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Bellarmine Jugs

The above are three Bellarmine jugs in my collection. They date from the 1800s to the early/mid 1900s. The most expensive and highly sought Bellarmines date from the 1500s through the 1700s.

Bellarmine Jugs, a.k.a. Bellarmines, Bartmann (bearded man) Jugs, or Greybeards, is a style of stoneware jug, that usually has at least one handle and is corked. The most distinctive feature of the bottles is the older, bearded, male face that is found slightly below the neck of the bottle. This style of bottle originated in the 16th century and was popular for around 200 years. Bellarmine jugs were primarily used to store liquor. It's the "second life" of the Bellarmines that is of importance here. That second life was for the creation and employment as a "witch bottle".

The popular name of Bellarmine is in fact a reference to St. Robert Bellarmine, a notorious Catholic inquisitor and enemy of Protestantism. It was long assumed that due to the name that the face portrayed on the bottles was in fact his. This belief is incorrect as the bottles originated before his birth.

Of all the old witch bottles recovered from old houses and property in Europe, over half of the bottles were Bellarmines. It appears that Bellarmine jugs were the preferred container to use when creating a witch bottle. As far as why this is so, there are many opinions. Some have argued that the bearded face acts as an apotropaic charm to scare off evil. This may be true of the Bellarmines produced in the 17th century, as such tend to portray very grotesque faces. However, the original Bellarmines produced in the 16th century portrayed a normal face.

I favor two reasons why these Bellarmines were the preferred bottle of choice. The first reason is that the inclusion of the face made the bottles anthropomorphic. Since witch bottles are designed to protect a specific person this anthropomorphic bottle would have been viewed as superior than the standard variety. The second reason is that these bottles just look cool! Many of them have a spookiness aspect to them which may have been viewed as being ideal for usage as a witch bottle.

Now, when discussing witch bottles I need to state that there is a lot of misinformation online. Much of the misinformation stems from the self-styled witches of modern times who tend to not understand what a real witch bottle is and how to make one. The term "witch bottle" is not a synonym for "spell bottle" or "bottle spells". A witch bottle is not a bottle made by a witch.

To confuse matters even more, there are three different types of witch bottles. I'll list them below.

1. The Fake Witch Bottles - These are made by modern witches and contain any number and type of ingredients. They usually include herbs and gemstones believed to possess protective qualities. These bottles are often decorated quite beautifully. Many of them are designed to be displayed openly in the home or area. I'm not saying that these bottles don't work or don't have power. By listing them as fake I'm stating that they have no connection to the old, traditional witch bottles. The people who make these types of witch bottles mistakenly believe that a witch bottle is a bottle made by a witch. Included in this category are also things such as honey jars, vinegar jars, break-up jars, etc. People who may claim that these are witch bottles mistakenly believe that the term "witch bottle" is a synonym for any type of spell that incorporates a bottle.

2. Blue Glass Witch Bottles - These do have a history of use. The color blue has a very long history of belief that it can protect against the evil eye as well as evil spirits. So although I accept that these can be called witch bottles I must add they don't act the same as a traditional witch bottle.

3. True Or Traditional Witch Bottles - A true or traditional witch bottle is used not to repel or drive away witches and evil spirits. Instead, a traditional witch bottle is created to act as a spiritual decoy or dummy, taking the full brunt of the spiritual attack so that the person that it represents is spared harm.

From analysis of the contents of old witch bottles recovered in Europe and in colonial America, we know that the overwhelming majority of them contained just 3-4 basic ingredients. Those ingredients are:

-Hair and/or nail clippings
-Iron pins and/or needles

That's it! In rare cases items such as the following have been found;

-Chicken bones
-Slivers of wood
-Cloth heart

I'm going to go over these ingredients and share with you a very interesting observation I had concerning the inclusions of urine.

Of the basic ingredients used, hair and nail clippings are personal concerns from the person that the bottle is mean to act as a spiritual decoy or dummy for. The iron pins/needles and urine are very intriguing.

So I would like my readers to ponder why urine was used. Just think about that. Of all the personal concerns one can use why is it that urine is used so frequently? Pause reading here and think about it for a while before scrolling down and continuing
It is my personal opinion that the reason why urine was so frequently used was because people of this time period were plagued with UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections) and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) . Can you imagine how painful it must have been for women back then? Think about how you would get buy having constant battles with UTI's and without there being any antibiotics or pain medicine available to remedy it? It must have been excruciating. Top that with rampant STDs and it's hard not to think that everyone must have experienced routine burning, painful urination. Now, I'm not female and I've never had an STD. However, I've been told that having and STD causes not only burning sensation while urinating, but also a type of shooting pain that feels like sharp pins or needles are being stabbed into your urethra. Could this be the reason that urine and pins/needles were used? Were people trying to inflict or reverse the same pain they felt back to the witch they believed was causing such pain? Or was the inclusion of urine meant for the evil to attack it instead of the urine in the person's body, to stop painful urination? Can you blame people back then for thinking that UTIs and STDs must be the work of witchcraft?

With regard to the pins and needles used, such were made from iron. Iron has a long history of possessing magical protection against the supernatural. Also, the pins and needles were often purposefully bent before being placed into the bottle. Why? This practice is also very old. It's a form of sacrifice. It dates back to pagan times where gifts for the gods were purposefully bent or broken so that they no longer had value to mortals. For example, a sword may be bent or broken in two before being cast into a river as a gift to the river god. So the bending of the pins and needles is a similar form of practice. By bending them they can no longer be used as regular pins or needles. It should also be stated that pins and needles were somewhat expensive.

Additionally, pins and needles are sharp. Pins and needles may have been used as replacements for knives or blades. The belief is that the sharpness "cuts" the evil or witchcraft, killing it. Since a knife or blade usually won't fit down the narrow neck of a bottle, pins and needles may have been chosen as substitutes.

Moving on to the rarer ingredients recovered from old witch bottles, slivers of wood and thorns are substitutes for the needles and pins. They too are sharp. All three may represent the pain of UTIs and STDs. Or the slivers of wood, thorns and needles/pins may have been used to "cut" and destroy the evil. Maybe it was both at the same time.

The inclusion of bones, usually chicken bones, could be because the cock was a solar symbol, with the cock's crow symbolizing sunrise. Witches and witchcraft belonged to the night, the time of darkness. So sunlight itself was deemed protective as it drove darkness away. Or it could be that the inclusion of chicken bones was an attempt to trick the witch or evil spirit into believing that the victim was already dead. Maybe the answer is both as well.

The most curious inclusion was the cloth heart. Again, these are among the rare items found in witch bottles. I'm curious to know if researchers have had the cloth hearts tested. My personal belief would be that the cloth heart would have had drops of blood from the person the bottle was made for on it. That's just what I would do. Or it could be that the cloth used to make the heart was in fact an unwashed piece of clothing from the person whom the bottle represented. Maybe both as well.

