Friday, November 4, 2016

Another Fake Spell Caster Busted Stealing My Stuff And From A Person I Respect

So I was surfing Ebay last night and lo and behold I found another fake spell caster who stole my stuff to promote his shitty business. First, he stole a picture from a YouTuber who I greatly admire and who I have communicated with on several occasions. That YouTuber is a Sancista and Brujo who does a little bit of hoodoo as well. So I was shocked when I recognized that the picture this scammer was using came directly from a video from this Sancista. It was a picture of one of his altars. Then as I scrolled down this fake caster's listing I find that this fucker stole the following from my blog:

"All packaging is in the manner of the old-school, traditional conjure work. This means no fancy bottles, packaging, or labels."

This scammer stole that directly from my blog entry on my services that I offer.

WTF is wrong with these idiots? Why do these people feel that it's okay to steal shit that doesn't belong to them and use it to make money?

I'm still so fucking pissed from that bitch who stole my pictures of my alter for cancer victims to promote her shitty business that I could literally channel the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah upon them. If you have to steal pictures of altars then it's because you don't have one. And if you don't have an altar you have no right to be a professional spell caster.

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