Sunday, October 16, 2016

Reminder For The Halloween Season

Every year I remind my readers around Halloween time that now is the perfect time to stock up on some goodies that are available now in local stores but may be hard to find during the rest of the year. Well, today's the time for such reminder!

Some hints of what can be found in stores around Halloween time which can prove useful in your conjure work:

-Black candles
-Orange candles
-Skull candles
-Spooky accouterments (candle holders, altar cloths, & decor) for your altar

Try stores like Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar (and other dollar stores), CVS, Walgreens, Party Galaxy, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, as well as Halloween-themed stores like Spirit.

Walmart has large skull candles for only $3 something. They have both white and black ones. I picked up 6 the last time I went. Some years you can find really interesting stuff. Before I bought my large crystal ball I had a small faux-crystal ball that I bought at Party Galaxy for about $10. It was a glass globe filled with water and secured on a gold-colored base. It looked like a genuine crystal ball. However, some of the other ones had small air bubbles in them that ruined the effect. I ended up giving it as a gift to a friend once I purchase my genuine crystal ball.

Sometimes you will truly hit the jackpot so to speak. One year Dollar Tree had jumbo black candles that came in a pack of two for just $1. I bought all of their stock. The woman who checked me out gave the suspicious look when I unloaded twenty-something packs of candles on the counter! LOL

Now is also the time to stock up on gifts for a magically-inclined friend or loved one. Spirit has a lot of stuff that would appeal to a magical practitioner, such as Ouija board nick-knacks and novelties, actual Ouija boards, Magic 8 Balls, blank spell books, etc. The one by myself has these cool Ouija board hand towels that I thought would be cool. I decided to pass on them as I already have a couple of Halloween hand towels that I use on my altars and work space that I use to clean and dry my hands.

If you have Wiccan friends or family then don't let this opportunity pass you by. Lots of witch-themed gifts and novelties, talking about witch and black cat figurines, jewelry (one year Spirit had some very authentic looking pentacle jewelry), and lots of signs like "The Witch Is In!", "Witches Parking Only: All Others Will Be Toad", and the like. One year Spirit had these awesome staffs for sale. They were reminiscent of something Gandalf from Lord of the Rings would have.

When going shopping just be observant and open minded. You may come across stuff that you may not have thought about before. For example, if you work with Native American spirits then you may be shocked that many Halloween-themed stores will carry things like peace pipes, tomahawks, flutes, medicine bags, dream catchers, and the like which can be used as decorations and offerings.

Happy Haunting! :)

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