What we don't find as ingredients in these witch bottles are things like herbs, roots, gemstones, and the like, the kind of things that modern, self-styled witches use. The reason being is because these bottles are decoys for specific people and are not meant to repel or drive away evil.

It should be stated that Bellarmines were never popular for use as witch bottles in the U.S. Instead, witch bottles in the U.S. tended to be made of ceramic or glass. They did work their way into hoodoo and were recorded by Harry Middleton Hyatt. Hyatt also recorded various ways to identify or kill witches that often employed the use of urine. So perhaps the belief that UTIs and STDs were caused by witchcraft was a idea that spread and was still active in the U.S. at the time that Hyatt was conducting his interviews. It should be noted that neither Hyatt nor his informants call these things "witch bottles", but the ingredients and purpose are the same.

If you are interested in creating your own witch bottles to use as spiritual decoys or dummies then below are a couple of recipes that I have personally used. I was going to withhold the second recipe, considering it one of goodies from my "bag-o'-tricks" but then thought, "what the hell" might as well share it.

Traditional Bellarmine Witch Bottle

-1 Bellarmine Jug (or plain jug or bottle)
-Hair and/or nail clippings
-9 bent nails  and/or pins
-Urine (about a shot glass full)

Modern Bellarmine Witch Bottle

-1 Bellarmine Jug (or plain jug or bottle)
-Hair from the crown of the head
-Nail clippings from each finger on the right hand
-Nail clippings from each finger on the left hand
-Underarm hair from each armpit (if male or a woman who doesn't shave)
-Pubic hair
-Nail clipping from each toe on the right foot
-Nail clipping from each toe on the left foot
-Dead skin (the heel is a good place to take it from)
-Cloth heart made from one's unwashed clothing and containing drops of one's blood (women can use their menstrual blood if they so choose)
-Urine (about a shot glass full)
-1 magnet or lodestone (to draw anything thrown at you or sent to you toward it instead of hitting you)
-1 razor blade (to cut and kill the evil)
-*1 black stone (obsidian, jet, black tourmaline, etc.) [This is optional. Black stones work by not repelling evil but by absorbing it and neutralizing it.\

I fix my Bellarmines similarly to mojo hands, mainly that I pray and state my petition over them, spit into the bottles, breath into them, and then seal them before inhaling. Once fixed they are ready for use and can be buried or concealed in the home or on the property.

I can attest that these witch bottles do indeed work. However, the key is to understand how they work and how to properly employ them. Just constructing them is not going to help you. You have to know how to properly employ them.

Do not store these out in the open. They have your personal concerns in them. If you keep them out in the open then any enemy can steal them and have some powerful stuff to use against you.

Witch bottles were employed by burying them on the property or concealing them in the house. Evil and witchcraft love to take certain paths into your home. One of these paths was through the fireplace [Note that's how Santa Clause gains entry to the home. The fireplace was viewed as an entrance for the supernatural]. So this explains why many old witch bottles have been found in chimneys and fireplace mantels. You can create multiple witch bottles and bury one near the front door and others in concealed locations around the home. Pay attention to all means of entry, such as windows and vents. If possible, make one for each room.

When under spiritual attack, the evil or witchcraft is going to make a rush toward you. Ideally, you will want the witch bottle to be between you and the evil. That way the evil will sense the bottle first and mistake it for you. If the witch bottle is not in front of you and the oncoming evil then it won't be able to take the hit for you. So keep that in mind. Also note that when you are not at home you remain vulnerable to attack. So employ witch bottles in conjunction with other means of personal protection. Finally, once you deposit and employ your witch bottle you do not need to dig it up or take it out to refresh it in any way. As long as you included something to cut or kill the evil it will continue to work the rest of your life. If you buried it then the evil will be grounded and made harmless. If you want to move you can chose to dig them up and take them with you but it's not necessary. You can always just remake more once you settle in to your new home. People have only found the old witch bottles because the owners did not disturb them once they were in use.

Note: Witch bottles will protect against both witchcraft and lower level spirits. Spirits that are more intelligent may be able to see through this ruse and can still attack a person. That's why additional means of protection should be used along with witch bottles.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Ancient Man Was Non-Conscious - The Bicameral Mind

So I'm a big fan of the HBO series, West World. It's a remake of the 70s movie in a series format. The next episode is titled, "The Bicameral Mind".

The Bicameral Mind is a hypothesis of how consciousness developed. The hypothesis was put fort by Julian Jaynes in his 1976 book, "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind"

In a nutshell, the hypothesis states that consciousness, the ability of self-awareness, only evolved around 3,000 years ago. Prior to this time, human were non-conscious, having little to no self-awareness, something kin to an android or robot, only carrying out programmed behavior.

The word "bicameral" means "two-chambered". This is a reference to the belief that these non-conscious humans had their minds divided into roughly two hemispheres. The right hemisphere, call the god portion, and the left hemisphere. The god portion communicated to the left hemisphere via auditory hallucinations that humans interpreted as the voices of the gods or deceased ancestors. The left hemisphere simply obeyed the voices that told them what to do without question.

In a nutshell, people before 3,000 years ago did not understand that these voices where "theirs". They attributed thought and these auditory hallucinations to an outside, supernatural force, i.e. "the gods". It was this that spurned the development of religion where these "voices" appeared to be vastly superior to humans. Civilization was constructed around this framework, with a king or ruler that dictated behavior and subjects that did as they were told, reflecting the bicameral mind.

The important thing to comprehend about this is also the hardest thing to comprehend. How can a conscious being understand what it's like to be non-conscious?

These people, though outwardly looking human, even possessing human behavior, were not human mentally. There was nothing going on inside them. There was no introspection. They had no concept of "I"-ness. They were literally like robots. They merely responded to stimuli. The light was on but nobody's home.

There is considerable evidence that this is the case because much of the stories and writings of ancient man do survive. In these writings, which include much of the old portions of the Old Testament, it's clear that people were just like this. They constantly heard the gods (or God). They spoke nothing about any internal thoughts or feelings. It was only reaction to outward stimuli. It's very odd.

The one literary work that is picked as the best example of this is Homer's Odyssey. In it Odysseus hallucinates the voices of the gods telling him what to do left and right. His men, and every other character, are just robots who then obey his commands. They have no internal life. They are simple automatons.

Sometime around 3,000 years ago things began to change in human society. New stresses and circumstance helped for the evolution of "I"-ness, which is the birth of consciousness. Now mankind was fully human. The voices of the gods fell silent, only rearing their heads in that state between sleeping and wakefulness as well as various mental illnesses.

This is a remarkable, mind-blowing hypothesis. It's not without it's kinks but it's a fascinating subject to study. If this turns out to be true then I'm convinced there are people today who are non-conscious. I've met numerous people who claim that God talks to them in an actual voice and not just a feeling. I've met many more people that seem to be incapable of introspection. Can you imagine if the world slipped back into this non-conscious state again? One would be the last human on the planet even though the world would be full of people. Since we don't truly understand why consciousness evolved it may actually be possible that our species might once again slip back into non-consciousness and return to the bicameral mind.

