Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why Hillary Lost And What This Means For The Nation

I voted for Hillary. Let me make that clear now at the start. However, I despise her. I'm old enough to know of her long record of corruption and lies. Young people just think it's about stupid emails. It's not. She's been corrupt for a very long time. She's been involved in shady doings for decades. So far, Wikileaks has proven to have been right about every single thing it help expose about Hillary. So why did I vote for her? Well, let me paraphrase comic Joy Behar.

"So you're on a plane with your choice of two lying scumbags to be in the cockpit. Do you chose the lying scumbag who has never flown a plane before or do you chose the lying scumbag who has flown a plane before?"

That's why I voted for Hillary. I also felt that I could not in good faith vote for a man who openly made sexist, racist, and homophobic comments. I personally am scared that Trump will set the civil rights, women rights and gay rights movements back decades. This is a man who has openly stated that he disagrees with gays having the federal backing of the right to marry and believes that each state should decide. His running mate supports gay conversion therapy and legislation to protect Christian business owners who want to discriminate against gays.

So I hated to vote for Hillary but I truly thought she was the lesser evil.

So why did Hillary lose? 

Hillary lost because this was an outsider election. This means that the American public is sick and tired of the corrupt establishment and want an outsider to lead them. Trump is an outsider, someone who has no political experience. Hillary was part of the corrupt establishment. Hillary is a dinosaur. Trump was the little furry mammal. The asteroid struck last night, the dinosaurs are dying and it's now the dawn of a new age. 

Hillary lost because the DNC is corrupt. The DNC should have never backed Hillary as it's nominee. Now we know just how corrupt the DNC was as it pretty much sabotaged any competition for Hillary. This is karma biting the DNC in the ass for it's evil ways. 

I have only been in one argument over this and you will never believe who it was with. Of all people, I argued with author Anne Rice on Facebook. Anne Rice became incredibly political this campaign and used her influence on her fans to persuade them to vote for Hillary in the primary. I took issue with Anne's tactics. I told her that there was no way Hillary could win if Trump won the nomination and that the only hope of the DNC would be to nominate Bernie, instead. Anne Rice disagreed vehemently with me and I had to inform her that as an older person that she was out of touch with the youth and with the nature and energy of this election. I told her this was an outsider election and that an outsider was going to win. She refused to entertain my words. I assume she took Trump's victory very badly. 

Not only is the DNC corrupt but the GOP is corrupt as well. The GOP tried very dirty tactics to prevent Trump from winning the nomination. Unlike with the DNC, they failed to oust Trump. This ensured the defeat of Hillary. 

If you took Hillary's loss extremely bad, became emotional, and was one of the thousands who openly cried last night then it was likely due to the fact that you were deceived by the media. The media is supposed to be neutral and unbiased. Through the leaked emails we know that mainstream media was in bed with Hillary and was using their influence to not only distort the actual reality of this election but to actually sway voters to her side. This level of corruption in the media has never been as bad as it was this election than in any previous years, in my opinion. The media lied to us. The media lied to us. The media lied to us. They did it over and over again. The mainstream media's deception and dirty tricks were so bad that many refused to call the win for Trump even though Hillary had already placed her phone call to Trump to concede. NBC was incredibly evil and dirty this year. They were among the last, if not the last, station to call the election for Trump and upon doing so the talking heads said very disturbing things about how the nation has entered into a new dark age. The media is wrong. 

What happened last night was a little thing called democracy. In a democracy, one candidate wins and the other loses. That's how it works. The American people have spoken. Trump is our new president. Everyone who is currently protesting Trump's victory are enemies of democracy and are truly fighting for a fascist dictatorship. 

It's time for the nation to come together. We need to unify. If Trump doesn't perform well as president he will be ousted in 2020. Because the will of the America people will always be heard at election. Just as it spoke last night it too can and will speak again in 4 more years and give us change.

As far as the U.S. losing it's potential for Hillary going down in history as the first female president of the U.S.? Well, don't let it bring you down. Perhaps it's best that history books won't have to record that the first female president of the U.S. was such an incredibly corrupt human being. What we do need is a fresh face, a relatively unknown woman with no history of scandal, to rise up at the right moment to capture the attention of the nation. For all we know that woman may be out there this very minute, creating plans to one day run for president. However, I will caution my readers to not make assumptions about who the first female president will be and what she will be like. Most people out there assume she will be a progressive democrat. However, the way our country is structured with regards to the opinions and views of the common folk, she is far more likely to be a conservative Republican. It doesn't truly matter because at least the glass ceiling which is cracked will indeed eventually shatter. 

This has been a crazy election and I'm glad it's over. Now is the time to accept this change, unify and walk arm-in-arm into the future. It will be okay. Just keep telling yourself that it will be okay. Because it truly will be. 


  1. I held my nose and voted for Hillary. John Morley said "You have not converted a man because you have silenced him."
    The PC culture has silenced a lot of people but hasn't converted them. That's pretty obvious now. You really can't get away with calling half of the voting public ignorant redneck bigots without consequence. Sure lots are sexist, racist, and homophobic. The truth is that just about everyone can be at certain times. It's part of human nature. If you don't believe that then you are either living a fantasy or are as socially intolerant as you think they are. The question is WHY they are that way, You can't convert people by shoving those moral failures into their faces. The arrogance of Hillary's campaign in thinking anyone who didn't see how great she was were morons is absolutely breathtaking.

    1. I was a Bernie supporter all the way but even before it was released that the DNC rigged the primary to give Hillary the nomination, I knew she could not defeat Trump. The problem is the ignorance of the youth. Older people, such as myself, knew of Hillary's decades worth of scandals and corruption. The youth do not. So they can't understand why people would vote for Trump over Hillary. They cant' fathom how a bigot can be viewed as being the better option because they don't know of her evil.

      In the end, we get the country we deserve and Trump is our punishment for allowing the corruption to flourish unchecked. I just can't wait until Trump supporters finally realize that he is not going to be a our messiah and especially when it becomes clear that he's not going to keep his promises.