Sunday, November 6, 2016

YouTube Know-It-Alls

You know it's kind of funny how many newbies immediately rush out and create their YouTube channel where they claim to teach as well as promote their services. Every now and then you come across some really great channels but there's just so much b.s. on YouTube that it just gets on my nerves sometimes.

I recently came across a certain YouTube channel. I liked her videos. It is obvious that she is a newb just from the content of her videos. However, there's nothing wrong with that. Everybody has to start somewhere. Yet problems arise when newbs believe they know everything and/or assert that one can not do something when in reality it is traditional to do exactly that which they are claiming you can't or shouldn't do.

This happens in books too. Case in part, multiple books from the LuckyMojo crowd claim that you can not and should not tear out pages from the Bible when in reality it is traditional to tear out pages. You don't have to tear out pages if you don't want to and that's perfectly fine. I wouldn't tear out pages from a family bible or from a very beautiful or expensive one. However, I sure will from a cheap dollar store one. To insist that one should never do such is just plain wrong. In this situation the problem is biblioidolatray, or bible idolatry, which is the treating of the bible as if it is God. It's not. It's just paper. Biblioidolatry or similar errors are usually found in religions where it is against the rules to have images of their deity or deities, so certain worshipers will latch on to something else, such as sacred scripture, and treat that as if it was an idol.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog. This newb YouTuber posted a video about using an ammonia jar for enemy work. Now, I wouldn't use ammonia for enemy work but whatever, this is her video. However, she mentioned that you have to dispose of the jar in running water. This is correct and especially if you want the enemy to be removed from your life. However, she then added that you can not throw it away in the trash or take it to a dump and that if you do that then you will fail and even implied that it's going to come back on you. That was the part that I took issue with.

So I left her a cordial comment saying that I liked her videos. I then casually told her that one actually could throw away items from an enemy work as one would be using the symbolism of the enemy being garbage or their life turning to trash. (Just think of the symbolism of the spell remains being in dump surrounded by decaying stuff. That's pretty powerful.) I've blogged on this before and I was actually taught you could do this by one of my teachers. However, she made it clear that you don't throw it away in your home trash. You take it outside and preferably in a dumpster away from your home. So that was the basis of my comment. It was short and tasteful, nothing mean at all. In return this woman explodes and goes ape shit on me. I literally just rolled my eyes as I read her reply. So I do not even reply further to her because there's no point. These type of people can't handle even the slightest hint of criticism even if it's of the constructive variety. My guess is she went nutty-nuts because she is using her channel to make money and anything that would suggest that she is not the expert she promotes herself to be would somehow interfere with her getting clients or make potential clients second guess hiring her. Well, my intention is not to interfere with her money stream nor was I rude or mean to her. So I just let it go. There's no point getting into an argument over this.

Moral of the story, be cautious with YouTubers. You will definitely find some gems out there but there is a lot of not-so-good channels out there.

I'm currently communicating with a Hispanic woman who has some AWESOME videos. This is old-school brujeria, just the white magic, more kin to curanderismo. She is bilingual but most of her videos are in Spanish since she assumes that most of her viewers will only speak Spanish. I'm trying to convince her to speak some English in the videos but she is trapped in thinking that she would have to make two separate videos for each topic, one in Spanish and one in English. I'm trying to get her to understand that she can just do one video and explain in both Spanish and English but this concept is eluding her for the moment. If I can talk her into doing this then I will be promoting her videos on my blog as she is really good.

****Edit: This YouTuber in question is now leaving harassing comments when I didn't reply back to her. I was correct. She accused me of trying to hurt her "business" by making her look "foolish". She admitted she has not had any training nor teachers. I politely told her to stop replying to me as I did not wish to further communicate with her and she replied to that with a message in all caps, which indicates that one is screaming, that I would pay for "messing with her", which is of course a veiled threat that she is going to do conjure work against me. I pity her as she clearly has mental issues and when it comes to my defending myself from enemies I show no mercy.

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  1. Do you know the videos name for the Spanish speaking brujería videos I speak Spanish thanks