Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton Destroyed The Democratic Party

I know I wrote in my last blog entry that that would be the last political post. However, I can't end there. I need my readers to know that Hillary is responsible for not only Trump's win but she is also responsible for what is to come. That "what is to come" is that there won't be another Democrat president for decades.

Leaked information from the DNC has revealed that they are not accepting blame for Hillary's loss, they are resisting restructuring, they are not ousting the people who rigged the primary in favor of Hillary. Instead, they have chosen to carry on as normal. This means that the DNC has already lost all future elections for a very long time. The DNC is thoroughly corrupt and does not represent the people who call themselves Democrats. Case in point: You know that something is very wrong with the DNC when the GOP's primary is transparent, meaning that everything is done in the light and everyone knows what is going on but the DNC chooses non-transparency and does everything in darkness, behind locked doors and sealed lips.

Through Wikileaks we know that the DNC had already planned on nominating Hillary back in as early as January 2015, over a year before the primary. In the emails Hillary actually tells her two buds leading the DNC to make sure to go meet with the other candidates so that they can give the impression that the selection process was fair. The whole purpose of the primary is to determine who is the strongest leader to represent the party. So the DNC rigged it to just give the nomination to her, someone who is considered to be the least liked politician in all of American history, the weakest candidate choice.

Because of Hillary's hubris, arrogance, narcissism, greed, corruption, sociopathy, and obsession to be the first female president at all costs, the Republicans not only gained the oval office, but gained control of the Senate, of Congress, and most likely of the Supreme Court as well.

Hillary Clinton is a despicable human being. For the younger people who have no idea of just how corrupt she is, watch the documentary below. It was made circa 2008. This woman has destroyed countless lives in her quest for ultimate power. She may have single-handedly destroyed the Democratic party.

Ultimately, the American people decided that voting someone who has no political experience, someone who makes sexist, racist, and homophobic comments, not to mention makes fun of the handicapped, would be a better option for president than her. That's how fucking horrible she is.

Just for the record, Hillary is a bitch. However, that's okay. The first female president is going to have to be a tough-as-nails, bossy bitch to get shit done and lead this country. I do not hold that against her. On the other hand, just because you are a bitch doesn't mean you have to be corrupt. They do not go hand-in-hand.

Hillary Clinton: Sex, Drugs, Money & Murder

13 Minutes Of Hillary's Lies

70 Minutes Of Hillary's Lies

Hillary Clinton desperately wanted to be the first female president of the U.S. and she was willing to do anything to get it. Unfortunately, Hillary will be forgotten by history. She hasn't accomplished anything of worth in her political career, either as lawyer, as First Lady, as Senator, as Secretary of State, and as a presidential candidate. She created an alleged fake charity to funnel millions of dollars into her family's pockets and now that Hillary finally realizes that she will never obtain her desire for ultimate power over America she is now grooming her daughter for a political life. My gut instincts tell me that America has had enough of the Clintons. The question now is not if the Clintons will make a come-back, as I believe they are now thoroughly defeated. The question is will Hillary and Bill ever be arrested for their crimes? My guess is no, that they will get away with it.

Just for the record, Chelsea is innocent. Wikileaks proves it. In the emails there is great concern about Chelsea digging in the books for the Clinton's charity and finding numerous unexplained payments to the Clintons' pimp, the man who was arranging the "pay-for-play" events. They were really concerned that Chelsea was going to uncover what was going on and that it would bring the whole house of cards down, with them going to prison. So we know Chelsea is innocent and truly didn't know how corrupt her mother and father were.

Also, emails prove that most of Hillary's staff is innocent as well. They were just as shocked by Hillary's corruption and they too feared that at anytime everything could fall. They routinely advised her to stop accepting "donations" of millions of dollars for meetings with foreign and corporate leaders because the public is watching her. Hillary didn't care. She wanted that dough. And here's another thing that the youth don't understand. Foreign leaders and leaders of corporations aren't just paying her millions to shoot the shit and talk about the weather. They were paying millions so that they could broker corrupt and illegal deals behind the scenes. I don't know why our youth can't seem to comprehend that.

Bernie Sanders is now dedicating his time to to rally for the complete take-over of the DNC so that it can be restructured and made to actually serve and represent the Democrat party and the American people. I sure as hell hope that he is successful. If he is not, there will not be another Democrat president for decades. However, it's also possible that Hillary's evil and corruption have completely destroyed the Democrat party as we know it.

****CORRECTION: I stated that Chelsea was innocent. I was wrong. Wikileaks proves she was dipping into the Clinton's charity to support herself for 10 years and used it's money to pay for her wedding. She's following in her parent's footprints. Please rise up and defeat her if she decides to run for Congress or she will be "Hillary v2.0".

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