Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ravyn's Immediate Court Cast Work

One of my clients sent me a testimonial/review to post and I almost forgot about it! I found it while going through old emails.

This is Ravyn (fake name for anonymity). Ravyn hired me for court case work and for help with a specific situation. This was a case where time was of the utmost importance. This is what she has to say about it.

Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 11:20 AM
Subject: Thank you!!

I want to share my testimony regarding the help I have received from Doc. I have been struggling with frivolous, malicious criminal charges/court cases initiated by an ex boyfriend who seems determined to try and ruin my life. I was fortunate enough to run across Doc's blogs only 4 days before my scheduled court date. Talk about last minute. I reached out to him via email feeling desperate and lost. Honestly,  I did not expect to hear back from him and even if I did-I was certain that time would be an issue. I only had 4 days. Let me just begin by saying how wrong I was!! I received a response within the hour. He was so kind and compassionate. He was upfront in telling me there was no guarantee, but he promised to give it his all. I felt as though I could tell him anything-like an old friend. I agreed and he began work immediately! It did not matter that it was last minute, or on a weekend. He wanted to help me, and I found so much comfort in that! He answered all of my questions, and promptly responded to all of my emails! So professional! I want to tell everyone that today was my day in court. My ex boyfriend that initiated this drama DID NOT SHOW UP- and neither did the scheduled judge!!!! Wow! Just wow! My original case was dismissed! I am still in awe!! His work is amazing-absolutely AMAZING! He has a true gift. I am so grateful to him. He is honest and powerful! What an experience I have had so far! I have comfort in knowing that he is continuing to work on my behalf! God Bless you Doc! 

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FYI: I normally do not take on last minute court cases. However, in this instance the spirits were really saying for me to do it. So I listened to them. I'm ecstatic of the results.

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