Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Warning Against Price-Shopping And Haggling

I feel the need to warn people about price-shopping and haggling over prices with regards to hiring a conjure worker or spell caster. I get my fair share of people who engage in this behavior. It doesn't upset me but it does make me worry that the person is setting themselves up to be scammed.

First, let's talk about respect. It is disrespectful to price-shop and haggle over prices with a worker or spell caster. I purposefully keep my prices reasonable and would prefer to just turn down clients who have unreasonable expectations or who are wanting way too many things that would come with a normal work. It's just easier to turn a person down then attempt to explain that what they are wanting is not doable for my price points and that I would have to charge more unless they modified what they are wanting. So it's disrespectful to to try to price shop and haggle over prices when they are lower than or even consistent with the standard or average price for conjure work.

I have a background in sales. One of the first things I was taught in sales was that people lie and they lie all the time. They lie and say they have no money. They lie and say they can't afford something. They lie and say that the cost is too high. In sales we are taught to recognize when a person is lying and to ignore it and continue on. When a person says they can't afford something or that the price is too high it's usually a combination of unreasonable expectations as well as ignorance. When I write ignorance I do not mean that in a disrespectful way. We, myself included, are all ignorant on something and most of us are ignorant on multiple somethings.

An example of unreasonable expectations can be from a person who thinks they deserve something for free or a person who has come to their own conclusion of what they think a product or service should cost and/or were misled by someone else about how much a product or service should cost. When a person says they can't afford it they are either saying they don't want to pay for it and want it for free or they are saying that they don't want to sacrifice anything else that they spend their money on in order to get this. This last bit is important as the average person spends a great deal of their money on things like eating out, entertainment and trivial purchases.

So let's take the example of a person who says they can't afford it but in reality they are lying and simply do not want to pay for it. Let's take a woman who is a mother of three. Let's say I'm selling a vacuum cleaner. The mother responds that she can't afford $300 for a vacuum cleaner due to her being a mother and due to the holidays. So I immediately know she's lying and I simply ignore her lies and continue on. How do I know she's lying? Because by using the excuse that it's the holidays it tells me that she can afford it but just doesn't want to spend $300 on a vacuum. She has unreasonable expectations and assumptions of what a vacuum cleaner should cost and it's my job to destroy her expectations and maneuver her into realizing she's ignorant, but me doing it in a nice way, of course.

So I destroy her expectations and assumptions by confirming to her that I know what she's doing with her current vacuum. I know it takes forever for her to vacuum her carpet because her vacuum is a piece of shit. How many of you have to reach down and pick up a stupid string that your vacuum can't pick up? You then have to stop and throw the stupid string away or else put it in your pocket to throw away later. You think that having to pick up a string that your vacuum can't get is normal. It's not! A real vacuum cleaner can pick up a stupid string. A piece of shit vacuum cannot. You are wasting your time and are being fooled into thinking that since your vacuum makes a loud noise that it is working. If it can't pick up a stupid piece of string then you vacuum isn't sucking up anything. It's useless. Now imagine having the vacuum I'm selling that actually works and does what it's supposed to. Imagine only making one pass over your carpets, instead of making multiple passes, and finishing the entire home in under 5 minutes. Once a person has their false expectations destroyed then they become educated and see how they truly need this item.

Why do I spend this time with the vacuum cleaner analogy? Because many people who price-shop and haggle are ignorant. Again, not being mean as we are all ignorant on various things. They thing about ignorance is that we don't know that which we are ignorant of. So I have to destroy their expectations and assumptions so that person becomes educated and correctly perceives the situation.

Why is price shopping and haggling so bad? Because people who engage in such are operating under the false expectation that they will receive the same level of service no matter who you go through. You're not! You get what you pay for! People who price shop and haggle think that this protects them from being scammed. It doesn't! In fact, people who price shop and haggle over prices are beacons and magnets for scammers. Because the minute you price shop and haggle you are broadcasting to any scammers that you are a sucker for a lower price. So the scammer will easily give these people a lower price because they recognize that these people are ignorant of how the process works and then take advantage of that ignorance.

So please be careful and please avoid this behavior. Sure, there are instances where a worker or caster may strike a deal with a client. That's fine. However, if you aren't careful then this behavior can lead to the opposite of what you are trying to avoid.

(Back to the vacuum cleaner....I'm 100% honest. The overwhelming majority of people are brainwashed into thinking that if it makes a noise then it's working. The overwhelming majority of people make multiple passes over their carpets and it takes a while to vacuum the entire house. People don't realize that a real vacuum cleaner can pick up a piece of string and that it only takes one pass that's it. A real vacuum makes cleaning a breeze. If you don't have a real vacuum then you are just wasting your time. Don't believe me? Use a carpet shampooer. Do it and be shocked by how dirty the water is. That's due to all the dirt your vacuum is not picking up. You think you are cleaning but you are just wasting your time. You might as well not even vacuum at all. Invest money in a real vacuum cleaner. You will thank me!)

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