Also, if this fascinates you like it does me, check out the link below. This truly frightens me!

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"The Head That Works For You: Apotropaic Vs. Show" - Hidden Charms Conference 2016

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Q & A - November 26, 2016

Sorry for not keeping up with this. The last few months have been busy. Unfortunately, I have not kept track of the questions I've received so I'm only going to post the ones I remember. If you submitted a question to me over the past few months and don't see it below, feel free to email it to me again.


"I found a dead black cat. Can I not just use a mirror to check the bones myself to find the magical bone or do I need another person? Can I do this at my house or do I have to do it at a river? Do I have to boil the dead cat?


The ritual for finding the magical black cat bone is quite specific. The ritual has to be followed to a "T". Finding a dead black cat will not cut it. The rite calls for the torture and killing of a black cat and even then only one of it's bones is considered to be magical. There are various ways of determining the magical bone. I do not recommend anyone carrying out this disturbing ritual. Anyone who does so belongs in jail. It is animal cruelty and it gives the practise a bad name. Sure, in the past when people thought less of animals this sort of thing probably happened a lot. In fact, I think this rite is where the belief about devil worshipers sacrificing black cats came from. I would strong advise that no one carry out this arcane ritual. Leave black cats be. Love them if you own one. Respect the animal as a living creature.


"I received a strange package in the mail. It was a bath set and a candle. There was a printed note from an anonymous person. The note implied that this was from a man but I got the distinct feeling that this was a woman pretending to be a man. However, what really bothered me was that there was a foul smelling grease that was smeared on the bottles and basket that held the bottles. The candle said it was plumeria but it smelled like rotten eggs and was making me sick. I remember reading something on your blog about cursing someone with a gift. Do you think this could be an example of such? What do I do? Is there a way to find out who sent it?"


You in danger girl!!!!! Wow! That's an obvious fixed gift meant to harm you. You are right, this is something that women tend to do more than men. So it could very well be a woman pretending to be a man, probably to make you think that it's a gift from a secret admirer. If you are in a relationship then it might be from a rival for your man. This was specifically done by fixing a bath set with the hope of you actually using it. Same with the candle. So I strongly hope you did not use the products nor burn the candle. If you still have the items then get rid of them immediately. If you want you can put them in a metal trashcan, salt them and then set them on fire. This will reverse the work back to the sender. I'm assuming you took this package into your house as well as handled the items. I would recommend you do a spiritual cleaning of both your house and yourself. If you have pets then I would recommend you cleanse them as well. Now that you know you have an enemy you must do things to protect yourself. Follow up your cleansing with some strong protection work. Don't forget to cleanse and protect your vehicle as well, as cars are also a popular target from enemies. If you want you can do either reversing work or enemy work. Since the enemy threw at you then you are now justified in using enemy work against them to protect yourself. As far as trying to discern who the enemy is, don't fret over it. The identity of the enemy is not crucial to remove, reverse, or cross them up. You might be able to identify the enemy based upon what is happening in your life now or by something that recently happened. Love rivals are often suspect number one but don't rule out bat shit crazy folks who are just jealous of you. In many cases, paranoid people often think everyone is throwing at them or spiritually attacking them so they think that it's okay to attack people in return. These people are certifiable nut jobs. They suffer from a persecution complex and so they lash out at others. When their work is reversed back to them they then fail to properly comprehend that their victim is only returning to them what they wished for them to suffer. So they usually interpret it as a further spiritual attack instead of learning their lesson. Be warned!


"You wrote that you can't turn a straight man gay but you then said that you can use magic to make a man sleep with you. Why the contradiction? You say it's not possible but I've heard from several people that it is possible. I was told that brujeria is far stronger than hoodoo and can do this. So why can't you do it?"


Yes. You can't turn a straight man gay anymore than you can turn a gay man straight. Yes, if you play your cards rights you can get a "straight" man to sleep with you. This is because most people lie somewhere on the bisexual spectrum of sexuality. Many people are curious or are interested in sexual experimentation. However, and I can't stress this enough, that sort of man will never be in a relationship with you. It will strictly be sex and usually will be just a one-time thing. Look, it's actually quite common for gay men to be sexually attracted to straight men. Most gay men learn the hard way that you can't make a person be gay. I know men who even underwent conversion therapy, who themselves know that nothing can make them straight, but act like they can make a straight man gay. I understand that the heart wants what it wants but the heart is addicted to being broken. If you think you can turn a gay man straight, then have at it. Give it a try and see if it works for you. Email me and tell me if you had success. Is Brujeria stronger than hoodoo? No. They are actually quite similar to each other, with the main difference being that most brujos and brujas are Catholic, while most hoodoo men and women are Protestants, specifically Baptists.


"I'm assuming you are Christian? I've noticed that a lot of witches like you are Christian. How do you reconcile doing witchcraft and the Bible?"


Hoodoo, although not a religion itself, is centered around Christianity. The overwhelming majority of practitioners are Protestant Christians, specifically Baptists. I am a liberal Christian. Extremely liberal. There is a huge difference between hoodoo and witchcraft. Witchcraft is not a synonym for magic. I hold to the old definition of the words witch and witchcraft, meaning evil-doers, people who use dark, evil or "black magic" against innocent people, usually motivated out of jealousy or greed. So I do not accept the label of witch or witchcraft for myself or for what I do.


"Which version of the Bible do you use or recommend?"


I use the KJV. Most traditional workers use the KJV simply because that is the version preferred by Baptists.


"I've been working a honey jar against my boss for over 4 months now with no real change. My boss is an asshole who treats me bad, yells at me, embarrasses me in from of my co-workers and often doesn't pay me on time. I'm supposed to get paid on the 11th and probably won't get paid. My boss has not paid me for over a month now. I know for a fact that my co-workers are getting paid on time. All he does is give me excuses. I've tried to talk to him about it but he just waives me off and now he refuses to talk about it at all. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix him and get him to pay me?"


You're being too nice. Your work is too nice. It's time for some strong, harsh work. I noticed you said you used a honey jar "against" him, meaning you think this is harsh and will get you the results you want. It's not. It's okay to use some sweetening when doing Pay Me work or Boss Fix work. However, you can't rely on sweetness alone. I recommend people trying the nice way first. Give people the chance to come around. Then if it doesn't work then bust out the big guns. You need to look into domination work and you need to light a fire under his ass. I also need to stress that these are all warning signs that your job is not right for you. I would strongly recommend you begin now to prepare your resume and start looking for another job. Another thing you might be interested in is enemy work to cross up his finances. What I have done in situations where someone owes me money and refuses to pay is to wash my hands of it. Before I wash my hands of the matter I do everything I can, starting out with sweetening work, then moving on to domination work and only after I've exhausted everything do I then consider washing my hands of the matter. When I reach that point where I realize that this person is never going to repay me I will cross their finances up so that in the very least they will loose the amount they owe me. If I have been incredibly wronged I may then do work to destroy the person's entire business and livelihood, if the situation is justified and calls for such treatment. Good luck.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving And Wishbone Lore & Fun!

