am refreshed.

Witching All Of My Readers A Hauntingly Horrific Halloween! 

P.S. If you are interested, I highly recommend Erica Jong's, "Witches". It's not a how-to manual and it's not about Wicca. It's an artistic exploration of the archetype of the witch. You can purchase a copy at the below link:

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  1. Hi, I've taken an interest in Hoodoo and Ive come across your blog. I'd like to learn everything there is to know and start practicing. Can you recommend any books, websites, articles etc. I can read and educate myself ? Thank you