Saturday, October 15, 2016

Make Your Own Broom

Don't want to purchase a broom to use for cleansing? Here's a nifty project that is perfect for Halloween time. I like to make these as decorations for Halloween and for gifts. After you make your broom you can decorate it with Halloween ribbon and fall leaves. I place one outside my front door with a pumpkin and a fake black cat.

What is not shown in the video is that the straw needs to be soaked in water for about 15-30 minutes before you make it. Then you take them out of the water and the pat them dry with an old towel.

If this is not your thing you can also buy a cinnamon broom and then cut it apart. Arrange this around a stick and tie off. You can't really bend these over like with straw so just do your best to arrange them on a stick and tie them off.

You can also use other items like raffia, birch twigs (or other small twigs), or even tall grass with sturdy stems (you have to harvest yourself from nature). If you are making it for decorations birch twigs or any small twigs look really cool for Halloween decorations. However, if you are making it for normal use or for cleansing purposes then you will want something a bit softer.

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