So Turkey Day is upon us. Time for the family get-together. As we stuff our face holes let's remember the meaning of thanksgiving, to be thankful of our blessings.

I am thankful for my health, my family, and my friends. I am thankful for being alive and for being an American. I am thankful for having food on the table, a roof over my head, and money to pay my bills. I am thankful for you, my readers.

One of the things I like to do on Thanksgiving is watch the following episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It's titled, "Pangs", and was episode 8 of season 4. The episode is set on Thanksgiving and deals with themes of ill-treatment against Native Americans by Europeans. I enjoy this episode because it expresses a complex message. Sometimes you have to do things to protect yourself for your own survival, even wile understanding the pain and anger of your enemies.

Because of the horrendous atrocities performed against Native Americans, I like to take time on Thanksgiving to honor the Indian spirits I work with as well as show thanks to Native Americans. I do this in part because of the false belief that Thanksgiving celebrates Native Americans. It does not. Thanksgiving was originally designed as a religious holiday, a time not of feasting but of fasting and prayer. The first Thanksgivings in the Colonies were times where Native Americans reached out and helped Europeans. Europeans betrayed the trust of Native Americans and gave them genocide in return. So I do my best to truly make an effort to recognize the strength, beauty, and honor of the Native tribes.

As you feast on Turkey today, please remember the wishbone!

A wishbone, properly called a furcula, is a special bone that only birds and some dinosaurs possessed. It is formed by the fusing of the two clavicle bones. The wishbone is fragile. like all bird bones, to keep the weight of the bird down and make them light enough to fly. Because of their uniqueness, most cultures have attributed special powers to the bone. In European folklore, the wishbone is believed to attract good luck and to make wishes come true. Wishbones were also used in various divination rites to determine such things as the upcoming weather, such as the severity of an upcoming winter season, and even to divine the winner of a war. It is not just the wishbone of a turkey that is considered to posses such powers. The wishbone from any bird that has been eaten can be used. All that matters is that the bird be eaten first. This belief stems from ancient concepts of animal sacrifice and/or the slaughtering of animals for divination purposes, such as with haruspicy and hepatomancy, which was the examination of the entrails and/or liver of sacrificed animals in order to divine the future.

The Wishbone Wishing Ritual

1. Carefully remove the wishbone from the turkey. The wishbone is very fragile so do your best to avoid breaking it. If the wishbone is broken before the ritual can be done then it is useless and you miss out on the wish for the year. 

2. Two people will think of a wish. Do not speak the wish out loud but rather keep it to yourself. 

3. Each person will grab one end of the wishbone and then close their eyes. 

4. At a given signal, each person will pull their end of the wishbone until the wishbone snaps in two pieces. The two can then open their eyes.

5. The person holding the longer portion of the wishbone will have his/her wish granted. Again, keep the wish a secret and do not speak it out loud or tell anyone else what the wish is. 

Now, if you are cooking multiple birds this holiday and are in a crafty spirit you can do the following:

Making a Wishbone Ornament

These make good gifts and can also be used as a Christmas tree ornament. Take a whole wishbone and then paint it silver or gold. You can use leaf foil if you prefer. There are also paints that contain real gold, silver and other metals as well. If you want an antique look you an buy one of these products that have real bronze and then age it with vinegar, ammonia or a special antiquing solution that one can buy at a hobby or craft store, to give it a vintage look. After you are done painting and/or antiquing it you can then spruce it up with a ribbon. Twist wire around it to make a hanger or else tie twine to it to create one. You may add other things if you prefer. I once made one in silver, with a dual-tone silver and gold bow and with silver and brass jingle bells. It looked cool. Hang it on your altar or else give it as a gift to family or friends. Spread the luck!

Making Wishbone Oil

You can use a whole wishbone to make a special wishing oil, to make all your wishes come true. On a full moon, simply take a large container with a lid. To it add a whole, unbroken wishbone as well as 6 other lucky objects or herbs/roots believed to attract or increase good luck. Top it with at least enough oil of your choice to cover the items. Every day pray over it and/or recite a passage from the Bible concerning prosperity over it. Examples of Bible verses for prosperity include: Psalm 23, Psalm 1:3, Joshua 1:8, etc. Then place the cover or lid back on the container and keep in a hidden place from one full moon to the next full moon. After the next full moon you can then strain the oil, wash or discard the items/ingredients, and then scent the oil to your liking. I prefer bayberry, cinnamon, wintergreen or balsam fir, but you can literally scent the oil with anything you like or just leave it unscented if you prefer. Divide the oil into small bottles, label the bottles, and then use the oil to dress your candles, lodestones/magnets, and feed your hands or mojo bags.

Thanksgiving Trivia: Before the 1920s, one of the activities children did around Thanksgiving was the carving of Jack-O-Lanterns. This was because the carving of Jack-O-Lanterns was something that was done throughout the fall. It wasn't until after the 1920s that Jack-O-Lanterns became identified as something only done around Halloween. One can find many examples of vintage Thanksgiving cards that were made in the late 1800s and early 1900s that have both traditional Thanksgiving imagery along with a Jack-O-Lantern, such as in the following examples:


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kanye West Claims Under Spiritual Attack

Kanye West was hospitalized yesterday over his canceling of his latest concerts and erratic behavior. A source told People magazine that Kanye feels that he has been under "spiritual attack" for some time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Precatory Bean

A picture of a Precatory Bean necklace given to me by a client from South America. 

Precatory Bean, a.k.a. Crab's Eye Bean, Lady Bug Bean, Jumbie Bean, Prayer Bean, Rosary Bean/Pea, and Jequirity Bean is the red and black colored seed of a legume native to India. It's official name is Abrus Precatorius  It has a long and infamous history, mostly associated with witchcraft and murder. 

Though beautiful, Precatory Beans are among the world's deadliest plants. Ingesting one small seed is enough to kill a person. The poison is called Abrin and acts similarly to the Ricin toxin found in Castor Beans. There is no antidote. 

Due to their beauty and size, Precatory Beans were used as Rosary beads, which is why they have been given the names of Precatory, Prayer, or Rosary Beans.

In India and South Africa Precatory Beans are associated with witchcraft and are mainly used to decorate tools and items used in magic. In South America, Central America, and Mexico, Precatory Beans are believed to be lucky and protective, especially with regard to protecting against the evil eye as well as evil spirits. In Jamaica and surrounding areas, Precatory Beans are believed to have the power to protect one from Duppies. 

Traditionally, Precatory Beans were strung and worn as necklaces. Individual beans were used as ingredients in mojo bags, amulets and even statues. I have several small statues that have been "fixed" or "loaded" by having various items included in them. 

