Thursday, November 17, 2016

Metta World Peace and Justise Winslow Get Down With The Haints

So Metta World Peace and Justise Winslow recently stayed at the Skirvin Hotel in OKC. They both experienced the ghost of Effie.

I was the first person, back in 1996, to post about the hauntings on the Internet. My friends and I had befriended a security guard and over many a late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, he would fascinate us with tales of the haunting. So one day I decided to do an Internet search just to see if there was anything online about it. I didn't find a single thing about it. So I decided to post about it. I posted all the stories that the security guard told us. From there it seems the story just took off. I've been interviewed by the media about the haunting twice now and have unfortunately had to turn down a few other offers. I'm not trying to toot my own horn as I tend to shy away from media interviews but I am obsessed with this place. The very first time I went there, in 1994 and when it was still abandoned, I immediately felt a strong connection to it. While doing research at the OKC downtown library, I discovered that the hotel opened up on my birthday, back in 1911, and is the oldest hotel in Oklahoma. I remember having chills when I first learned of that.

If you ever visit OKC, I strongly recommend staying at the Skirvin. It's absolutely gorgeous. I'll admit that it was far spookier when the hotel was abandoned but I'm delighted that it was renovated and reopened.

To learn more about the hauned Skirvin Hotel, click the link below.

To read about Metta World Peace's and Justise Winslow's encounters, click the links below.

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