Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wikileaks - Donald Trump Won Because Corrupt DNC Rigged Primary In Favor of Hillary

This shall be my last political post concerning the election.

The DNC is corrupt and no longer represents actual Democrats. They rigged the primary in favor of Hillary Clinton and even though numerous polls at the time indicated the America public HATED her. They sabotaged Bernie Sanders and even though he continuously out-performed Hillary Clinton. They rigged the primary so that the weakest candidate won it, destroying any hope of winning the presidency. 


  1. I sometimes wonder if they did it on purpose so they could lose the Presidency and get a wave election in 2020 to win back both houses & 5$3 Senate.

    1. No. Wikileaks revealed that in January 2015, long before the primaries, that the DNC had already given the nomination to Hillary. She even tells them to go meet with the other candidates to make it look like the selection was fair. I'm going to poste another blog entry about Hillary's corruption. There won't be another Democrat president for decades. Hillary may have single-handedly destroyed the Democrat party.