"Fixed" or "loaded" statues containing Precatory Beans as well as other ingredients.

If you would like to wear or use Precatory Beans for it's alleged magical power to protect from the evil eye and protect from negative spirits, as well as the promotion of good luck, then please make sure that children or pets do not have access to the seeds. I would hate to read of horror stories of a child's or beloved pet's death from accidental ingestion. Also, keep in mind that there are plenty of non-toxic options for those who would like protection from the evil eye and spirits that do not put animal or human life in potential jeopardy. 

Precatory Beans made the news last year when several shops in the UK sold trendy red and black necklaces and bracelets that were made from the beans. They were quickly recalled after employees recognized the beans as being poisonous. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Duppies And Psychics - Haunted Jamaica

This is an interesting documentary on the duppies, sometimes called jumbies, of Jamaica. The word duppy is believed to come from the Ghana word "adope", meaning dwarf. The Ghana people believed that all spirits appear as dwarves even if they were normal-sized when alive.

The word duppy is a catch-all name used to describe any supernatural spirit or entity. In reality, there are different types of duppies.

The duppy is what some would describe as an earthbound spirit. It's a spirit that is not at rest. A duppy can be male or female and of any racial background. However, in reality the duppies that are encountered are usually either the spirits of native Taino Indians, the spirits of black slaves, or the spirits of white slave owners or their family. The number one most encountered duppy appears to be the spirits of black slaves, followed by Taino Indians and then of white people. Very rarely do people report encounters with spirits from other racial backgrounds, such as Asian.

The European influence on the belief in duppies is quite evident. Duppies that were white women in life are sometimes called higues or old higues, which is a Jamaican derivation of hag. The European word hag, as synonym for witch, comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "hagtessa". These are the types of duppies that like to attack sleeping victims and sit on their chest, paralyzing them and preventing them from breathing. They steal your soul or life-force and if they aren't dealt with then the victim will slowly weaken, sicken and die with time. A minority of duppies are said to actually drink blood, which would put them closer to our notion of a vampire.

Duppies are well known for the ability to shape-shift. They love to appear as black men wearing fancy clothing, complete with top hat. Two of their other favorite forms are that of a headless person and or of an animal. When appearing in animal form there is usually something wrong with them or something not quite right. This is how people are able to tell that they are duppies in disguise. For example, those that appear as horses may have only three legs. They may appear as albino animals or as a dark version of a normally light colored animal. They may have strangely colored eyes or eyes that glow red. In the documentary, a woman briefly recounts her experience with a duppy in the form of a calf with chains wrapped around it. This is a notorious duppy whom Jamaicans call "rolling calf".

Pay attention to the remedies given for how to protect yourself from and deal with duppies. These can be used against most negative spirits. One of the ways to protect yourself from a duppy that is trying to follow you is to turn your hat backwards. Turning your hat backwards or clothing inside-out is a common European derived practiced that is used as protection against fairies and other negative spirits. It is believed that turning your hat backwards, clothing inside out, and/or putting shoes on the wrong feet, confuses the spirits so that they can not harm you. The recitation of Psalms and of course the speaking of Christ's name is also used.

I like the documentary. However, I do think the creator should have included more info on Obeah in it. There is some info in the latter half though. Obeah is the local magical practice of Jamaica. It is very similar to hoodoo in that it is not an actual religion such as the many ATR's, but is a system of folk magic, folk medicine, and folklore. However, Obeah is against the law in Jamaica so maybe that is why he didn't include a lot about it.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Metta World Peace and Justise Winslow Get Down With The Haints

So Metta World Peace and Justise Winslow recently stayed at the Skirvin Hotel in OKC. They both experienced the ghost of Effie.

I was the first person, back in 1996, to post about the hauntings on the Internet. My friends and I had befriended a security guard and over many a late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, he would fascinate us with tales of the haunting. So one day I decided to do an Internet search just to see if there was anything online about it. I didn't find a single thing about it. So I decided to post about it. I posted all the stories that the security guard told us. From there it seems the story just took off. I've been interviewed by the media about the haunting twice now and have unfortunately had to turn down a few other offers. I'm not trying to toot my own horn as I tend to shy away from media interviews but I am obsessed with this place. The very first time I went there, in 1994 and when it was still abandoned, I immediately felt a strong connection to it. While doing research at the OKC downtown library, I discovered that the hotel opened up on my birthday, back in 1911, and is the oldest hotel in Oklahoma. I remember having chills when I first learned of that.

If you ever visit OKC, I strongly recommend staying at the Skirvin. It's absolutely gorgeous. I'll admit that it was far spookier when the hotel was abandoned but I'm delighted that it was renovated and reopened.

To learn more about the hauned Skirvin Hotel, click the link below.

To read about Metta World Peace's and Justise Winslow's encounters, click the links below.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ravyn's Immediate Court Cast Work

One of my clients sent me a testimonial/review to post and I almost forgot about it! I found it while going through old emails.

This is Ravyn (fake name for anonymity). Ravyn hired me for court case work and for help with a specific situation. This was a case where time was of the utmost importance. This is what she has to say about it.

Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 11:20 AM
Subject: Thank you!!

I want to share my testimony regarding the help I have received from Doc. I have been struggling with frivolous, malicious criminal charges/court cases initiated by an ex boyfriend who seems determined to try and ruin my life. I was fortunate enough to run across Doc's blogs only 4 days before my scheduled court date. Talk about last minute. I reached out to him via email feeling desperate and lost. Honestly,  I did not expect to hear back from him and even if I did-I was certain that time would be an issue. I only had 4 days. Let me just begin by saying how wrong I was!! I received a response within the hour. He was so kind and compassionate. He was upfront in telling me there was no guarantee, but he promised to give it his all. I felt as though I could tell him anything-like an old friend. I agreed and he began work immediately! It did not matter that it was last minute, or on a weekend. He wanted to help me, and I found so much comfort in that! He answered all of my questions, and promptly responded to all of my emails! So professional! I want to tell everyone that today was my day in court. My ex boyfriend that initiated this drama DID NOT SHOW UP- and neither did the scheduled judge!!!! Wow! Just wow! My original case was dismissed! I am still in awe!! His work is amazing-absolutely AMAZING! He has a true gift. I am so grateful to him. He is honest and powerful! What an experience I have had so far! I have comfort in knowing that he is continuing to work on my behalf! God Bless you Doc! 

Sent from my iPhone

FYI: I normally do not take on last minute court cases. However, in this instance the spirits were really saying for me to do it. So I listened to them. I'm ecstatic of the results.

Hillary Clinton Destroyed The Democratic Party

I know I wrote in my last blog entry that that would be the last political post. However, I can't end there. I need my readers to know that Hillary is responsible for not only Trump's win but she is also responsible for what is to come. That "what is to come" is that there won't be another Democrat president for decades.

