Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cinnamon Brooms

I really love cinnamon brooms. I try to buy a new one every year. I try to buy one when they first hit the stores in September or early October. They normally arrive before Halloween. I then decorate it with Halloween ribbon and Autumn leaves and use it for decoration. After Halloween I refresh it and remove the Halloween decorations while keeping the Autumn leaves and use it as decoration for Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving I remove the Autumn leaves, refresh the broom and then decorate it for Christmas. Finally, after Christmas I remove the Christmas decorations and decorate it for New Years with silver and/or gold ribbons and with bells. After New Years I just leave the broom as is until I discard it.

Despite the name, Cinnamon brooms are made from Pine straws. They then are dressed with Cinnamon oil to give them their unique fragrance.

As far as magic goes, Pine is good for both cleansing as well as money-drawing. Cinnamon is good for both love and luck.

Many people would be shocked to learn that you can actually buy these brooms with other scents as well. They are good for both decoration, use as air fresheners, as well us in rituals for both cleansing of people and homes.

Now, if you have ever had a cinnamon broom you realize that the scent will fade with time. Most people just throw them out when the scent fades to practically nothing. I will keep mine until they look ragged and will just refresh them from time to time. There are a couple of ways to refresh them.

The first way is to steam them. Simply boil some water and pass the brooms through the steam. The Pine straws will absorb some of the water vapor and it will repel some of the oil that they had previously absorbed, giving more fragrance. You can freshen your brooms about 2-3 times with this method but then you will notice that it no longer works. That's because you've exhausted the cinnamon oil. You must then use the second method of refreshing the broom.

Get you a pair of a latex gloves and a bottle of cinnamon oil. Make sure to wear the gloves because cinnamon oil can burn your skin.  Pour some in your hands and rub it around. Dress the broom with the oil. You can get sloppy with this and make sure it's really coated good. Set it down on some old newspapers for about an hour or so. Then return to it and then wipe it down with some old newspaper so that it can absorb the excess oil. Then it will be good to go.

Another trick you can use with your broom when the scent has faded it to dress it with a condition oil. You can dress the broom with say protection oil or uncrossing oil and then pray over it and hang it on or above your front door. That way you can have something that is both magical and decorative at the same time and nobody will even know it. In the past I've used this to cleans unsuspecting people who try to enter my house because I got tired of negative energy being dragged into my home.

If you can't find cinnamon brooms in your area or would like to order a broom with another scent, try the website at the link below. They also sell scented pine-cones, wreathes potpourri, as well as their own custom oils.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful information. I've had my cinnamon broom stick since 2016 around October and I've felt a reason as to why I preferred it being hanged at the entrance of my room. Never knew it was meant to be used like that.

    Basically, the scent has been gone for quite a while, so I hope its able to revive the scent it once had. Currently, I'm able to hang it in my shower while the steam from the hot water re-freshens it.

  2. Thank you for the information, is the first time that I buy the cinnamon broom!!

  3. THX for all the information.(are you referring to oils you put in a diffuser?)Now I know how to make cinnamon brooms..I use to save them but I have one from so long I don't think it's any good.This one I buy I'm saving..THX Again,Sherri