Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Very First Woman To Run For President Of The United States

On the news they are saying that people are flocking to the grave of Susan B. Anthony, the famous feminist and women's suffrage leader, in anticipation of the U.S. finally having a female president.

This is wonderful and Susan B. Anthony was a great human being. However, let's not forget a feminist named Victoria Woodhull, who was the first woman to run for president way back in 1827.

Not only was Woodhull the first woman to run for president but she was also the first woman to own a brokerage firm on Wall Street. She also coined the the term "Free Love", but she defined the term as the right to marry whoever you wanted, despite the many laws at the time, such as those that made interracial marriages illegal.

In retaliation for the audacity of daring to run for president while possessing female genitalia, Woodhull was arrested on trumped up charges of obscenity for daring to publish slander concerning the alleged marital affairs of a prominent minister.

As to why she isn't more widely known today, I can only speculate that it's because she was also involved in subjects that most would considered "woo-woo". Believe it or not, the first woman to run for president was also a psychic, a Spiritualist, and was involved with alternative healing using magnets.

There were also unfounded rumors that she once worked as a prostitute which stems from her support for the legalization of prostitution, as such could then be regulated, but personally and morally she was opposed to such.

If Hillary wins the presidency it would be a great step for feminism but at the same time the U.S. is far behind the rest of the world with regard to women leaders. The modern world's first democratically elected female leader was Sirimavo Bandaranaike, who was elected as Prime Minister of Ceylon and Sri Lanka three times, starting in 1960.

If Hillary wins tonight, and let's cross our fingers that she does, let's light a candle for Victoria Woodhull. She was the real woman who cracked the glass ceiling and helping to pave the way for Hillary. As a psychic and Spiritualist, Woodhull was also "one of us".

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