Leaked information from the DNC has revealed that they are not accepting blame for Hillary's loss, they are resisting restructuring, they are not ousting the people who rigged the primary in favor of Hillary. Instead, they have chosen to carry on as normal. This means that the DNC has already lost all future elections for a very long time. The DNC is thoroughly corrupt and does not represent the people who call themselves Democrats. Case in point: You know that something is very wrong with the DNC when the GOP's primary is transparent, meaning that everything is done in the light and everyone knows what is going on but the DNC chooses non-transparency and does everything in darkness, behind locked doors and sealed lips.

Through Wikileaks we know that the DNC had already planned on nominating Hillary back in as early as January 2015, over a year before the primary. In the emails Hillary actually tells her two buds leading the DNC to make sure to go meet with the other candidates so that they can give the impression that the selection process was fair. The whole purpose of the primary is to determine who is the strongest leader to represent the party. So the DNC rigged it to just give the nomination to her, someone who is considered to be the least liked politician in all of American history, the weakest candidate choice.

Because of Hillary's hubris, arrogance, narcissism, greed, corruption, sociopathy, and obsession to be the first female president at all costs, the Republicans not only gained the oval office, but gained control of the Senate, of Congress, and most likely of the Supreme Court as well.

Hillary Clinton is a despicable human being. For the younger people who have no idea of just how corrupt she is, watch the documentary below. It was made circa 2008. This woman has destroyed countless lives in her quest for ultimate power. She may have single-handedly destroyed the Democratic party.

Ultimately, the American people decided that voting someone who has no political experience, someone who makes sexist, racist, and homophobic comments, not to mention makes fun of the handicapped, would be a better option for president than her. That's how fucking horrible she is.

Just for the record, Hillary is a bitch. However, that's okay. The first female president is going to have to be a tough-as-nails, bossy bitch to get shit done and lead this country. I do not hold that against her. On the other hand, just because you are a bitch doesn't mean you have to be corrupt. They do not go hand-in-hand.

Hillary Clinton: Sex, Drugs, Money & Murder

13 Minutes Of Hillary's Lies

70 Minutes Of Hillary's Lies

Hillary Clinton desperately wanted to be the first female president of the U.S. and she was willing to do anything to get it. Unfortunately, Hillary will be forgotten by history. She hasn't accomplished anything of worth in her political career, either as lawyer, as First Lady, as Senator, as Secretary of State, and as a presidential candidate. She created an alleged fake charity to funnel millions of dollars into her family's pockets and now that Hillary finally realizes that she will never obtain her desire for ultimate power over America she is now grooming her daughter for a political life. My gut instincts tell me that America has had enough of the Clintons. The question now is not if the Clintons will make a come-back, as I believe they are now thoroughly defeated. The question is will Hillary and Bill ever be arrested for their crimes? My guess is no, that they will get away with it.

Just for the record, Chelsea is innocent. Wikileaks proves it. In the emails there is great concern about Chelsea digging in the books for the Clinton's charity and finding numerous unexplained payments to the Clintons' pimp, the man who was arranging the "pay-for-play" events. They were really concerned that Chelsea was going to uncover what was going on and that it would bring the whole house of cards down, with them going to prison. So we know Chelsea is innocent and truly didn't know how corrupt her mother and father were.

Also, emails prove that most of Hillary's staff is innocent as well. They were just as shocked by Hillary's corruption and they too feared that at anytime everything could fall. They routinely advised her to stop accepting "donations" of millions of dollars for meetings with foreign and corporate leaders because the public is watching her. Hillary didn't care. She wanted that dough. And here's another thing that the youth don't understand. Foreign leaders and leaders of corporations aren't just paying her millions to shoot the shit and talk about the weather. They were paying millions so that they could broker corrupt and illegal deals behind the scenes. I don't know why our youth can't seem to comprehend that.

Bernie Sanders is now dedicating his time to to rally for the complete take-over of the DNC so that it can be restructured and made to actually serve and represent the Democrat party and the American people. I sure as hell hope that he is successful. If he is not, there will not be another Democrat president for decades. However, it's also possible that Hillary's evil and corruption have completely destroyed the Democrat party as we know it.

****CORRECTION: I stated that Chelsea was innocent. I was wrong. Wikileaks proves she was dipping into the Clinton's charity to support herself for 10 years and used it's money to pay for her wedding. She's following in her parent's footprints. Please rise up and defeat her if she decides to run for Congress or she will be "Hillary v2.0".

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wikileaks - Donald Trump Won Because Corrupt DNC Rigged Primary In Favor of Hillary

This shall be my last political post concerning the election.

The DNC is corrupt and no longer represents actual Democrats. They rigged the primary in favor of Hillary Clinton and even though numerous polls at the time indicated the America public HATED her. They sabotaged Bernie Sanders and even though he continuously out-performed Hillary Clinton. They rigged the primary so that the weakest candidate won it, destroying any hope of winning the presidency. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why Hillary Lost And What This Means For The Nation

I voted for Hillary. Let me make that clear now at the start. However, I despise her. I'm old enough to know of her long record of corruption and lies. Young people just think it's about stupid emails. It's not. She's been corrupt for a very long time. She's been involved in shady doings for decades. So far, Wikileaks has proven to have been right about every single thing it help expose about Hillary. So why did I vote for her? Well, let me paraphrase comic Joy Behar.

"So you're on a plane with your choice of two lying scumbags to be in the cockpit. Do you chose the lying scumbag who has never flown a plane before or do you chose the lying scumbag who has flown a plane before?"

That's why I voted for Hillary. I also felt that I could not in good faith vote for a man who openly made sexist, racist, and homophobic comments. I personally am scared that Trump will set the civil rights, women rights and gay rights movements back decades. This is a man who has openly stated that he disagrees with gays having the federal backing of the right to marry and believes that each state should decide. His running mate supports gay conversion therapy and legislation to protect Christian business owners who want to discriminate against gays.

So I hated to vote for Hillary but I truly thought she was the lesser evil.

So why did Hillary lose? 

Hillary lost because this was an outsider election. This means that the American public is sick and tired of the corrupt establishment and want an outsider to lead them. Trump is an outsider, someone who has no political experience. Hillary was part of the corrupt establishment. Hillary is a dinosaur. Trump was the little furry mammal. The asteroid struck last night, the dinosaurs are dying and it's now the dawn of a new age. 

Hillary lost because the DNC is corrupt. The DNC should have never backed Hillary as it's nominee. Now we know just how corrupt the DNC was as it pretty much sabotaged any competition for Hillary. This is karma biting the DNC in the ass for it's evil ways. 

I have only been in one argument over this and you will never believe who it was with. Of all people, I argued with author Anne Rice on Facebook. Anne Rice became incredibly political this campaign and used her influence on her fans to persuade them to vote for Hillary in the primary. I took issue with Anne's tactics. I told her that there was no way Hillary could win if Trump won the nomination and that the only hope of the DNC would be to nominate Bernie, instead. Anne Rice disagreed vehemently with me and I had to inform her that as an older person that she was out of touch with the youth and with the nature and energy of this election. I told her this was an outsider election and that an outsider was going to win. She refused to entertain my words. I assume she took Trump's victory very badly. 

Not only is the DNC corrupt but the GOP is corrupt as well. The GOP tried very dirty tactics to prevent Trump from winning the nomination. Unlike with the DNC, they failed to oust Trump. This ensured the defeat of Hillary. 

If you took Hillary's loss extremely bad, became emotional, and was one of the thousands who openly cried last night then it was likely due to the fact that you were deceived by the media. The media is supposed to be neutral and unbiased. Through the leaked emails we know that mainstream media was in bed with Hillary and was using their influence to not only distort the actual reality of this election but to actually sway voters to her side. This level of corruption in the media has never been as bad as it was this election than in any previous years, in my opinion. The media lied to us. The media lied to us. The media lied to us. They did it over and over again. The mainstream media's deception and dirty tricks were so bad that many refused to call the win for Trump even though Hillary had already placed her phone call to Trump to concede. NBC was incredibly evil and dirty this year. They were among the last, if not the last, station to call the election for Trump and upon doing so the talking heads said very disturbing things about how the nation has entered into a new dark age. The media is wrong. 

What happened last night was a little thing called democracy. In a democracy, one candidate wins and the other loses. That's how it works. The American people have spoken. Trump is our new president. Everyone who is currently protesting Trump's victory are enemies of democracy and are truly fighting for a fascist dictatorship. 

It's time for the nation to come together. We need to unify. If Trump doesn't perform well as president he will be ousted in 2020. Because the will of the America people will always be heard at election. Just as it spoke last night it too can and will speak again in 4 more years and give us change.

As far as the U.S. losing it's potential for Hillary going down in history as the first female president of the U.S.? Well, don't let it bring you down. Perhaps it's best that history books won't have to record that the first female president of the U.S. was such an incredibly corrupt human being. What we do need is a fresh face, a relatively unknown woman with no history of scandal, to rise up at the right moment to capture the attention of the nation. For all we know that woman may be out there this very minute, creating plans to one day run for president. However, I will caution my readers to not make assumptions about who the first female president will be and what she will be like. Most people out there assume she will be a progressive democrat. However, the way our country is structured with regards to the opinions and views of the common folk, she is far more likely to be a conservative Republican. It doesn't truly matter because at least the glass ceiling which is cracked will indeed eventually shatter. 

This has been a crazy election and I'm glad it's over. Now is the time to accept this change, unify and walk arm-in-arm into the future. It will be okay. Just keep telling yourself that it will be okay. Because it truly will be. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Very First Woman To Run For President Of The United States

On the news they are saying that people are flocking to the grave of Susan B. Anthony, the famous feminist and women's suffrage leader, in anticipation of the U.S. finally having a female president.

This is wonderful and Susan B. Anthony was a great human being. However, let's not forget a feminist named Victoria Woodhull, who was the first woman to run for president way back in 1827.

Not only was Woodhull the first woman to run for president but she was also the first woman to own a brokerage firm on Wall Street. She also coined the the term "Free Love", but she defined the term as the right to marry whoever you wanted, despite the many laws at the time, such as those that made interracial marriages illegal.

In retaliation for the audacity of daring to run for president while possessing female genitalia, Woodhull was arrested on trumped up charges of obscenity for daring to publish slander concerning the alleged marital affairs of a prominent minister.

As to why she isn't more widely known today, I can only speculate that it's because she was also involved in subjects that most would considered "woo-woo". Believe it or not, the first woman to run for president was also a psychic, a Spiritualist, and was involved with alternative healing using magnets.

There were also unfounded rumors that she once worked as a prostitute which stems from her support for the legalization of prostitution, as such could then be regulated, but personally and morally she was opposed to such.

If Hillary wins the presidency it would be a great step for feminism but at the same time the U.S. is far behind the rest of the world with regard to women leaders. The modern world's first democratically elected female leader was Sirimavo Bandaranaike, who was elected as Prime Minister of Ceylon and Sri Lanka three times, starting in 1960.

If Hillary wins tonight, and let's cross our fingers that she does, let's light a candle for Victoria Woodhull. She was the real woman who cracked the glass ceiling and helping to pave the way for Hillary. As a psychic and Spiritualist, Woodhull was also "one of us".

Election Day

So we've finally reached the end of the election period. It's time to vote and make our voices heard. I strongly urge all my American readers to please make time to vote today if you have not already voted early. This election is incredibly important. Even if you dislike the candidates it's important to make a choice. The old saying of choosing the lesser evil may be quite apt with regard to this election. I can tell you that this election has bothered me more than any other that I've experienced and I will be relieved when it is finally over with.

If you have already voted or are going to vote today then I truly thank you for caring enough about the future of this country to take the time to make your voice heard.

I will not follow the election coverage tonight. I'm literally sick of politics. Instead, I will be holding a candle and prayer service/vigil for our nation. If you can, please also take time to pray today that our nation may be protected and blessed.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Largest Supermoon In 68 Years To Occur This Month

On November 14, 2016, the largest Supermoon that has occurred in 68 years will occur. The last Supermoon of this caliber happened back in 1948.

A Supermoon occurs when the full or new moon makes it's closest approach to earth, making the moon appear larger in the night sky.

This particular Supermoon for the most of us will be a once in a lifetime experience as the next one of this caliber will not occur until 2034.

For magical practitioners this month's full moon with be an extremely powerful time. I would recommend my readers take advantage of this and not just let it pass by. This will also be a good time for psychic readings as well.

A Supermoon can appear up to 14% larger and up to 30% brighter than a normal full moon. However, keep in mind that most people simply can not visually tell the difference due to light pollution.

Had Another Large Earthquake

Preliminary results are that it was a 5.3 but could have been higher. It was centered about an hour away from me. I can assure you that it is true that animals do have extra senses. One of my dogs began crying and acting weird right before the earthquake.

YouTube Know-It-Alls

You know it's kind of funny how many newbies immediately rush out and create their YouTube channel where they claim to teach as well as promote their services. Every now and then you come across some really great channels but there's just so much b.s. on YouTube that it just gets on my nerves sometimes.

I recently came across a certain YouTube channel. I liked her videos. It is obvious that she is a newb just from the content of her videos. However, there's nothing wrong with that. Everybody has to start somewhere. Yet problems arise when newbs believe they know everything and/or assert that one can not do something when in reality it is traditional to do exactly that which they are claiming you can't or shouldn't do.

This happens in books too. Case in part, multiple books from the LuckyMojo crowd claim that you can not and should not tear out pages from the Bible when in reality it is traditional to tear out pages. You don't have to tear out pages if you don't want to and that's perfectly fine. I wouldn't tear out pages from a family bible or from a very beautiful or expensive one. However, I sure will from a cheap dollar store one. To insist that one should never do such is just plain wrong. In this situation the problem is biblioidolatray, or bible idolatry, which is the treating of the bible as if it is God. It's not. It's just paper. Biblioidolatry or similar errors are usually found in religions where it is against the rules to have images of their deity or deities, so certain worshipers will latch on to something else, such as sacred scripture, and treat that as if it was an idol.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog. This newb YouTuber posted a video about using an ammonia jar for enemy work. Now, I wouldn't use ammonia for enemy work but whatever, this is her video. However, she mentioned that you have to dispose of the jar in running water. This is correct and especially if you want the enemy to be removed from your life. However, she then added that you can not throw it away in the trash or take it to a dump and that if you do that then you will fail and even implied that it's going to come back on you. That was the part that I took issue with.

So I left her a cordial comment saying that I liked her videos. I then casually told her that one actually could throw away items from an enemy work as one would be using the symbolism of the enemy being garbage or their life turning to trash. (Just think of the symbolism of the spell remains being in dump surrounded by decaying stuff. That's pretty powerful.) I've blogged on this before and I was actually taught you could do this by one of my teachers. However, she made it clear that you don't throw it away in your home trash. You take it outside and preferably in a dumpster away from your home. So that was the basis of my comment. It was short and tasteful, nothing mean at all. In return this woman explodes and goes ape shit on me. I literally just rolled my eyes as I read her reply. So I do not even reply further to her because there's no point. These type of people can't handle even the slightest hint of criticism even if it's of the constructive variety. My guess is she went nutty-nuts because she is using her channel to make money and anything that would suggest that she is not the expert she promotes herself to be would somehow interfere with her getting clients or make potential clients second guess hiring her. Well, my intention is not to interfere with her money stream nor was I rude or mean to her. So I just let it go. There's no point getting into an argument over this.

Moral of the story, be cautious with YouTubers. You will definitely find some gems out there but there is a lot of not-so-good channels out there.

I'm currently communicating with a Hispanic woman who has some AWESOME videos. This is old-school brujeria, just the white magic, more kin to curanderismo. She is bilingual but most of her videos are in Spanish since she assumes that most of her viewers will only speak Spanish. I'm trying to convince her to speak some English in the videos but she is trapped in thinking that she would have to make two separate videos for each topic, one in Spanish and one in English. I'm trying to get her to understand that she can just do one video and explain in both Spanish and English but this concept is eluding her for the moment. If I can talk her into doing this then I will be promoting her videos on my blog as she is really good.

****Edit: This YouTuber in question is now leaving harassing comments when I didn't reply back to her. I was correct. She accused me of trying to hurt her "business" by making her look "foolish". She admitted she has not had any training nor teachers. I politely told her to stop replying to me as I did not wish to further communicate with her and she replied to that with a message in all caps, which indicates that one is screaming, that I would pay for "messing with her", which is of course a veiled threat that she is going to do conjure work against me. I pity her as she clearly has mental issues and when it comes to my defending myself from enemies I show no mercy.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hag Stones

In the above picture are two hag stones in my personal collection. The larger one was found and the smaller one was purchased.

Hag stones, a.k.a. holy stones, holey stones, adder stones, or hex stones, are literally stones that have one or more naturally made holes going all the way through them. They are formed over long periods of time by flowing water that eats away weaker parts of the stone. 

The lore and powers of the hag stones come from European folk magic, Celtic to be precise. The lore of hag stones is incredibly ancient. The Druids of Gaul called them "serpent eggs" or "adder stones" and believed they were created by the secretions of a large mass of snakes, with the holes formed by the serpents' tongues. They were thought to be so powerful that anyone who possessed one could have power over kings and gain victory in anything they desired. Pliny the Elder even claimed that Emperor Claudius had a man executed merely because he wore one in order to win a legal dispute. 

The name hag stones literally means "witch stone". It gets it's name because it is believed these stones have the power to protect from witchcraft and repel witches. Besides these qualities, hag stones are also said to grant the owner the ability to see the fairies and spirits, as well as to see through any spell or glamour (a spell or power to make something appear more attractive or desirable than it actually is), by holding the stone to the eye and peering through the hole. In Christian times it was believed the stones gave the owner the ability to see through the tricks of the Devil. Additionally, hag stones were believed to be good for healing and especially diseases and conditions such as arthritis and gout, as well as any diseases brought upon through witchcraft.

Hag stones can be used as pocket pieces, kept on windowsills or above doorways, and strung on cords and hung up in windows or worn as necklaces. I've also read that hag stones are employed to this very day by certain sailors who attach them to their ships to prevent storms conjured by witchcraft. 

The most powerful hag stones are those you personally find. You can find them in various locations, such as on beaches and in river and creek beds. However, I found mine at my employer at the time. I had two large hobnail vases that I decided I would fill with some of the decorative gravel at my work. The gravel was actually quite beautiful, lots of natural reds, oranges, greens, browns and grays. I then filled the vases and kept them as decoration at my then apartment. When I tired of them and was going to throw them out I chanced to look at them more carefully. It was then that I found my "gem" It had two holes going clear through and I immediately knew it was a hag stone and could prove valuable to me. I've had it nearly 12 years now. The smaller hag stone in the picture I purchased at an occult shop and it too has two holes that go clear through. 

A ward of warning about hag stones. The manufacturing and selling of fake hag stones is increasing. Some vendors are at least honest and will state that these are hag stones they created themselves by boring holes in stones. Others will openly deceive people into thinking they are purchasing the genuine thing. A fake hag stone is worthless and has no power. The hole(s) must be made by nature or else all you have is a rock. If you are going to purchase a hag stone online take a close look at the picture or if you are buying it in person examine the piece. If it appears too perfect then it's probably fake. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Another Fake Spell Caster Busted Stealing My Stuff And From A Person I Respect

So I was surfing Ebay last night and lo and behold I found another fake spell caster who stole my stuff to promote his shitty business. First, he stole a picture from a YouTuber who I greatly admire and who I have communicated with on several occasions. That YouTuber is a Sancista and Brujo who does a little bit of hoodoo as well. So I was shocked when I recognized that the picture this scammer was using came directly from a video from this Sancista. It was a picture of one of his altars. Then as I scrolled down this fake caster's listing I find that this fucker stole the following from my blog:

"All packaging is in the manner of the old-school, traditional conjure work. This means no fancy bottles, packaging, or labels."

This scammer stole that directly from my blog entry on my services that I offer.

WTF is wrong with these idiots? Why do these people feel that it's okay to steal shit that doesn't belong to them and use it to make money?

I'm still so fucking pissed from that bitch who stole my pictures of my alter for cancer victims to promote her shitty business that I could literally channel the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah upon them. If you have to steal pictures of altars then it's because you don't have one. And if you don't have an altar you have no right to be a professional spell caster.